Wednesday, January 31, 2007

another malaysia boleh plan which will cost approx rm 490million?!?...

"Azalina said building the centre in Europe would make it easier for national athletes to adapt to the cold weather."

wat about building another center in middle east, it's also easier for national athletes to adapt to the extreme hot weather?!?... owhh yeah, don't think malaysia own any land in any part of middle east... durh!...

"Azalina, however, said the actual cost of the proposed centre had yet to be finalised."

another before and after cost episode like wat uncle sam did to mrr2 kepong highway?!?...

"“We are confident that if it’s managed well, it can bring good returns to the investment made,” she added."

yay!.. malaysia is going to the world cup!...

Nod for sports complex plan

THE Government will go ahead and build the estimated RM490mil sports training centre in London, said Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said.

She said the centre would be built on government land in Brickendonbury, 24km from the proposed site of the 2012 London Olympics Village.

The Cabinet Committee on Sports chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had approved the project in principle, she said in her reply to a question by Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang.

Azalina said the centre would be used to train national athletes and facilitate sports technology transfer to Malaysia.

“The Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre Brickendonbury in London has been identified as the most suitable location, as London is the gateway to European countries. The land is also owned by our Government,” she said.

Lim had asked whether the building of the training centre would be stopped so that the money could be used more productively to create new talents and promote local sports.

Azalina said building the centre in Europe would make it easier for national athletes to adapt to the cold weather.

The centre would become a short-term training centre and could act as a forward base to local athletes competing in Europe, she added.

“My ministry still wants to go ahead with the project, as we are confident that our approach to be with countries developed in sports will help us learn to develop and advance our own sports.”

Azalina, however, said the actual cost of the proposed centre had yet to be finalised.

“We are confident that if it’s managed well, it can bring good returns to the investment made,” she added.

Price of foreign centre too high

PETALING JAYA: Former national athletes and the public have questioned the need to build a RM490mil sports training centre in London.

Many readers who responded to an online poll on the matter questioned the need for the centre as it came with a high price tag.

“Why waste RM500mil?” said reader F. Ahmad, who argued that African countries have athletes who do well in major sporting events such as the Olympics without such a dedicated training centre.

Jasmine of Petaling Jaya argued that the overhead costs incurred for the long-term maintenance of the centre would be “huge.”

“To justify the overall cost, how many athletes would we need to send for cold climate training?” she asked.

Reader Azlina suggested the money be used to build facilities, and equip and train athletes locally instead, so that “more could be trained here.”

“European countries don’t build sports training centres in Asia for their athletes to adapt to the hot and humid climate, but they still do well,” said V. Suresh of Seremban.

Other readers felt that the performance of Malaysian athletes in the region did not justify such a project.

“We can’t even perform well or win regularly enough in Asia. Why bother training for winter sports?” said reader Sam.

Overall, readers felt that the cost of the centre far outweighed the potential benefits derived from having it.

Badminton great Datuk Eddy Choong said though the intention was good, there were loopholes in the proposal by Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said to build the centre as a “forward-base” for athletes.

“From an economic point of view, it is a very expensive place to train athletes as the exchange rate is nearly seven times more than the ringgit and the cost of living is three times higher than in Malaysia.

“Secondly, are there enough athletes who can make it big internationally? It would be better to send them to China for training where the cost of living is lower.”

Choong said the most value for money in terms of sports technology transfer would be to import the best coaches here and to get Malaysian coaches to learn from them.

Former national athletics coach Datuk Nashatar Singh said he is against the proposal if it is going to cost RM490mil as reported.

“However, if athletes must go overseas, they should be there for two to three years at least. They should also equip themselves with knowledge so they will not have difficulty finding a job once their sporting life is over,” he said.

“Some athletes who have been sent overseas wanted to come home after two weeks because they could not adjust.”

He said there was also no single place where athletes can gain complete exposure.

“If you want the best in throwing sports, the Eastern Bloc is the place, while America is the best place for sprints,” he said.

Nashatar said the Government should consider setting up training centres in Cameron Highlands.

Ten-time national taekwondo champion and 1986 Asian Games silver medallist R. Selvamuthu said there was no need for such a centre as Malaysia already had good facilities.

“Bring the good coaches here rather than send our athletes over. That would be better and the athlete could concentrate fully in training as their family and friends are around.”

But badminton supremo Datuk Punch Gunalan, a lone supporter of the initiative, said the cost of the centre was secondary to the motivation for the project.

“It is good news for Malaysian sports, not only badminton but for other sports as well. It is a positive idea and I fully support it,” he said.

However, some high-ranking sports officials, who declined to be named, questioned the cost effectiveness of such a project like the start-up costs and the operating point of view.

"National Sports Council director-general Datuk Dr Ramlan Abdul Aziz earlier said the RM490mil figure is a projection of the total cost the Government would spend over the next 10 years, and not for building the infrastructure. In a special press conference on Friday, he said no figure was ever mentioned in any of their deliberations or decisions."

took fm... ...

owhh wow!... the rm 490mil projection is ONLY a total cost the govt would spend over the next 10 years... wat bout building the complex, maintaining it, servicing it, upkeeping it, etc?!?.. perhaps another rm 490mil?!?... durh!...

"Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai also reportedly said the figure from Lim “did not come from the ministry” while National Sports Council’s Philip Chan said it “is not definite” and “is likely to be lower”."

took fm... ...

one clown fm national sport council which also basically falls under the same ministry together with this 2 clowns mentioned that the rm 490mil is a projection... but then again, they same clan mention the figure did not come fm the ministry... durh!...

"is not definite" and "is likely to be lower" kinda reply is just so freaking durh!...

now, if they are REALLY going ahead with this so called project despite endless of objections fm the rakyats.. can someone pls tell me wat's the meaning of democratic again?!?...

do check out lim kit siang's blog and comments on this matter... ...

p/s ; brickendonbury... you break that up you will get... brick-endon-bury... prolly one of the many reasons pak lah said yes because of the name... durh!...

July 19, 2006 20:30 PM

London Authorities Say No To Sports Centre

PUTRAJAYA, July 19 (Bernama) -- Initial response from the London authorities showed that they would not allow the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia in Brickendonbury, London, to be turned into a High Performance Sports Centre, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Wednesday.

They would not allow any extension to the present buildings as they wanted to preserve the area, the prime minister said.

"It was just a suggestion. It didn't work out. So far there's no official response.

"We want to implement it but if the authorities in London say no, then it's no," he told a news conference at his officer here.

Abdullah was responding to a question on the Youth and Sports Ministry's proposal for such a centre to enable Malaysia to be closer to a country excellent in sports so that expertise and technologies could be transferred to Malaysians.

The proposal drew mixed responses from the public, sports community and parliamentarians, including those who oppose it, citing the RM490 million cost for the centre as being too high.

However, the ministry denied the figure in the Dewan Rakyat Tuesday saying that a decision had yet to be made on the proposal.

Abdullah said that since the proposal could not proceed, the allocation could be utilised for other matters.


July 23, 2006 14:56 PM

London Sports Centre Project To Be Pursued

KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 (Bernama) -- The Youth and Sports Ministry will continue pursuing the building of the controversial sports centre outside London despite strong objections from many quarters, including the opposition parties.

Its minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said said the matter had to be pursued as it was needed to mould Malaysian sportsmen to become high achievers.

She slammed detractors of the project, saying their criticisms were baseless especially with regard to the cost of the project.

"I don't see why this project has become an issue because the cost, which was raised by opposition leader Lim Kit Siang, has yet to be finalised," she told reporters here.

Media reports that the centre will cost RM490 million triggered an outcry from many quarters, including opposition parties who claimed that the money could be put to better use in Malaysia.

Azalina, however, said the Finance Ministry had the last say on the matter as it is a government project.

The proposed centre is to be located at the Tun Abdul Razak Rubber Research Centre (TARRC) in Brikendonbury in Hertfordshire, some 24km from the approved site of the 2012 London Olympic Games village.

However, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last Wednesday had said that the British authorities would not allow additional buildings to be built at the TARRC because it has been gazetted as a heritage site.

In view of this, Azalina said the National Sports Council (NSC) would meet the Malaysian Rubber Board next week to discuss the possibility of sharing the TARRC facility.

The outcome of the meeting would be presented to the Cabinet Committee on Sports when it held its next meeting in September for further consideration, Azalina added.


Abdullah’s first “White Elephant” Project (London Sports Centre) – Azalina’s “Tai Chi” in Parliament

Youth and Sports Minister Azalina Othman was booed on Sunday night when she was late by 40 minutes for the opening of the First World Junior Wushu Championships 2006 in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday night – and she offered neither explanation nor apology for her lack of punctuality.

But she might have picked up some tips for her “Tai Chi” performance in Parliament during question time this morning, in totally avoiding the question on the Sports Centre in London – claiming that a final decision would only be taken by the Cabinet Committee on Sports in September based on a feasibility study which is being finalised, asking for queries to be held in abeyance until then. She added that the RM490 million figure quoted for the proposed Brickendonbury Sports Centre project outside London was not correct.

She was unequally unforthcoming to my supplementary questions, viz:

•Why she is so stubborn to persist with the London Sports Centre project, which will become the first “white elephant” project of the Abdullah premiership,

(i)especially when it is roundly opposed by the people and MPs regardless of party as the monies could be better spent on building sports centres throughout the country as in every parliamentary constituency, in towns, kampongs, felda, felcra, to scout and develop sports talents;

(ii)aware of the objections of the planning authorities to such development as the proposal by the former Primary Industries Ministry to build a golf course at the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC) in Brickendonbury had been rejected by the local council concerned;

•Why if a foreign country is being considered for a Sports Centre, why was not Australia considered which won 84 gold models in the Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006 and a recognized sports power as compared to England, which only won 36 golds in Melbourne;

•Whether having a Sports Centre in London can result in:

(i)Malaysia winning back the Thomas Cup’;

(ii)Improvement in the standards of Malaysian football, which had fallen to 148 placing in the FIFA World Rankings 2006. (This is lower than North Korea, Singapore, Palestine, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. A decade ago, Malaysia’s FIFA world ranking was around the 100 mark); or

(iii)Breaking Mani Jegathesan’s 400 metre record of 46.3 second set in 1965 without any Sports Centre in London.

Azalina asked for my patience to wait until the September decision, remarking irrelevantly that I might otherwise suffer a heart attack. I riposted that although I was down with a bad flu, I had made the point to be present in Parliament to pose these questions – and Malaysians expect a responsible Minister to give proper answers.

if london is giving the green light... then it's...

malaysia boleh!...

malaysia or rather the government prove again nothing is impossible for them despite countless of objections fm the rakyat... think, even some people in the government protesting to this idea... but, here the 'big ones' did it again!... wooohooooooo!...

they are willing to spend millions of ringgits abroad in the name of pride... but they are not willing to increase the extremely low salary of the people working for them!... wooooohooooooo!...

wait a minute... why is there no cost indicated since they already announced that the project is on?!?... errrrrrrrrr... why?!?....

if this project is really going ahead... for those who think that they have strings to pull in the government and/or in london government... ACT FAST... bang on this job.. will just make you another millionaire overnight!... woohoooooo!...

p/s ; is london were to shoot down this idea... then... some more woooohooooooo!.... tengok lah muka diorang, tengok mana mau taruk!...

High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) project is on


PUTRAJAYA: The controversial High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) project in Brickendonbury, London, is on.

However, a new sports complex is not likely to be built at what is now the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre. Instead, current facilities will be renovated and upgraded for use by the Malaysian athletes.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said yesterday that the centre was necessary to realise the government’s vision of excelling in sports at international level.

Football, now at its lowest ebb in Malaysia, will act as the “anchor sport” at the centre.

Najib, who chairs the Cabinet Committee on Sports, said that although the proposal was still in the planning stages, they have chosen several sports, including football, for the project and identified four basic areas which could benefit and be developed at the 48-acre centre.

Najib, however, repeated the Prime Minister’s statement last week that the Government would wait for the decision of the British authorities before making a final decision on the centre.

“We have looked at several proposals and there are many benefits for our teams in having the HPTC. Football and cycling are two sports which can gain from a long stay at the HPTC. In London, they will get to compete against the Europeans and also there is a host of competitions for the cyclists to take part.

“We also want to see our junior football teams gain exposure in UK, especially the Under-17 and Under-20 boys,” said Najib at a press conference here yesterday.

The plan also includes getting the junior football teams to play in as many matches against the English club sides and take advantage of the many competitions in Europe.

Football, one of the eight core sports under the national agenda, has come under fire for the national team’s poor showing in international matches.

Malaysia were 148th in FIFA’s world rankings list last month and have not had achieved success at international level – their best was qualifying for the 1972 Munich and 1980 Moscow Olympics.

They were also two-time bronze medallists at the Asian Games – 1962 in Jakarta and 1974 in Teheran. Their last success, winning a gold at the regional level SEA Games was in 1989.

Besides football, the Cabinet committee felt sports like archery, squash, cycling, badminton and swimming would also benefit from the facilities at the centre, which has a football field, swimming pool and an open area for archery.

Najib said the centre would be able to house athletes for short-term training stints and also act as a transit point before competition in Europe.

He cited the recent World Badminton Championships in Madrid; saying the players could have done better if they had used the HPTC to acclimatise before the championships.

(For the record, the national team were in Madrid 10 days before the world meet to acclimatise.)

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said said the centre was necessary to mould Malaysian athletes into high achievers.

“Football is still the number one game in the country. We need to give football priority and we can put this centre to good use,” said Azalina.

Azalina gave an assurance that no new facilities would be built and they have yet to ascertain the cost of upgrading the existing facilities.

“It is wrong to say that we are going to build another Bukit Jalil Sports Complex in London. The renovations are all indoors,” she added.

Azalina said that the Rubber Research Institute (RRI), who own the facilities have agreed to share it with the Sports Ministry.

“Officials from the RRI are also in our committee and they have no problems in sharing their facilities with us.”

aab and gang feeling the pinch after being transcended to another level by lky?!?...

read the papers yesterday midnite and did some thinking on this matter...

because of one comment (which i think it's true to a certain extent) fm our neighbour and you get aab and his gang all fired up... demanding for an explanation, demand lky to retract his statement, writing letter to him, etc...

wait... hang on...

correct me if am wrong.... if one is innocent enough to have the conscience of innocence, why must he bother to right the wrongs?!?... as cliche as it may sounds, the truth will prevail one day... or perphaps are they really feeling the pinch?!?...

the gungho kowtow chinese groups of bn.. mca and gerakan said absolutely nothing about this... whether right or worng... and here they are so called 'fighting' for the chinese day and nite... what?!?... huh?!?... what?!?... is this the 'typicality' for some kowtow groups in bn?!?... i guess so!...

one very good example on chinese being so called 'marginalised' and 'compliant'.. would be... the 9th mp... how many government projects gonna be awarded to pure chinese company?!?.. prolly none!... if my memory serves me right.... samy vellu said before quite some time back.. that the projects for the 9th mp will be awarded to the bumi company...

so, based on this simple example... wat you want the chinese to do?!?... sit and wait for the 10th mp?!?..

here they are spending millions or perhaps billions of ringgits promoting.. kita bangsa malaysia... kita semua anak malaysia... and yet think they are contradicting themselves...

when you hit someone right at the bulls eyes, think they would feel the pinch eh?!?...

p/s ; this posting is not to raise any racial tension/issues among us the muhibbahed mmners... just my thoughts on the government... perhaps a cakap tak serupa bikin case?!?...

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia wants an explanation.

The Prime Minister will write to Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew seeking an explanation for his remarks that Malaysian Chinese had been “marginalised” and were “compliant”.

The comments could cause racial tension, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday, adding that a stable Malaysia was crucial to Singapore’s well being.

“I will write a letter to him. I want him to explain his statement,” Abdullah told reporters at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport yesterday upon arrival from London, after a two-week working trip abroad.

He was asked if he would demand an apology from Lee, whose statement has been criticised by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Chinese politicians, including Gerakan president Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik.

“Najib said it was a naughty statement and I agree. But it is also a statement which can incite Malaysian citizens of Chinese descent. It is not fair at all, for a neighbouring country to say that.

“Lee should understand that our relationship with Singapore is one that has to be nurtured well. He should appreciate the stability we have on our side, because if we are not stable, Singapore will have problems,” Abdullah said.

Lee made his remarks at a forum on the sidelines of the World Bank-International Monetary Fund meeting which the republic hosted last week.

He reportedly said that it was vital for Chinese-dominated Singapore to stand up against its bigger, Muslim-majority neighbours, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Lee said the attitudes of both countries were shaped by the way they treated their ethnic Chinese minorities.

“Our neighbours both have problems with their Chinese. They are successful. They are hardworking and therefore they are systematically marginalised,” he said.

Lee also said the Chinese in neighbouring countries were compliant, and that likewise, Indonesia and Malaysia wanted Singapore to be compliant.

Abdullah said Lee’s statement was “not welcomed” and the republic’s founding father had appeared to show no qualms about making such a highly-charged remark.

“Singapore too has problems in terms of race relations. Not everything there is 100 per cent perfect,” Abdullah added.

The Prime Minister arrived at 5.15pm and was greeted by Najib, Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and Deputy Internal Securities Minister Datuk Johari Baharom. Also present was Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and a crowd of over 100 party supporters.

While abroad, Abdullah had attended the Asia-Europe Meeting in Finland, the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Cuba and the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Asked how he felt upon returning to Malaysia in the wake of tumultuous events in the region such as the coup in Thailand, he praised Malaysians for being calm.

“I am grateful that whatever happens, our citizens are calm and careful.”

He said foreign investors were still confident of Malaysia’s growth potential and he expected the local economy to do better, along with the global economy, as oil prices were projected to fall in the coming months.

Abdullah wished all Muslims “Selamat Berpuasa” and urged them to practice self-control.

He also said it would be “different” not having his late wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, around. Endon died a year ago of breast cancer.

“I have to cope with it. It is a reality. But it’s okay, my family is with me,” he said.

More calls for an apology
24 Sep 2006

MUAR: The fallout over Lee Kuan Yew’s comments on Malaysian Chinese being marginalised continued yesterday with several politicians asking him to apologise.

Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that he did not know whether Singapore’s Minister Mentor had a hidden motive in making comments which were misleading and mischievous.

"We view with concern those comments. Lee should apologise and clarify his statements immediately," he said after visiting the country’s largest durian storage centre here yesterday.

Lee told a forum held in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund conference in Singapore that Malaysia and Indonesia had problems with their Chinese minorities because they were successful and hardworking and, therefore, they were systematically marginalised.

He was reported to have said that the attitude of Malaysia and Indonesia towards Singapore was shaped by the way they treated their own Chinese minorities.

They "want Singapore, to put it simply, to be like their Chinese — compliant", he claimed.

Muhyiddin said what Lee had expounded could be what was being practised in the republic.

He said Lee knew fully well that the Malaysian Chinese were successful and that the government encouraged Malays to learn business discipline and philosophy from them.

It would not bring any benefit to Lee or Singapore if there was misunderstanding among the people in the region over his comments.

Muhyiddin urged Lee to put his house in order first before criticising neighbouring countries.

Also taking exception to Lee’s comments was Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

"It is not right for the Minister Mentor to comment and instigate Malaysians or the Malaysian Chinese community that they are being marginalised. Not only is it not true, it amounts to an instigation.

"Why must they want to instigate our citizens to be dissatisfied with the government?"

He said the Chinese community in Malaysia was doing well in all sectors and that they could bring up any concerns themselves.

"I am very disturbed with that remark when racial relations in Malaysia have been good," he said.

The Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club said that Lee should apologise to the Malaysian government and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for interfering in the affairs of the country.

just came across this article... this was wat i mentioned earlier... perhaps, the gungho chinese components in bn are absolutely nutin but some kowtow groups?!?...

a slight diversion fm the actual topic... mca helping the chinese?!?... yeah riteeeeeeee...

as reported... "Ong Ka Ting said that it is unfair and subjective to say the Chinese in Malaysia are marginalized because any injustices will be resolved by MCA. If that is the case, why is it that in Cabinet, four MCA Ministers can not convince but has to submit and bow down to one Education Minister Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn. Ong and the MCA Ministers even supported the Cabinet reprimand on Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat for interfering in another Ministry by exposing corruption."...

frankly, think their respective pockets and their stomach and their pride are wayyyyy more important than self respect tho...

think otk spoke the truth and prolly he opened few cans of worms which eventually got some people in trouble... and, knowingly mca is a well known kowtow group, they have no choice but support for otk to be reprimanded before he 'creates' anymore 'damage'...

the truth hurts indeed!...

Ong Ka Ting & Lim Keng Yaik Should Redeem Themselves By Asking UMNO Leaders To Stop Practicing The Politics Of Denial And Admit That Not Only The Chinese But Indians, Poor Malays and Non-Bumis In East Malaysia Are Systematically Marginalised.


by Lim Guan Eng

(Pontian, Sunday): MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and Gerakan President Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik should redeem themselves for blindly supporting BN�s discriminatory policies by asking UMNO leaders to stop the politics of denial and admit that not only the Chinese but Indians, poor Malays and non-bumis in East Malaysia are systematically marginalized. If MCA and Gerakan cannot li zhe qi zhuang support Kuan Yew�s comments, then they should li bu zing chong and not wei hu zhuo zhang in supporting UMNO in attacking Kuan Yew for speaking the truth. Or is truth the enemy of the state?

DAP expresses disgust at Ka Ting, Keng Yaik and Penang Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon for denying the obvious fact that Malaysian Chinese together with other non-Chinese have been systematically marginalized by discriminatory government policies that only favours the rich and politically connected. Such politics of denial is dishonest as BN leaders themselves has stated that discriminatory government policies such as quotas and the New Economic Policy that result in some political and social marginalization is necessary for racial harmony and national stability.

So long as BN leaders such as Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Ka Ting and Keng Yaik can not rely on reason, facts and logic to disprove Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew�s claims then their emotional denials are like empty vessels making the most noise to cover up the politics of UMNO dominance and discrimination.

Koh claimed that Lee did not understand and appreciate the challenges in leading and administrating a country that was bigger, more complicated and diverse than Singapore and denied that the Chinese in Malaysia is �compliant�. This is perverse logic. If so, then can we support he apartheid polices of South Africa in the 1980s just because South Africa was bigger more complicated and diverse than Malaysia? How can Koh be so thick skin to say that the Chinese is not compliant when he was compliant towards UMNO by not daring to even respond to attacks by Penang UMNO Youth leaders who humiliated him publicly with demonstrations and banners in his presence?

Ong Ka Ting said that it is unfair and subjective to say the Chinese in Malaysia are marginalized because any injustices will be resolved by MCA. If that is the case, why is it that in Cabinet, four MCA Ministers can not convince but has to submit and bow down to one Education Minister Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn. Ong and the MCA Ministers even supported the Cabinet reprimand on Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat for interfering in another Ministry by exposing corruption. Worse Ka Ting has not explained why he supported the Ninth Malaysian Plan�s refusal to build a single Chinese or Tamil primary schools out of the 180 new primary schools proposed?

Keng Yaik had said that, �the Chinese here will not follow and listen to what he says� only shows how out of touch BN leaders are with the feelings of ordinary Malaysians. Keng Yaik and Ka Ting�s denial that the Chinese in Malaysia are systematically marginalized by the BN government�s discriminatory policies is not shared by ordinary Malaysians, whether Chinese or non-Chinese. Even in the Monster Blog ( moderated by New Straits Times, nearly 80% of the contributors agreed with Lee Kuan Yew with less than 10% opposing and the remainder neutral.

Clearly such untruthful and false denials by Keng Yaik, Tsu Koon and Ka Ting are selfish acts that is politically motivated to enable them to cling to the government posts as Ministers and Deputy Ministers. If they are sincere in telling the truth to Malaysians, then they should not be adopting the hypocritic allegations Mahathir in asking how many Malays are holding top positions in the Singapore government. Mahathir has no right to practice double-standards ask these questions when there are no Chinese holding top positions in armed forces or police. There is not even a non-Malay Vice-Chancellor in a public university or a Mayor in any Malaysian city.

In fact Kuan Yew is half-right in that it is not only that the Chinese are marginalized. The Indians, poor Malays and bumis from East Malaysia are also marginalized. After all Sabah has the highest poverty rate in the country at 23% in 2004. The United Nations Human Development Report consistently list Malaysians as suffering the worst income inequality between the rich and poor in South-East Asia. This is conceded by the Ninth Malaysian Plan (9MP) which showed the share of income of the bottom 40% of the population declined from 14.5% in 1990 to 13.5% in 2004 whilst the share of the top 20% of the population increased from 50% in 1990 to 51.2% in 2004.

All Malaysians Face Marginalization

The income inequality, measured by the Gini coefficient, within the Chinese community worsened in the period 1999 to 2004 from 0.434 to 0.446 whilst for Indians from 0.413 to 0.425. The income inequality amongst bumis was even worse from 0.433 in 1999 to 0.452 in 2004. Marginalisation of Malaysians generally can be seen with the 9MP showing the Gini Coefficient nationally worsening from 0.452 in 1999 to 0.462 in 2004.

Not many Malaysians, whether Malay or non-Malay are rich like UMNO, MCA or MIC millionaires. How many Malays own APs or shares or are millionaires like UMNO Youth Deputy President Khairy Jamaluddin who can own RM 9.2 million worth of shares or like Datuk Roslan Hashim who can spend RM 3.5 million for his wedding or Minister in the Prime Minister�s Department Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi eho can afford to give RM 20 million worth of properties and RM 1 milliojn cash to his former wife.

UMNO claims that the 30% bumi equity in the NEP has not been achieved. This is another desperate attempt to distract attention from the fact that in terms of market capitalization bumi corporate share has exceeded 45% with more than RM 325 billion. Clearly UMNO wants to avoid being questioned by the poor Malays who are the rich Malays who have benefited from this RM 325 billion.

It is therefore important that Malaysians do not allow the issue of Chinese being marginalized, which is a fact, from the serious issue that all Malaysians including poor Malays are marginalized by UMNO�s discriminatory policies that benefit the few BN leaders at the expense of ordinary Malaysians.


umno youth wants to turn mat rempit illegal races to tourist attraction?!?...

pls tell me this is a joke...

this is prolly if you can't beat them, then join them case...

illegal stuffs force to be made legal?!?... i wonder how more lalang can they be...

mat rempits are nuisance... they are doing it almost everwhere on almost every weekend nite... but, wat are the authority doing towards it?!?... owhh yeah, there was a block couple of weeks ago somewhere around kl trown area... and this was highlighted via tv3 999... thinking, owhh wow!... this were such a big deal lah... this happened almost 52 weeks in a year.. and how many weeks did the police come out in full force to crack this down?!?...

wat they do to the detainees?!?... haul them back to police station/s... urine test... record... check the motorbikes.. and prolly just release them just like that...

not forgetting, am not surprise out of 10 mat rempits 1 or 2 of them are snatch thief... i may be wrong in this...

the second chance programme is a brilliant idea.... but, for umno youth to promote this mat-rempit-turn-tourists-attraction right smack in the middle of town is a total joke...

Putera UMNO

PUTERA Umno wants to turn Mat Rempit and their races into a tourist attraction.

It hopes to do this by re-organising the illegal races into a supervised activity.

There is potential in the Umno Youth junior wing�s aspirations. Mat Rempit usually have motorcycles that can reach speeds of up to 200kph. Coupled with the "wheelies� and other stunts they are adept at, they are natural entertainers.

Putera Umno chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said roads could be closed for organised Mat Rempit races.

"Many roads are closed for pasar malam. Why can�t we close the roads for our Mat Rempit once a week?"

"I know that there have been suggestions to allow them to race in Sepang and Batu Tiga, but that is not feasible because of the distance and not many people would turn up to watch."

Azeez, who has spoken to Federal Territories Minister Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique, hopes to start street races in the Klang Valley by next year.

Azeez said Putera Umno would approach Mat Rempit and help them change for the better under its Second Chance Programme.

"These youths failed to continue their studies, due to lack of interest or lack of money."

Over 1,200 of them are now enrolled in engineering courses at Tekad Auto College in Kajang.

Those with language skills are sent to Kolej Damansara Utama for Hotel Management and Catering courses.

Putera Umno has also started programmes such as the Motor Mercy Ride to collect funds for Lebanon and Palestine besides the Putera Motor Merdeka Ride on Wednesday.

misuse of rm 6.7 million tsunami funds?!?...

personally i always wanna know how the funds went and/or perhaps still going around....

najib was commenting on the ag's statement in his 2005 report that an excess amount of rm 6.7 million had not been returned to the treasury... but, nazri said there was no excess money and account is closed...

as reported... "We have closed the account. Probably, the Auditor- General’s report was made before the account was closed," Nazri was quoted as saying."...

'give it the benefit of doubt'... if the account is closed and the ag's report was made BEFORE the account was closed... then why did najib mentioned/commented based on the ag's statement there's still rm 6.7 million... on top of that how come najib do not seems to know anything about it?!?... you mean the ag did not inform him about it?!?...

so, which is true?!?...

p/s ; rm 6.7 million can but at least 13 units of 'smart toilet'!...

Najib: Tsunami funds given out
06 Sep 2006
Tan Choe Choe

MALACCA: The funds for tsunami victims have all been disbursed to help those affected by the disaster, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday.

But he will ask the National Security Division of the Prime Minister’s Department for a detailed report.

"Then, we will get a clearer picture," he said.

Najib was commenting on the Auditor-Generals statement in his 2005 report that an excess amount of RM6.7 million had not been returned to the Treasury.

It was reported yesterday that an investigation into the misuse of funds for tsunami victims would be proposed by the Prime Ministers Department at the next post-Cabinet meeting, based on several observations by the Auditor-General in his 2005 report.

The A-Gs report, which was tabled in Parliament last Friday, had highlighted the mismanagement of millions of ringgit used to build and repair houses as well as for the repair and purchase of fishing nets, outboard motors and boats for tsunami victims.

Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz had said that RM78.95 million had been collected for the tsunami funds, and that the account was closed and there was no excess to be returned to the Treasury.

"We have closed the account. Probably, the Auditor- Generals report was made before the account was closed," Nazri was quoted as saying.

Najib was here to close the "Melayu Melaka Maju 2010" convention (Malacca Malays to Progress by 2010) at the Malacca International Trade Centre.

He told delegates that the best way forward for Malays was to innovate.

"Be creative and break from the usual mould of doing things or else we will never advance as a race."

The convention, organised by Malacca Umno, was attended by Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, who is also Umno vice-president and the Malacca Umno liaison chief.

In George Town, a company building homes for tsunami victims said the job would be completed by next month.

A spokesman for Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd said work on the 100-unit flats in Tanjung Bungah was delayed due to the eviction of squatters living on the site.

On Monday, Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon had instructed SPNB to speed up construction of the flats.

The company was given about RM8 million to build the three-bedroom flats for 100 tsunami victims, who are now living at a transit home in Jalan Batu Ferringhi.

i just dun really get it... as reported yesterday... they have-a-balance' of rm 6.7 milion... overnight the amount went up to rm 28 million!...

p/s ; every single cent donated matters... the full report got to be out fm the government immediately which i think they are answerable to all those who donated!...

Unused RM28m of tsunami aid fund sent back to the Treasury

PORT KLANG: RM51.4mil from the RM78.8mil collected for the special fund for tsunami aid has been allocated to state governments, ministries and government agencies to carry out relief work.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said “the balance of about RM28mil has been returned to the Treasury.”

He was responding to the 2005 Auditor-General’s report that an excess amount from the fund had not been returned to the Treasury.

“I'd like to state that the amount that has to be returned (to the Treasury) has been returned,” Najib said at a ceremony to disband a Malaysian team which had been on a three-month peacekeeping mission in Timor Leste.

Najib said the RM51.4mil had been used to carry out post-tsunami and other relief work.

He said the Auditor-General would be consulted to find out why the matter was raised.

He said the fund had also been closed according to procedures.

Earlier, Najib praised the troops for their good work in Timor Leste.

“Our armed forces personnel played a crucial role in ensuring security and this has been acknowledged by the United Nations,” he said.

A total of 663 personnel from the Malaysian army and navy had served in the short stint.

the youth and sports minister/ministry did it again?!?... buyout, not bailout?!?...

the initial cost of buying out/bailing out le tour deal is pretty low... but, am sure there are huge money to be spent in the coming years as to 'maintaining' this event...

also, as reported... "Azalina said that to avoid suspension of its membership or the loss of rights to host the cycling tournament, the ministry had in principle agreed to settle the RM2.3mil demanded by UCI.

She said the Tourism Ministry had agreed to settle the cost for hotel lodging amounting to RM1.15mil."...

if paying approx rm 3.5m which the organiser owe to various parties is not define as bailout, then i think she must define and allow us to know the real meaning of bailout to the rakyat tho...

Azalina explains Le Tour deal as buyout, not bailout

THE Government had decided to take over the annual Le Tour de Langkawi cycling event from next year as the current host, First Cartel Sdn Bhd, is facing financial troubles and is unable to hold the race next year.

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman said the government move would ensure that the event continues to be held during Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

“If the Government does not do this, Malaysia will be unable to host Le Tour de Langkawi next year,” she told Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz (BN – Titiwangsa).

She said Le Tour de Langkawi was one of the five most-prestigious cycling events in the world, recognised by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

The others were the Tour de France, Giro de Italia, Tour of Spain and Tour of Great Britain.

Le Tour de Langkawi is also the biggest cycling event in Asia.

Azalina said First Cartel, which had been organising the tour for the past 10 years, had debts totalling RM10.2mil due to lack of sponsorship.

Of this, RM2.3mil involved cyclists’ cash rewards and television-related creditors.

She said UCI had issued a warning to the Malaysian Cycling Federation to rectify the situation following complaints by cyclists and broadcasting companies who were yet to receive payment.

“If UCI takes action against the federation and First Cartel, it could tarnish the image of the country and affect cycling here,” she said.

“After a series of discussions with the relevant parties, the Government decided to take over Le Tour de Langkawi from 2007.

Azalina said that to avoid suspension of its membership or the loss of rights to host the cycling tournament, the ministry had in principle agreed to settle the RM2.3mil demanded by UCI.

She said the Tourism Ministry had agreed to settle the cost for hotel lodging amounting to RM1.15mil.

Azalina said the payment was not a “bailout” but more of a “buyout” of the Le tour de Langkawi trademark to ensure that the Government or any organisation appointed by the Government could continue to have the rights to host the event.

She said UCI had also imposed a ruling to ensure that technical expertise from First Cartel be maintained under the new management.

To avoid a recurrence of similar problems, the ministry and the Tourism Ministry had formed a joint taskforce for international tourism sports, to study applications submitted by associations, organisations or the private sector, Azalina added.

Government’s RM 3.5 Million Bailout Of Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) Is Irresponsible And Against National Interest As More Millions Of Ringgit Will Have To Be Spent In Future And No Action is Taken Against The Failed Organiser.

Press Statement

by Lim Guan Eng

(Petaling Jaya, Wednesday): DAP opposes the government’s RM 3.5 million bailout of LTdL as an irresponsible act that is against the national interest as many more millions of ringgit will have to be spent in future and no action taken against both the failed organizer, First Cartel Sdn Bhd, and sports officials involved. Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said had announced in Parliament on 22.8.2006 that,

"The total cost to be borne by the government to take over as organiser of the LTdL is RM3,458,844.35 and this is not to bail out First Cartel Sdn Bhd. Her Ministry had agreed to settle an outstanding debt of RM2,307,909.09 claimed by International Cycling Union (UCI), that is, RM1,056,238.25 owed to the cycling related creditors and RM1,251,670.84 to television related creditors while the Tourism Ministry would fork out RM1,150,935.26 to settle outstanding debts on hotel bills.”

The immediate question that comes to mind is whether the government has so much money that it can not find a better use for RM 3.5 million than to bail out a failed cycling event that provides minimal value for improvement of Malaysian sports. Just like the waste of building the proposed High-Performance Training Centre in London expected to cost hundreds of millions of ringgit, the money spent on bailing out LTdL and organizing it should be spent on developing Malaysian cyclists and athletes.

If paying the RM 3.5 million bills owed by the failed organizer, including hotel bills, is not a bailout then how does the government define a bailout? The government and Datuk Azalina are in a state of complete denial that the LTdL has failed and the government is undertaking a massive bailout to keep it afloat. Worse, no action is taken against those responsible for this failure that has tarnished the international reputation and sporting image of the country and Malaysian sports in general. What happened to transparency and accountability promoted by Datuk Azalina in Malaysian sports?

This sends out a wrong message contrary to the core of the Abdullah administration in promising to root out corruption and stopping the use of public money to bail out failed private ventures. Other private enterprises will be expecting similar bailouts and such unhealthy practices will not encourage fostering a first-class mentality that is independent and competitive. Further Datuk Azalina must explain how the government can do better when a private enterprise can not cope despite obtaining full government and private sector sponsorship such as Telekom.

Malaysian Grand Prix Has Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso But Has The LTdL Any Lance Armstrong Or Top Cyclists?

From an initial cost of RM 9 million in its inception in 1996, the cost of LTdL has ballooned to more than RM 22 million. The cost will only increase in future and it is irresponsible for the government to spend tens of millions of ringgit for the LTdl that has doubtful value and returns?

Datuk Azalina must not forget that unlike the F1 racing event, the LTdL does not attract top-class cyclists. Despite the massive outlay, the Malaysian F1 can boast the presence of all the top F1 stars, such as the greatest F1 driver in history Michael Schumacher and current world champion Fernando Alonso, racing the Malaysian Grand Prix boosted by a strong world-wide television audience. Can the LTdL boast the same international presence such as top cyclists like Lance Armstrong or world-wide television coverage?

Clearly the present administration is continuing with the old paradigm of bailouts without any action against those responsible and using the public money to keep failed ventures alive. DAP dreads to think how much more public money would be lost before the government comes to its senses by abandoning such schemes and stop the wastage of public.

Instead of accountability and transparency, DAP regrets that the youngest and newest Cabinet Minister in Datuk Azalina is continuing the discredited policies of bailouts. MCA Youth President Datuk Liow Tiong Lai is also a massive disappointment in failing to match his rhetoric of good governance with his performance as Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports.

DAP urges the government to have the courage to let the LTdL fail as a lesson to sports administrators and private enterprises that they have to pay the price of the failures. The government should not be afraid of being excluded from the UCI, if sports officials can wake up to the new paradigm that they have to be accountable for their failures. Better to bear the short pain now of cutting your losses immediately than sustain long-term pain of bailouts without end.


perhaps another feather to azalina's hat?!?... her ministry watttttttttt...

as reported... "She said First Cartel, which had been organising the tour for the past 10 years, had debts of RM10.2mil due to the lack of sponsorship."...

if you know very well you are making heavy losses in yr biz but still doing it... why?!?... something under the carpet?!?... something in the closet?!?...

wait... when one is able to prob further into this matter... their answer COULD BE 9 years profit, but the 10th year we suffered a lost of rm 10 over million.... that's why we can proceed with this event anymore... a possible scenario?!?...

so, meaning the bottom line will be the government gonna pay a whooping rm 10.2 million to offset the debt?!?...

Le Tour de Langkawi will go on

KUALA LUMPUR: Asia's premier cycling event, the 10-yearold Le Tour de Langkawi, will go on, said Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

Tengku Adnan, in dismissing rumours that the annual cycling event would be scrapped next year due to financial problems faced by the organiser, said: “We will resolve the problem. Le Tour de Langkawi will still be on next year.

“Rumours say that we are going to scrap the event. No, we are not.

“We are looking at taking over the franchise. We are only paying whatever debts owing, especially the prize money and hotel bills.”

Tengku Adnan was speaking to reporters after launching the 3P (Program Pelancongan Pelajar) Carnival at the Malaysia Tourism Centre here.

The Government wants to take over the franchise from First Cartel Sdn Bhd which is said to be facing financial difficulty and unable to hold the race next year.

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman had said that the move – described as a “buyout” instead of a “bailout” of the Le Tour de Langkawi trademark – would ensure that the event be held during Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

She said First Cartel, which had been organising the tour for the past 10 years, had debts of RM10.2mil due to the lack of sponsorship.

Of this, RM2.3mil involved cyclists’ cash rewards and television-related creditors.

Tengku Adnan said the Government realised that certain event organisers had been asking money from a few ministries.

But they lacked accountability and did not settle their debts, he said.

In view of this, the two ministries would set up a committee to look into problems related to the hosting of international sporting events.

state-of-the-art-toilets for kl...

certaintly an interesting concept, but not sure whether is it long lasting and feasible, as the current vandalism like wat some people do to the public telephone booths, public toilets, bus stops, etc!...

btw, anyone knows whether the government purchase it fm gbh bhd and/or gbh bhd deals directly with the users?!?...

if the government purchased it... i wonder how much one unit of this state-of-the-art-toilet cost, as far as i can read there's no mention of the price at all tho!...

State-of-the-art toilets for KL


PAYING RM1 to use an air-conditioned fully-automated street toilet (AST) for 15 minutes is set to be a new experience for Malaysians and tourists soon.

Twenty of the hi-tech toilets made by GBH Bhd will be placed at various parts of Kuala Lumpur soon, two of them in the Jalan Bukit Bintang area by the end of this month.

The automatic street toilet measures 2.25m x 6.2m and is 2.6m high and weighs about 3.5 tonnes.

Users will need to slot in coins, amounting to RM1, to use the toilet.

However, users should take note that the automatic door will open by itself once the 15 minutes are up.

GBH group general manager Tan Ah Cheun said a pre-recorded verbal warning would be given at the 14th minute.

“Any user who needs to stay longer than 15 minutes will have to come out of the cubicle and pay another RM1, provided there are no users waiting to get in.

“Otherwise, common courtesy will need to prevail and it might be a matter of who needs it more urgently,” said Tan.

He said Kuala Lumpur City Hall has ordered 20 units of the AST and the first two would be located at the Jalan Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur.

Tan said the sitting pan has an automatic seat cleaner that would wash, scrub and dry the pan after every use.

The same cleansing will be applied to the squatting pan while the floor of the entire toilet would be automatically washed after every five users.

Each cubicle comes with a seated toilet and a squat toilet and is also disabled friendly and big enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Users with children up to six years old could enter the cubicle at the same time, said Tan, adding that the cubicle also included a baby nappy changing station and a juvenile waiting seat with a strap-on seat belt.

Tan said GBH has recommended to the authorities that every AST be manned by a janitor.

“Each cubicle is equipped with an emer- gency button and the user will be able to communicate with the janitor upon activating the button.

“Every assistance, including opening the door from the outside, will then be provided,” explained Tan.

He said GBH has recommended that the standard operating hours for each AST to be between 7.30am and 11.30pm with provisions for extension.

However, users should take note that the automatic door will open by itself once the 15 minutes are up.

GBH group general manager Tan Ah Cheun said a pre-recorded verbal warning would be given at the 14th minute.

“Any user who needs to stay longer than 15 minutes will have to come out of the cubicle and pay another RM1, provided there are no users waiting to get in.

“Otherwise, common courtesy will need to prevail and it might be a matter of who needs it more urgently,” said Tan.

He said Kuala Lumpur City Hall has ordered 20 units of the AST and the first two would be located at the Jalan Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur.

Tan said the sitting pan has an automatic seat cleaner that would wash, scrub and dry the pan after every use.

The same cleansing will be applied to the squatting pan while the floor of the entire toilet would be automatically washed after every five users.

Each cubicle comes with a seated toilet and a squat toilet and is also disabled friendly and big enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Users with children up to six years old could enter the cubicle at the same time, said Tan, adding that the cubicle also included a baby nappy changing station and a juvenile waiting seat with a strap-on seat belt.

Tan said GBH has recommended to the authorities that every AST be manned by a janitor.

“Each cubicle is equipped with an emer- gency button and the user will be able to communicate with the janitor upon activating the button.

“Every assistance, including opening the door from the outside, will then be provided,” explained Tan.

He said GBH has recommended that the standard operating hours for each AST to be between 7.30am and 11.30pm with provisions for extension.

RM500,000 for each smart toilet
05 Sep 2006
By Minderjeet Kaur


KUALA LUMPUR: Half a million ringgit for a public toilet?

That is how much City Hall Kuala Lumpur is expected to spend on each of the 20 smart toilets to be placed throughout the city.

A City Hall official said about RM10 million had been allocated to place the hi-tech, self-cleaning toilets in busy areas.

"The allocation is part of City Hall’s move to upgrade the capital’s image for next year’s Visit Malaysia Year," he said.

Each smart toilet will have two cubicles.

The smart toilet apparently will come with an automatic seat cleaner capable of washing, scrubbing and drying the seat after every use.

The high cost of the toilets is also due to its ability to wash the entire toilet floor after every five users, the official said.

Additional cost is also attributed to the toilet’s capability to signal a warning after 14 minutes to those using the toilet.

Every user is allowed 15 minutes after which the automatic door will open by itself and users will have to slot in additional coins into the machine.

Users will be charged RM1 each time to use the toilets measuring 2.25m x 5.25m, with a height of 3.25m. So far, two smart toilets have been placed in the Bukit Bintang area.

A project manager involved in the sanitation and construction industry said that similar toilets were available in European countries.

"Each smart toilet, if converted from pound sterling to ringgit, would cost about RM120,000. And if the toilets were assembled locally than the price should be about RM200,000," he said.

While the smart toilet costs City Hall RM500,000 each, the project manager said a basic four-cubicle toilet with two urinals and two wash basins usually costs between RM50,000 and RM60,000.

In England, he said, users were charged £1 to use the smart toilets.

"I totally agree that the smart toilets will lift the image of public toilets. But it should not cost so much," the manager added.

Meanwhile, Datuk Bandar Datuk Ruslin Hasan declined to comment on the cost and the features of the toilet.

Ruslin added that he would call for a Press conference on Thursday to make an official announcement.

Thumbs down for move

KUALA LUMPUR: City Hall should spend its money wisely instead of flushing it down the drain.

The money that is being spent on installing the smart toilets costing RM500,000 each could be better spent on other projects which would benefit city folk.

Several politicians said it would be better to educate the public on good toilet habits.

Bukit Bintang Umno head Datuk Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi said the toilet habits of many Malaysians were still below par compared with those in developed countries.

"Spending half a million ringgit on each toilet is too much. We can have the best toilets but if the attitude of the people does not change, it is a waste of money."

Azim said the smart toilets were successfully implemented in developed countries as the people in those countries had good toilet habits to begin with.

He added that instead of spending taxpayers’ money on smart toilets, City Hall should encourage the private sector to take up the project.
"The private sector could recover their investment by charging a fee for the use of the toilets."

Federal Territory MCA chief Datuk Tan Chai Ho said it was not necessary for City Hall to spend so much on public toilets.

"They could have built basic toilets and have people maintaining them regularly. What the public wants is clean toilets," he said, adding that the smart toilets might not last long due to the public’s poor toilet habits.

People’s Progressive Party Federal Territory chief A. Chandrakumaran, said the money should be channelled for the benefit of city folk.

"City Hall should create job opportunities for jobless city folk. There are still a lot of people who are jobless and the automated toilets are not going to help create jobs," he said.

talking about the dead...

just wondering...

why people tend to be kinda dramafied... "oooohh he/she is such a nice guy!".... "owhh goodness me, i had drink with him/her few dasy ago and now he/she is gone!".... "sad lost the fella!"... "ohhhhh man... he/she is gone!"..... why this and why that... to me personally, all this kinda expression are only good for those who may want a job in astro vannavil channel.... a silent prayer will do best...

not everyone... but, generally most people tend to 'glorify' the dead in this sense...

it's human to be sad.. it's human to shed tears... etc... but, by doing all those DON'T bring back the dead.... etc...

it's a feeling?!?... reminiscing the past?!?... or are those comments and/or 'glorifying' words are such a 'routine' that one must use/say when he/she know someone is dead?!?...

p/s ; appreciate people WHEN ever one can... not only when one go to his/her funeral...

ap queen only care about her aps?!?...

wonder how long more this tdm-number-1-supporter can last...

on one hand aab is getting foreign investors in... and on the other hand she is chasing them away...

dun forsee she will be in it any longer after the next cabinet re-shuffle...

Monday, August 28, 2006
Rafidah taken to task

The Star

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz was taken to task by MCA delegates yesterday for allegedly chasing away potential foreign investors.

Delegates referred to reports in which the minister was quoted as saying that those who were not prepared to meet Malaysia’s investment requirements could go elsewhere.

Johor delegate Wong Pik Min said such a stand would further worsen the country’s economic situation.

“The people are already facing much uncertainty and fear following world terrorist attacks which have eroded the economy.

“What Rafidah is doing now is aggravating matters,” she said.

Selangor delegate Lee Li Yew was concerned that the Inland Revenue Board was going after small Chinese businessmen, hence adding to existing headaches like the slowing economy and cash-flow problems.

“All these actions will have a negative impact on the general election,” he cautioned, adding that he had received many complaints from people facing very bad times of late.

On a related note, Perak delegate Dr Mah Hang Soon said many breadwinners, especially single parents, had to hold down two or even three jobs these days in order to make ends meet.

Poverty, poor living conditions and the lack of parental guidance, he added, had also led to an escalation in social problems such as drug abuse and crime.

“Many are living in the 'Fourth World', with a monthly income of less than RM529,” he lamented.

Sabah delegate Tan Kee Man drew some laughter when he bemoaned the fact that MCA was being blamed by Sabahans for traffic woes and other transport-related problems because the transport minister post was held by an MCA leader.

Grouses, he said, ranged from rising Malaysia Airlines fares for flights within the state and delays in AirAsia flights to traffic jams and traffic summons that were burning a hole in their pockets.

Education was a popular topic during the debate, with Kedah delegate Gan Ho Chye saying that the Chinese were hesitant to have large families because education was expensive.

“It is not expensive to give birth to or feed our children but very expensive to educate them,” he said.

Federal Territory delegate Dr Toh Kian Kok urged the party to set up a committee to study the appointment of vice-chancellors in public universities.

He said Chinese people had been appointed vice-chancellors of foreign universities but none of the vice-chancellors in local public universities were Chinese.

The plight of urban folk, in particular those living in areas prone to snatch thefts, was brought up by Perak delegate Lim Huey Shan.

He said police should give more attention to snatch thefts because the situation did not seem to have improved despite being highlighted by the media.

On another matter, Senator Tan Puay Chuan from Johor suggested that MCA amended its constitution to allow party elections to be postponed if they clashed with the date of a general election.

“This is to ensure that we have enough time to prepare for party elections.

“In addition, party elections will definitely create some problems within the party, and if our members do not recover from such problems in time to face the general election, it will affect our chances,” he said.

lina joy's case... renounced islam...

no doubt, malaysia is pretty islamic in a lot of way... but then again, we are told all the time and so to say we have freedom in religious practices, etc... yet, this kinda matters keep surfacing and are kept below the surface for God knows wat reason...

lina joy is a pure example of many more who wanna renounce islam and get on their life to other faith, believe, etc...

to convert a non-muslim is easy to muslim is easy measy peasy... but, to renounce their islamic faith is almost seems impossible in malaysia... they seems to be even fighting over the dead on where the dead should be buried, etc...

fm the freedom of religion practices point of view, i sincerely pray that lina will get wat she wishes... this will no doubt open THOUSANDS pairs of eyes.. hope people will no longer afraid to get wat they want and most importantly for them to speak up and out loud...

too long an article.. you read all about it as per the links below...

wondering who are the cowards who are responsible of this kinda despicable act/s...

Poster shameful, says Bar Council
22 Aug 2006
Eileen Ng

KUALA LUMPUR: The Bar Council has condemned the circulation of a poster calling for the death of lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar.

Malik had held a watching brief on behalf of the Malay- sian Bar in the appeal case of Lina Joy.

Bar Council president Yeo Yang Poh said the poster was aimed at intimidating, threatening and oppressing a member of the Bar while discharging his role as a lawyer.

"Our justice system demands that parties be given the right to be heard. Hence, it is the duty of every advocate and solicitor to present and state his client’s case without fear or favour as it is under the protection of our courts that a lawyer is able to advance his client’s case, no matter how unpalatable his argument may appear to other parties."

Lina Joy or Azlina Jailani is appealing to the Federal Court to have the word "Islam" removed from her identity card as she is said to have embraced Christianity.

Describing the circulation of the poster as "shameful", Yeo said it was also an assault on the fundamentals of the nation’s justice system.

He called on the authorities to launch an immediate investigation to identify the parties responsible.

"Malaysian society must reach to show that there is no room for death threats or any similar acts of intimidation in our society."

me personally is not surprise with this kinda action... but to know muslim-convert-to-other-faith is a SERIOUS CRIME stunned me indeed...

the defenders of islam view baptising a muslim who wants to leave his/her faith is a serious crime?!?!?!?...

am so sure the police have better things to do eh?!?... people are dying almost every day fm snatch theft, raped, murder, etc..

am also not surprise SHOULD THERE BE are be any demos, protests, water guns, etc outside the church soon...

p/s ; just recalled this incident/s.... if my memory serves me right lah, one of those days in st johns cathedral quite some moons ago... church goers received summons for obstructing traffic for parking their cars along the church.... whereby, mosque goers are all ok with them parking their cars along the mosque and obstructing the traffic flow....

obstructing traffic is WRONG!.. EVERYONE deserves summon/s to their wrong doing... but, am i right to say to have that kinda scenarios are totally one sided!...

can someone pls explain to me as to why is this happening in a, democratic country?!?...

wanna go fly kites?!?...

as reported in the below link... "According to the minister, those who did not fly the Jalur Gemilang were unpatriotic and had no love for the country.

These people, he added, also did not appreciate what the country leaders had done and were ignorant of the fact that the comfort and prosperity they enjoyed today were the results of a long struggle."...

who give him the freaking right to assume and to make conclusion on behalf of those who dun fly the flags?!?!?.. this kinda remarks him has something got to do with the mentality?!?...

as reported... "I appeal to all races. We should try to show that this year's Jalur Gemilang campaign is more impressive, he said."...

he just wants the campaign to be more impressive, just to be more impressive and nothin else?!?... this could be prolly his own baby project/task/mission eh?!?... if so, in order for one to be successful in this kinda matter, one dun need to make despicable remarks tho!...

whether people fly flags and/or fly kites, it's all up to that individual, family, company, etc... wat matters most is wat contained in the heart...


Don’t be shy to fly our flag

KUALA LUMPUR: In the run-up to National Day, Malaysians have been told they should not be shy about flying the Jalur Gemilang – not only at commercial premises but also at their homes.

Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said Malaysians should take the initiative to show their patriotic spirit and love for the country.

“We should not be mere followers. We must be pioneers. Don’t wait for others before following suit.

“Some people are shy to put up the flag at their houses. It is not embarrassing, so why feel shy?” he told reporters after the hoisting of a giant Jalur Gemilang at Wisma TV, Angkasapuri, yesterday.

According to the minister, those who did not fly the Jalur Gemilang were unpatriotic and had no love for the country.

These people, he added, also did not appreciate what the country’s leaders had done and were ignorant of the fact that the comfort and prosperity they enjoyed today were the results of a long struggle.

Zainuddin was also unhappy with the campaign to fly the Jalur Gemilang in conjunction with Merdeka month this year, saying that people appeared to lack the spirit to do so.

Malaysians, he added, should not act as if everything was the government’s responsibility and hoped to be given flags.

“The flag is on sale and can be bought anywhere. If they can spend money to buy cigarettes, why not buy the flag,” he said.

From his observation, many owners of flats and business premises were not responsive to the campaign.

“I appeal to all races. We should try to show that this year’s Jalur Gemilang campaign is more impressive,” he said. – Bernama

Saturday, January 27, 2007

i need help... anyone got approx rm 9 million, i need to pinjam...

alamak!... i just remembered i am not the son-in-law of the pm...

let's face the facts peeps... even borrowing fm rm 100k fm the bank you will need collaterals if you dun have money in the bank...

as reported... "Everything is loaned, not my own money. Luckily, there are people who want to give loan (to me). I took a loan from them (ECM Libra) who sold their shares to me."...

the question here is... how did he get the millions ringgit loan fm ecm libra if he dun have millions ringgit collaterals and/or millions ringgits in the bank?!?.. prolly it's the father-in-law and son-in-law relationship thingie?!?... if that's really the case, then can i call that abusing of power?!?...

rm 9 million is not a small money where an approx 30 years old person can just borrow and/or lend easily...

I'm prepared to quit if I'm a liability to Umno Youth - Khairy

(Bernama) -- In keeping with Umno culture that the party reigns supreme than the leader, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin says he is prepared to quit his post if he is a liability to the movement.

Nevertheless, as a mark of respect to party members, he said, any decision on his position can only be decided by the movement's delegates as they were the ones who elected him.

"Only they can decide. Nobody can force a person to leave except those who elected the leader.

"Leaders carry out delegates' mandate. If the leader does not have the credibility or is a liability to an organisation, he cannot cling on to his post. He must realise this.

"So, I want to seek the views of Umno Youth members at the grassroots whether I've become a liability with all the speculations about me," he told reporters after opening the Cheras Umno Youth delegates conference Saturday.

"I want to see what is the sentiment at the grassroots on national and international issues, Umno Youth and myself so I can get a clear view," he said.

Asked to comment on talk that there are officers working on the fourth floor of the Prime Minister's Department who have the powers to influence government decisions, Khairy said the claim was an insult to the prime minister.

"To say they are advisers or officers who determine the country's future, this is a very big insult to the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi)," he said.

Khairy said the allegation was baseless as all government decisions were made by the prime minister with the nod of the cabinet.

"Based on the prime minister's explanation (on allegations), surely the fourth floor is more powerful than the fifth floor because the cabinet meeting room is on the fourth floor and the cabinet meeting room is more powerful than the prime minister's office because all the ministers are in the cabinet.

"If this is what is meant, then probably its right," he said.

Asked to comment on claims he has become a millionaire overnight as he could afford to buy ECM Libra Berhad shares, Khairy said: "I borrowed the money."

"Everything is loaned, not my own money. Luckily, there are people who want to give loan (to me). I took a loan from them (ECM Libra) who sold their shares to me."

Opening the Pengkalan Chepa Umno Youth delegates conference yesterday, Khairy said he would reply to all the allegations against him when he opens more than 30 Umno Youth delegates conferences nationwide.

He had said the allegations were too personal and being a man of integrity, the slanders must be explained immediately, particularly to party members.

Khairy, who is also the prime minister's son-in-law, denied yesterday that he had married the popular Malay actress Maya Karin.

WARTAWAN : Khairy selaku Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia telah mula menjawab beberapa persoalan yang mana Tun ajukan, apa komen Tun?

DR MAHATHIR : Jawab apa dia bukan jawab. Di mana dia dapat duit RM9 juta dia kata pinjam dekat kawan siapa dia kawan yang bagi pinjam sampai RM9 juta..saya pun nak pinjam jugak.

Barangkali ada juga dikalangan Pemuda-pemuda UMNO nak pinjam RM9 juta nak beli saham ECM-Libra boleh ke orang lain pergi pinjam. Pasal apa kawan tu bagi (pinjam) kalau nak pinjam di bank, boleh ke kita pergi ke bank nak pinjam RM9 juta nak beli saham ECM-Libra.

Suruh ahli-ahli UMNO ke bank pinjam RM9 juta kalau boleh dapat.

transkrip sidang akhbar dr mahathir di universiti teknoloji petronas...

not sure whether will this be published in the daily newspaper...


WARTAWAN : berhubung kenyataan Setiausaha Agung UMNO Datuk Radzi Sheikh Ahmad yang menganggap 'roadshow' Tun akan menggugat UMNO dan Barisan Nasional pada pilihan raya umum akan datang?

DR MAHATHIR : Saya tak tahulah… saya seorang aje, tak dak sapa pun sokong saya. Takkanlah satu kerajaan yang berkuasa, dengan menteri, dengan menteri besar dan dengan semua jabatan penerangan, nak takut pada satu orang.

Saya ingat… ini bukan pasal satu orang tapi takut nak dengar explanation yang orangramai boleh terima. Explanation mereka tak boleh diterima orangramai, itulah yang depa takut tu…pasal buat salah.

WARTAWAN (AGENDADAILY): Apakah Tun sedar bahawa tindakan ini boleh menggugat UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN)?

DR MAHATHIR : Saya tak menggugat UMNO ataupun BN, cuma pemimpin saja…pemimpin yang salah. Dulu Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman pun macam tu juga… Datuk Onn pun bila beliau buat sesuatu yang tak secucuk dengan UMNO… beliau terpaksa undur… tapi UMNO kekal.

Lepas itu Tunku Abdul Rahman pun…UMNO kekal. Lepas orang menentang saya, sampai nak bagi jatuh saya pun…UMNO kekal.

Kita bukan kecam UMNO…kita kecam kepimpinan yang tidak patuh kepada matlamat dan perjuangan UMNO… itu aje…

Saya tak pernah kecam UMNO dalam ucapan saya… saya kecam pemimpin yang menyeleweng daripada hasrat parti.

WARTAWAN : Khairy selaku Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia telah mula menjawab beberapa persoalan yang mana Tun ajukan, apa komen Tun?

DR MAHATHIR : Jawab apa… dia bukan jawab. Di mana dia dapat duit RM9 juta… dia kata pinjam dekat kawan… siapa dia kawan yang bagi pinjam sampai RM9 juta..saya pun nak pinjam jugak.

Barangkali ada juga dikalangan Pemuda-pemuda UMNO nak pinjam RM9 juta nak beli saham ECM-Libra…boleh ke orang lain pergi pinjam. Pasal apa kawan tu bagi (pinjam)…kalau nak pinjam di bank, boleh ke kita pergi ke bank nak pinjam RM9 juta nak beli saham ECM-Libra.

Suruh ahli-ahli UMNO ke bank pinjam RM9 juta…kalau boleh dapat.

WARTAWAN : Bagaimana jawapan Khairy tentang MV Agusta dan isu ' tingkat 4' di JPM?

DR MAHATHIR : Yang tu saya hairan, apa kena mengena dengan dia…saya tanya Proton, apa pasal dia jawab, kenapa dia jawab…suruhlah Azlan (Pengerusi Proton) jawab…jawab soalan saya tu…

WARTAWAN ; Apakah itu bermakna Khairy berkuasa dalam hal tersebut…

DR MAHATHIR : …dia seolah memberi pengakuan, dia memang buat arahan tu…itulah saya punya tekalah, betul atau tak betul tak tahulah…

Saya nak tanya, apakah dia bagi arahan pada menteri besar dan menteri…tanya menteri, depa tak jawablah…dia kata kami sokong, itulah menteri besar sekarang, bukan dia jawab …dia akan kata kami sokong.

Apa Pak Lah buat kami sokong…jadi you nak pergi tanya diorang, apa yang you dapat…apa jawapan yang dapat…

WARTAWAN (AGENDADAILY) : Dalam jawapan Khairy ada menyentuh soal dua buah syarikat Malaysia yang telah dikuasai oleh syarikat dari Singapura iaitu Alliance Bank oleh Temasek Holding dan Pantai Holding Berhad pula oleh Parkway.Asalnya individu bumiputera tertentu telah miliki saham dalam syarikat tersebut kemudiannya telah dijual kepada bukan bumiputera seterusnya jatuh ke tangan syarikat dari Singapura.Khairy belum lagi dedah siapa individu terbabit…siapakah individu bumiputera terbabit, boleh Tun komen?

DR MAHATHIR : Barangkali adalah…anak sayalah kot. Anak saya dulu ada saham dalam Pantai Holding, dia dah tak boleh nak teruskan perniagaan, dia juallah sahamnya kepada orang Malaysia.

Kalau orang Malaysia nak jual saham pada orang Singapura, kerajaan ada hak untuk halang tapi kerajaan tak mahu tahan (halang).

Bahkan sekarang kerajaan encourage syarikat dari Singapura membeli saham syarikat Malaysia…5 persen, dalam Telekom dan lain-lain…semua itu under government encouragement … but not my governmentlah…some other government...

WARTAWAN : Bagaimana dengan roadshow' dan bila mulanya?

DR MAHATHIR : Saya tak ada roadshow , ada orang panggil… saya pergilah. Tapi ini sampai nak bercakap dengan orang UMNO tak bagi… nak cakap dengan bukan UMNO, dah kata bahaya…semua orang dilarang dengar saya bercakap. Barangkali kerana saya cakap benarlah kot, sebab tulah depa larang.

WARTAWAN : Adakah Tun buat susunatur roadshow tu?

DR MAHATHIR : No… ada orang panggil saya pergilah..tapi saya tahu setiap kali ada orang panggil (jemput saya) akan dapat panggilan telefon suruh batalkan program tu…

Macam Mubarak di Kelantan baru-baru ini, depa panggil saya…bekas wakil rakyat, kawan-kawan saya semua ni…tapi dapat panggilan telefon daripada Perth Australia suruh cancel ..akhirnya Mubarak tarik diri tapi ada orang lain buat, Alumni bekas Ahli Parlimen yang ambilalih program tu…

Saya pi (pergi) lah… orang panggil, saya pergi.

WARTAWAN : Apa komen Tun ada dakwaan mengatakan ada usaha untuk halang Datuk Mukhriz merasmikan persidangan pemuda UMNO bahagian tertentu?

DR MAHATHIR : Ya..lah, itulah yang dianggap sebagai telus. Very transparent …sekarang ni very open…newspaper sekarang ni very open tulis report…support for the government.

Setiap kali ada sesuatu, pi tanya…yang Khairy buat ni…apa pendapat Adnan (MB Pahang), apa pendapat orang ni dan orang tu…masuklah gambar-gambar ni semua, semuanya sokong, tak payah dah bubuh gambar dah, kita pakai satu gambar saja kemudian yang lain kita pakai satu sentence …segala perintah patik sokong…

WARTAWAN : Dalam ucapan Tun ( semasa ceramah mengenai pentabiran) ada sentuh soal seseorang Perdana Menteri perlu diberi tempoh beberapa ketika, apakah Perdana Menteri sekarang diberi tempoh yang lebih panjang?

DR MAHATHIR : Itu terpulanglah pada rakyatlah…kalaulah kita dapat seorang Perdana Menteri yang menjual negeri ini, adakah kita nak tunggu lima tahun…kita kena ambil tindakan awal sikit.

Kalau dia ada buat perancangan yang kita tidak tahu ia akan berjaya atau tidak, seperti perancangan SJER di Johor, pendapatnya tersendiri…tak dak siapa pengaruh dia…tapi tunggulah lima tahun lagi.

WARTAWAN (AGENDADAILY) : Proton yang memiliki saham lebih 50 peratus dalam MV Agusta didakwa tidak ada kuasa dan terpaksa tunduk pada pemegang saham minoriti dalam membuat keputusan hal yang berkaitan dengan pengurusan, sejauhmana benar?

DR MAHATHIR : Ada satu syarat saja…kalau kita nak lupuskan saham kita pada orang tertentu maka pada ketika itu kita kena bagi tahu pada minority share holder …ini dimana-mana pun macam tu juga, kalau kita nak buat sesuatu yang mungkin menjejaskan pemegang saham minoriti, kita kena dapatkan persetujuan dari pihak minoriti.

Tapi dalam pengurusan Agusta, kita kuasa penuh, kita ada director , ekskutif pun ada dalam Agusta.Tanyalah Tengku Mahaleel apa syarat yang dia buat… bila kita tanya tak boleh masuk (tulis dalam akhbar)… you pun tak boleh masuk… you suratkhabar mana…?

Wartawan Agendadaily menjawab : saya dari Agendadaily, web news melalui internet

Tun Dr Mahathir menyambung : Internet…tak lama lagi internet pun nak kena juga…pasal kita open society …mesti censor semua internet…cuma mana perintah patik sokong saja boleh masuk (siar)…

WARTAWAN : Apakah seorang Perdana Menteri yang didakwa jual negara itu perlu ditukar sebelum lima tahun?

DR MAHATHIR : I don't say …kalau dia jual negara...tak payahlah tunggu lima tahun.

WARTAWAN : Apa cadangan Tun pada rakyat.

DR MAHATHIR : Janganlah cakap saya sokong…saya sokong…bila tanya,apa yang disokong…depa jawab tak tahu…tapi kata, kita sokong, kita sokong…macam kata Shahidan (Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim Menteri Besar Perlis) dan Tajol Rosli (Menteri Besar Perak), kita 'support' dia sebelum ini, ketika beliau jadi Perdana Menteri dan kita support lah PM sekarang sebab Pak Lah PM sekarang.

Apa! tak dak fikir langsung ke…I don't want this supporters for doing something wrong , saya mahukan sokongan sekiranya saya buat sesuatu yang betul.

WARTAWAN : Adakah Tun tahu bahawa ada usul dari bahagian UMNO tertentu agar Tun diberi layanan baik, ada yang gesa agar MKT adakan mesyuarat khas kemudian panggil Tun agar diberi penjelasan sebaik mungkin dan tidak bersikap biadab terhadap Tun?

DR MAHATHIR : Saya tahulah ada usul itu dari ketua pemuda UMNO bahagian di Perak…tapi ianya tak boleh diterima.

Tak boleh buat macam itu ianya ditegah oleh Majlis Tertinggi…MT tidak benar buat usul yang menyentuh pemimpin bukan menyentuh UMNO.

UMNO tak dak apa-apa tapi pemimpin jangan ditegur…

WARTAWAN (AGENDADAILY) : Perkara ini apakah tidak pernah berlaku di zaman Tun menerajui UMNO dan negara. Apakah Tun bersikap terbuka semasa berkuasa dulu.

DR MAHATHIR : Saya bukan saja terbuka semasa memimpin parti bahkan saya dicabar oleh Tengku Razaleigh, Musa Hitam dan Pak Lah pun…mereka nak jatuhkan saya. Saya tak larang mereka pergi ke kampong-kampung, ke bahagian, ke cawangan…buat ucapan nak bagi jatuh saya…

Dan saya hampir jatuh, hanya menang 43 undi saja. Saya tak tahan mereka, mungkin mereka tak ingatlah sebab Melayu mudah lupa…Tengku Razaleigh kata, saya lebih dahsyat dari Pak Lah…agaknya dia terlupa dia pergi dok kempen semasa dia lawan dengan saya (rebut jawatan Presiden UMNO), dia lupa bahawa dia berjalan rata jumpa semua orang dan ceritalah apa keburukan saya dan kebaikan mereka…saya tak larang.

Sekarang saya tak boleh pergi dekat dengan orang bekas UMNO pun tak boleh...Mubarak adalah bekas wakil rakyat pun tak boleh juga…

WARTAWAN : Tun kata bukan hendak jatuhkan UMNO tapi nak perbetulkan keadaan, jadi apakah salahnya untuk Tun berbuat begitu.

DR MAHATHIR : Inilah demokrasi…demokrasi bermakna dengar sebelah pihak saja (sinis).

WARTAWAN ( AGENDADAILY) : Adakah Tun akan hadir ke mesyuarat UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu, juga ada desas desus kata Tun nak jadi wakil ke perhimpunan agong UMNO pertengahan November ini?.

DR MAHATHIR : Kalau boleh tu...kalau orang jemput saya akan pergilah…saya ada hak juga dipilih sebagai wakil daripada cawangan untuk hadir mesyuarat bahagian, saya akan pergilah. Kalau panggil atau dipilih…

Tapi nak jadi wakil ke mesyuarat agong (Perhimpunan agung UMNO di PWTC ) , tak payahlah kot…kalau saya jadi wakil pun tak boleh bercakap .- 7/8/2006

another absolute rubbish 'instruction' meant for the media?!?...

how can this cabinet minister said such things?!?.. am literally speechless... "toning down" reports will NOT trigger more violence and criminal activities!... absolute rubbish!... in fact, if things were to be swept under the carpet and without notifying the nation properly wat's happening, this will no doubt breed more criminals then...

as reported... "Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said some of the reports in the media were very graphic, which could trigger more violence and criminal activities.

“The media should try not to create too much sensation or glorify news to the extent of getting people excited and involved in crime,” he told reporters"...

too much sensation or glorify news can extent of getting people excited and involved in crime?!?!?!?... if so, wat kinda remarks is this lah?!?...

as reported... "“Of late, a lot of stories on murder cases and snatch thefts have been featured in the newspapers and on television, and the culprits could have emulated the violence they see or read about,” he added. "...

might as well ban csi, kisah benar, 999, edisi siasat, etc. altogether... since this kinda shows may also create and/or some sort give criminals idea/s as to how to go around creating crime...

am totally lost with wat this mamak minister said...

Media urged to tone down reports

SUNGAI PETANI: The media has to “tone down” reports on crime and violence.

Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said some of the reports in the media were very graphic, which could trigger more violence and criminal activities.

“The media should try not to create too much sensation or glorify news to the extent of getting people excited and involved in crime,” he told reporters after visiting the parents of 26-year-old hotel housekeeper Azlini Azmi who was found murdered in Sunway Mentari at Bandar Sunway in Petaling Jaya on Tuesday.

Azlini’s body was found with slash wounds on her chin, neck and torso.

Zainuddin said the frequent television footages of the war and bombings in Iraq and violence shown on television would create a certain impact among viewers.

“Of late, a lot of stories on murder cases and snatch thefts have been featured in the newspapers and on television, and the culprits could have emulated the violence they see or read about,” he added.

Zainuddin also presented Azlini’s parents Azmi Mohd Nayan, 48, and Che Zainah Othman, 46, with a RM3,000 donation.

get up, honeymoon period is over!.. "declaration of war" against the media coming up next!...

they sense something is wrong?!?... or perhaps, they sense that there are something very wrong made right and/or gonna be made right and they are very afraid of it?!?... like the saying, siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas...

2 'mainstream newspapers'?!?... wait... got to be nstp and the sun, i think... the star belongs to mca wat, so dun think there's anything gonna happen to them... on top of that, they in the star thinks that siti nurhaliza and datuk kurita's wedding news is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy important than the current issues the world is facing...

the star do have articles here and there about the current govt and all... at times they do hit back they themselves without knowing and realising it... funny but true...

can't even have this kinda freedom of speech in a democratic country... wat more in freedom in religious practices!... yawn!...

the only way to bring back the democracy in the country is the next election... at least let the parliment seats be filled evenly like wat happened in the 90s... approx 55%+-/45%+-... that will at least strike a decent balance, if you ask me...

Zam’s “Declaration of War” against the media – a setting for another Operation Lalang and the first public fissure of contending factions in the Abdullah Cabinet?
Media Statement
by Lim Kit Siang

(Parliament, Saturday) The Information Minister, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin, has issued a “declaration of war” against the media. At stake is not just press freedom, but also human rights and good governance in Malaysia.

Zainuddin accused two “mainstream newspapers” of abusing their “freedom”, claimed that the government has already collected ample evidence of the “crime” of certain local newspapers to “undermine the credibility of Islam as the official religion and the rights of all communities as contained in the Federal Constitution”, raised the spectre of May 13 and the possibility of another “Operation Lalang”, warned that the government “means business” and “will not tolerate” the media which “inflame communalism and religious issues”.

Most ominous of all, Zainuddin dismissed the view that the “honeymoon” period for press freedom of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is over by declaring that there was never any such “honeymoon period”!

Is Zainuddin’s “declaration of war” against the media a sombre setting for a major crackdown on fundamental liberties and freedoms in Malaysia – another Operation Lalang?

Has Zainuddin the full authority and prior clearance of the Prime Minister to issue such a contentious and combative statement – especially the assertion that Abdullah never intended to have any “honeymoon period” for press freedom, and by extension, accountability, transparency and good governance, on becoming Prime Minister? If so, why wasn’t this announcement made by Abdullah himself? Is this because Abdullah wants to continue to appear as a “Mr. Nice” in a Jekyl-and-Hide scenario?

Or is Zainuddin’s outburst the first public fissure of contending factions in the Cabinet where the Prime Minister’s writ cannot even extend to his own Ministers, with Ministers openly misinterpreting if not hijacking Abdullah’s wishes and intentions?

Zainuddin also referred to the recent controversy over the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Ethnic Relations guidebook, citing it as the latest example of newspapers of being “unnecessary contentious” and “blowing out of proportion” religious and communal issues.

In making such a comment, is Zainuddin seriously suggesting in a very public manner that the Cabinet, or at least the Prime Minister, had been wrong or misled into ordering a withdrawal of the UPM Ethnic Relations guidebook and a review of the university module?

Although all Cabinet Ministers have openly declared support for the Prime Minister in the escalating “war” between the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Abdullah, no one can be sure as to how many Cabinet Ministers will fully back the Prime Minister when the crunch comes – and Zainuddin clearly belong to the list of “doubtfuls”.

Abdullah should immediately clarify the many questions raised by Zainuddin’s “declaration of war” against the media, including:

whether Zainuddin is fully authorized by him to issue such a “declaration”;

whether it presages another Operation Lalang and crackdown on the media specifically and human rights generally;

whether Abdullah’s position has become so weakened by the Mahathir attacks that hardliners in Cabinet and government are having a upper hand to hijack his agenda and even to conduct an open internecine warfare.

The ball is in Abdullah’s court. He should be the one to disabuse Malaysians of the belief that there had been a “honeymoon period” for press freedom when he first became Prime Minister.

Abdullah should also clarify whether he had elevated Zainuddin to be the “czar” of the Malaysia media, delegating to the Information Minister all the powers of the Internal Security Minister with regard to mass media in the country.