Thursday, June 29, 2006

closing down of churches by the malaysian government?!?...

fwded email...

Actually this has already been happening... Just about Seven months back..... This is what happened.... all without notice.....

"...the community had woken up last Thursday morning to find themselves surrounded by enforcement teams, police and bulldozers."

"Just the day before, the community was busy making last-minute preparations for this weekend's church dedication cum Christmas celebration,.."

"....two hours to demolish the church which took the Orang Asli three months and RM 40,000 to build."

Christmas joy dashed for orang asli

"The architect of Malaysia's pro-Islamic drive, while serving as deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim says he only advocated the adoption of Islamic values in government and the civil service and not the "Arabisation" of Malaysian society."

''I myself am worried about the direction of the country," Anwar said at arecent forum on the topic. "Our leaders are failing us. We need strong and committed leadership to arrest the decline." (END/2006)

KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 1 (IPS) - eben

"In some cases, they have even resorted to closing down churches inMuslim-majority areas, and setting up mosques in Muslim-minority areas."

"In 2004 and 2005, the Government caused a furore within the Chinesecommunity by closing down and demolishing some Chinese temples inChinese-majority areas. In as recent as June 2006[6], the Government hasdemolished more than 10 Hindu temples in Hindu majority areas. While thenon-Muslim public suspects that there is a systematic elimination of non-Muslim religious rights in Malaysia by Islamic supremacists within the Government, the Government itself has categorically denied this, though they did not apologize for these acts either."

Islam in Malaysia

The "main proof" that I have is not what the Law or the Government says but "Islamic Theology" in itself." (What I say when I am weak is one thing, But now that I am strong I will say something else - My true Intent)

The second proof is Malaysia'a progress into becoming a semi-TheocraticNation. (and in the midst of this, a growth of persecution of the Religious minorities)

The third is based on my conversation with an Individual (A Christian) who works with one of our MP's. That's just what they are planning to do.(Call it divine providence)

For the first time Churches in K.L, the city are also in slight danger.

Of course, no one is going to admit to their evil intentions. Just as how it happened to the Orang Asli's its going to happen the same way; all of asudden, without anyones notice.

This is going to happen, one by one.

If we accuse them for having such an evil intent, they will definately deny this and accuse us instead, of Slander.
In my opinion,(simplified) a way that we could overcome this problem is tohighlight (to the public and to the International Community) the atrocities that have already been happening, especially to Christians (Many don't know) and question the Government over and over again if this is going to happen again.

We need to prevent this from happening.

We need to always keep watch and not be caught by surprise.

Thank you.

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