Sunday, September 16, 2007

syed hamid albar on bbc hardtalk...

i like how to reply, comment, tackle, mumble and fumble on replying questions posed to him... :) ...

he is definitely doing wat he supposed to do... to protect his rice bowl!... :) ...


p/s ; 50 long years into independence as a secular country, yet our ministers are being interview on this kinda subjects and yet day in and day out in the daily newspapers reporting on this kinda issues!...

rubella outbreak in klang valley?!?.. another serious incident swept under the carpet?!?...

saw this news in lks's blog... i thought this a very serious matter, which swept under the carpet due to the 50th anniversary?!?...

if the email from um is proven to be true, then the authorites have a lot to answer!...

did they choose to proclaim merdeka instead of asking people to becareful with this issue?!?...

p/s ; transparency is a history?!?...

An email from CL that there is a rubella outbreak in the Klang Valley which has been blacked out so as not to spoil the Merdeka anniversary celebrations.

Can the authorities in particular the Health Minister and the University of Malaya Vice Chancellor respond?

CL’s email:

There is an outbreak of rubella in the Klang Valley and possibly nationwide as well. Apparently this had been going on for the past two months but the power-that-be has chose to keep the news blacked out because of the impending 50th anniversary Merdeka celebration. The outbreak also occurred in the UM campus and the recently concluded convocation was almost marred. News of the outbreak in the campus only came out lately, in fact only a few days back.(see circular appended below). It is not immediately known how many students had been infected to date. However, official news of the outbreak has caused anger and anxiety among the “warga kampus”.

Rubella in the adults and adolescents is mild with nothing more than a flu-like illness with fever lasting a few days and associated with muscle aches and joint pains. Its mild nature cannot be said if an expectant mother who has no immunity, contracts rubella in the first 3 months of her pregnancy. The unborn foetus has a high risk of developing various abnormalities : small brain, cataracts, deafness, heart defects, mental retardation, etc.

Because of the non-specific symptoms, most cases of rubella are diagnosed as a viral illness. The rash over the body and enlarged lymph glands behind the ears are typical but can be easily missed if not specifically looked for. The rash is very faint and lasts no more than 48 hours and often missed in the dark skinned. Hence many infected persons are not aware that that they are infected. This is a highly infectious disease and an infected person can transmit the infection (airborne spread) from one week before till at least 4 days after onset of the rash. This implies that by the time the index case is diagnosed, he/she would have transmitted to susceptible persons in contact with him/her. This is the reason why outbreaks usually occur in hostels, schools, army barracks. This was probably what caused the outbreak among UM students staying in the residential colleges.

The illness is effectively preventable by giving rubella vaccine, which the government gave as a routine for female students in secondary three since 1986. However, this strategy has obviously failed to prevent one from getting the diseases because the immunization program selectively immunized females only. Transmission can still occur among males who in turn pass it on to susceptible females. This explains the reason for the current outbreak.

In 2002 the government started the routine MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) immunization of children at 1 year and again on entering primary one. This strategy is more effective and would stamp out rubella infection in the adolescents and adults. Students entering universities (at age 20 years) from now till 2022 will still be susceptible to the 3 diseases. To effectively control the outbreak now will require mass immunization with the vaccine of both male and female students. MMR is the ideal vaccine as it ensures that the vaccinee is also protected against measles. The vaccine costs less than RM20 if purchased in bulk. There had been instances of reports of measles outbreak in the past.

Events happening over the last two months have indicated that the current outbreak has not been handled in the proper manner. Firstly there is news blackout of the rubella outbreak. This was done so as not to spoil the merdeka celebration. By so doing, pregnant women are been exposed unnecessarily to risk of getting infected and subsequently delivery of an affected baby. Secondly the government, till date has not advised the public who had not have rubella vaccination in the past to go for vaccination. The vaccine is very cheap (about RM 2 per dose) but of course there is a shortage of the vaccine now. Thirdly during the fasting month there will be lots of mingling of people and those “balik kampung” setting the stage for mass transmission of the illness. From what is happening in the UM campus, the management has decided to vaccinate only the females first and then the males at a later date. Only rubella vaccine is used (about 3000 doses from MOH, a gross inadequate) not the MMR vaccine. This is an exercise in futility for two reasons: The males can still be infected and will continue to transmit the virus. The outbreak can never be controlled if only females are vaccinated. This is a golden opportunity to give everyone the MMR vaccine to protect against measles too. Otherwise it will be a matter of time before an outbreak of measles occur in the campus and nationwide. Measles is a very much more severe illness compared to rubella with many complications.

In short the government has attempted to cover up an outbreak of rubella in the country at the expense of risks to unborn foetuses. By not taking quick and proper measures it has allowed the illness to spread to a stage that the government is now in a helpless state.

Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 13:03:23 +0800
From: International & Corporate Relations Office
Subject: [Uminfo] RUBELLA ON CAMPUS
YBhg. Dato’/Datuk/Datin/Profesor/Tuan/Puan,

Please be informed that a number of students had been infected with Rubella, an infectious disease caused by a virus. A main concern with the rubella disease is the effect it has on pregnant ladies as it can be very harmful to the foetus. Therefore, it is imperative for staff and students who are pregnant to seek consultation at the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic at the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

The symptoms of Rubella are fever and rashes. Apart from that, there may also be:

1. Conjunctivitis
2. Sore throat
3. Headache
4. Nausea
5. Tenderlymphadenopathy (particularly behind the ear areas - posterior auricular and suboccipital lymph nodes)

The University Management has taken several steps to address this issue and would like to seek lecturers’ assistance to inform and advise students of the above.

Thank you.

International & Corporate Relations Office (ICR)
Level 1, Chancellery Building
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-7967 3273 / 3423 / 3575 / 3334
Fax: 7956 0027


police brutality reaches a new height!... live bullet fired at ceramah crowd!...

the authorities did it AGAIN!...

loads of articles on this issue... think, so far malik imtiaz says it best!...


more reading details/articles at...





dun really hope for the current umno-led govt to act on this.. BUT wat are they gonna SAY (just comments) about this?!?... will they be throwing this case around?!?... no action will be taken?!?...

p/s ; God pls save malaysia!... the rulers pls save malaysia!...

p/s ; with the shit we are currently going thru for the past 2-3 years, it's only our own respective 'silliness/stupidity' to continue to vote for them in the next general election!...

selamat berpuasa!...

to all people of the muslims faith...

here wishing you and to all your loved ones a blessed puasa!...

have a meaningful ramadhan ahead!...

rm 224.00 for a set of four screwdrivers, rm 8,254.00 for a 3.1 megapixel camera, etc!...

there are people complain about the quality... they are people complain about the price too...

honestly... the question now is, do they really care about the quality?!?... a proper 'qc department' may be able to help...

i mean, come on.. as long as their own respective tummy is filled... why bother about the quality of the goods eh?!?...

uncle sam would be the best example... after tens of millions ringgit spent on renovating parliament.. but, still have defects to it.. wat he did next?!?.. ask for huge amount of money just to do survey and then bigger amount to repair it!..

p/s ; the renovated sections of the parliament is very impressive.. but, after spending millions of ringgit, some sections still remained the same fm the day parliament was built...

p/s ; fm the budget announced by aab couple of days back... approx rm 70 million is allocated for the parliament... but, allocation for jakim is approx 700% more!... any sense to it?!?...

Paying through the nose for tools


PETALING JAYA: Would you pay RM224 for a set of four screwdrivers?

Probably not, but that was what the Government paid to supply tools for students at the eight National Youth Skills Institutes (IKBN) around the country, according to the Auditor-General’s (AG) report.

The AG said the screwdrivers had a market price of RM40 and according to pictures in the report, resembled the average Philips screwdrivers you could buy in any hardware shop.

And it does not stop there – the AG went a step further by examining the prices paid for 12 other tools and equipment bought for the IKBN project, comparing it with market prices when the procurement was done in late 2002.

Among these were technical books consisting 10 titles that had a price tag of RM10,700 and a 3.1 megapixel digital camera that was bought for RM8,254.

For the 13 items that the report highlighted, the Government paid RM8.39mil more than the market price at that time.

According to the report, consultants for the Youth and Sports Ministry had reached an estimated price tag of RM399.67mil for the equipment for the IKBN project which later ballooned to RM767.98mil after two appeals by the ministry for additional allocations.

“The ministry said more money was needed in anticipation of a bigger student population and that getting equipment from the same supplier meant prices would remain the same.

“But there was no proof that market research was done to identify the prices of the items and equipment because minutes for the negotiation meetings were not prepared,” the report said.

It said without the minutes, the auditing team was unable to find out if efforts were made to reduce prices.

The AG also said that the ministry’s secretary-general (KSU) had signed off 11 contracts worth between RM7.99mil and RM74.2mil that were related to the IKBN project, on behalf of the Government.

“The KSU only has the authority to sign contracts worth less than RM5mil. Anything larger should be signed by the minister or someone to whom the authority has been given.

“However, during the audit, no such letter giving the authority to the KSU presented itself,” the report said.

The report said there were also discrepancies such as one supplier being paid more than the other for exactly the same equipment.

One example the AG highlighted showed one supplier getting RM1.24mil more than the other for identical engineering equipment.


nation’s ex-leaders want nep abuses to stop...

to those who wants to read the full interviews with the nation's ex-leaders... i suggest that you get the latest the edge newspaper.. i got mine few hours ago and reading it half way, i must say it's pretty interesting point of views fm them...

p/s ; it'll be more interesting to hear wat the CURRENT leaders got to say, esp the umno bunch...

Nation’s ex-leaders want NEP abuses to stop

Sep 3, 07 6:30pm Malaysiakini

The time has come to end the abuses of the New Economic Policy (NEP), said former top Malaysian leaders as they debated over the policy’s relevance.

While their views on whether the NEP should be scrapped were divided, the quartet - Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Musa Hitam and Anwar Ibrahim - who were interviewed separately by financial weekly The Edge, agreed that the policy should be refined.

“You have to be more selective. You cannot give (these NEP benefits) just because he is an Umno division head,” said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Let’s have the names out. I showed the names of those who got licences or contracts. This government says it wants to be transparent, let’s see how transparent it is,” he added.

However, he rebutted the argument that the policy, which favours the bumiputeras, hindered national unity and development.

“If it is a hindrance, then how come Malaysia is the best developed of all developing countries?” asked Malaysia’s longest serving premier who stepped down in 2003 after 22 years in office.

Nevertheless, he admitted to having ‘blamed’ the Malays for not snapping up the opportunities offered to them and conceded that the policy had been distorted to help the rich get richer.

Citing an example, he claimed that approved permits (APs) for imported cars were previously given out to Umno headquarters’ staff to be sold at RM8,000 each but it is now given to others in huge numbers to be sold at RM60,000 each.

“These people have huge houses and even helicopters. This is not the NEP, this is abuse of the NEP. The government must put a stop to this,” he said.

Ku Li: NEP will remain another 50 years

Acknowledging the existence of abuses in the implementation of the NEP, former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said one has to be “realistic” that the policy will remain for another 50 years or more.

“I know people are very much against it. But to me if there was no NEP, it is going to be very difficult for the country,” he told the financial weekly.

Razaleigh however called for the economic policy to be refined.

“You cannot go Robin Hood-style taking from some and giving it to others. That is unfair and we cannot be unfair,” he said.

Former deputy premier Musa Hitam said with or without the NEP, there will be groups who will get more than what they deserve.

“At the moment, everything is blamed on the NEP. Every non-Malay says the government bocor (leaks) here, bocor there, corruption… Malay-lah. It’s a racist sort of thing.

“But my point is, you mean to say that if there is no NEP, it would not happen?” he asked, stressing that questioning the NEP should not be seen as questioning the special rights of bumiputeras under the Federal Constitution.

‘It’s obsolete’

Mahathir’s former deputy and ex-finance minister Anwar Ibrahim struck a different cord and reiterated his contention that the NEP had become obsolete.

“Don’t get me wrong - I am very Malay and I am very concerned with the problems that affect the Malays. I don’t need to be apologetic about that,” said Anwar, who now leads opposition PKR.

“Being very Malay and a committed Muslim does not mean that I aspire for the same visions and goals of the NEP which I supported in the 1970s, given the context of the period,” he said, adding that the country has to “move on.”

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was also featured in The Edge’s 50th Merdeka special edition but he did not touch on the NEP.

The NEP was enacted in 1970 - in the aftermath of the 1969 racial riots - as part of a bold blueprint to reduce income disparity among different ethnic groups. This included a wide range of measures such as the 30 percent bumiputera equity target.

It was given a shelf life of 20 years but the policy continued after 1990 under a different name - the New Development Policy - to be implemented up to 2000.

The National Vision Policy was set to be implemented between 2001 and 2010. However, the government in the Ninth Malaysia Plan unveiled last year, revived the NEP targets.

A heated public debate on the NEP took place last year when two academic studies revealed that the 30 percent bumiputera equity target had been exceeded. The government however rejected this claim.


citizen think tank... interesting website...

think this is a new website...


watch out for this website... gonna be interesting...

for those who are not sure who is yr respective adun and yr respective mp... this is perhaps a good way to get to know him/her...

do lend a hand if you are interested...

Volunteers Wanted

Greetings, We are in dire need of volunteers to assist in the following:

a. Resizing and upload remaining MP photos (1 person needed with knowledge in Photoshop)

b. Research and help write MPs profiles (about 20 MPs). If the profile is not in the internet, you may need to search for primary sources (such as interview). Then you need key-in into the site, and edit them accordingly. (4 persons needed)

Why not help for a good cause? If you got some free time to spare Email to me (

will yr mp defend the federal constituition?!?...

fwded email...

Read this and start writing...


I have. I wrote an email to Chew Mei Fun asking her (in a perfectly civil manner) whether she would defend the Federal Constitution if it's under threat.

Ha ha.

Come on people, do your bit. Don't worry, you won't be arrested.

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of the people." - From V For Vendetta.

i am crying for malaysia... there are 'TERRORISTS' in our midst!...

just 2 words to describe them.. pathetic and coward!...


the bottome line is... be it real or fake...

will action be taken against these kinda scums?!?...

will the authorities go tracking these kinda scums?!?...


will they be 'ok' because they say the 'right thing'?!?...

based on some brief research, think this video clip were posted approx 2 weeks ago... why no action until now?!?.. wat are they waiting for?!?...

if they are really taking action against these kinda scums, why wait until now?!?...

p/s ; they got to work almost immediately after namewee's negarakuku became 'popular'... dounble standard?!?...

p/s ; it is these kinda pests who are stirring the racial issues... nope, don't think the authorities are gonna do anything about this, ever!... you should know the reason/s... :) ...

p/s ; inconsistencies and double-standard is blatantly shown!...

unfit to lead by m.bakri musa... another 'priceless' write-up...

bakri is very direct and precise with his writing.. he is perhaps typing down wat exactly he is thinking and his concern for the country...

p/s ; am wearing black comes this 31st august 2007 to show democracy and a whole lot of things are dead in malaysia... let us all continue the struggle and come out victorious in order for us to wear some bright colours for the 51st anniversary...

Unfit To Lead
M. Bakri Musa

After nearly four years as Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has clearly demonstrated that he is not fit to lead the nation. He does not have what it takes to hold the nation’s top post; he must be relieved of his office.

The man is too incompetent to be even aware of his own incompetence. His trademark answer to every serious query is a plaintive, “I dunno!” There is not even a hint of embarrassment on his part, or the desire and curiosity to find out. Truly revealing!

Consider this latest blunder: As Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Abdullah is blissfully unaware of the RM5 billion blunder now unfolding at the Port Klang Free Zone project. If he is not aware (much less on top) of that impending financial implosion, chances are he is unable to comprehend the wider and more treacherous economic ramifications. Abdullah is instead riled up over some sophomoric rap rendition of the national anthem. Small mind, trivial preoccupation!

His election promises of 2004 turned out to be nothing more than the typical politician’s empty words, a cruel hoax perpetrated upon trusting citizens. For all his talk about greater transparency and combating corruption, it is nothing more than, to put it in the vernacular, “cock talk!” Under his “leadership,” all these are now much worse. His overly displayed public piety and religiosity are obviously for show only, as he is not fearful of Allah for having not kept his promises to the people.

He is consumed with the expensive trappings of his office, with luxury corporate jets ready to fly him and his family all over the globe. It is amazing how fast this kampong imam from Kepala Batas, a backwater of modern Penang, is acquiring the extravagant taste of the jet set, all at public expense of course.

Those closest to him personally and politically are serving their selfish interests in indulging his fantasy, or more correctly, daydream. The old man can hardly keep himself awake!

Unfortunately, it is the nation that is bearing the terrible consequences. The longer he stays, the heavier will be the burden, and costlier the price. We are now close to the point where the damages wrecked by this man would be irreversible. We cannot risk such a fate; the time for action is now!

This is a sobering thought, a definite damper on the current joyous mood in celebrating our 50th anniversary of Merdeka. Fortunately, despite Malaysia’s short history, the nation is sufficiently rooted in democratic principles and practices that it could effect leadership change without resorting to unconstitutional means.

There is little to learn from other Third World countries, with their predilection for assassinations, military coups, and other unsavory methods, in getting rid of ineffective leaders. Those who grab power are by nature ruthless and not likely to give it up willingly. Consequently, the end result is invariably much worse. However, considering Abdullah’s current sorry ineptness, such a scene is difficult to imagine for Malaysia.

Malaysia once suspended its constitution, following the May 1969 riot. That was in response to an emergency, when the dangers and damages were physical and thus readily comprehended by the citizens. Consequently there was general consensus to a rule by decree.

Today’s dangers are more subtle and insidious, but the consequences could be even more catastrophic. The nation is being lulled into irreversible mediocrity, condemned to perpetual third-rate status.

Another major factor to the acceptance of the 1969 Emergency Rule was that we knew who would be taking over: the able and decisive Tun Razak. Malaysians had faith in the man’s ability and integrity. They were not wrong. A few years later with law and order established, Razak re-instituted parliament and voluntarily gave up his dictatorial power. To this day, his action remains the rare exception; the general rule is for dictators to cling on to power until they die naturally, get killed, or are ousted.

I also do not think it necessary to strain the constitution with, for example, the King exercising his power to remove the Prime Minister. That would create a dangerous precedent. Besides, Abdullah is just not worth a constitutional crisis.

Tips From the First World

While the Third World cannot offer us lessons on changing leaders orderly outside of elections, we can learn from the First World. Even hitherto able leaders could be removed without compromising constitutional or democratic principles. Britain’s Tony Blair is a recent example.

Blair led his Labor Party to three successive electoral victories. Yet when he overreached and joined Bush in invading Iraq, a few of his ministers resigned in protest. That in turn emboldened Blair’s challenger, Gordon Brown.

While former Prime Minister Mahathir admitted to making a colossal mistake in appointing Abdullah, Malaysia should not and cannot be held hostage to the mistake of one man. There is no reason to be fatalistic or just sit back and suffer the consequences. While Mahathir is trying hard to undo his mistake, the primary responsibility in ridding Abdullah ultimately falls on the citizens collectively, not on any one person no matter how eminent and influential he or she may be.

That said, a single individual – even one of no particular distinction – can often initiate and effect significant change. Again referring to May 1969, it was one man who initiated the process that eventually led to Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman leaving. The Tunku was a much-revered leader, the “Father of Independence,” yet the one man instrumental in Tunku’s downfall was a defeated government backbencher.

A defeated candidate normally would have little clout, yet there was Mahathir able to effect seismic changes in the nation’s leadership with his now famous letter to the Tunku demanding that he quit.

Easing Abdullah Out

The most effective way to disabuse Abdullah of his delusion and puncture his leadership fantasy would be for his ministers to have a vote of no confidence in him. That would be dramatic, but unlikely to happen. As some of his ministers are also leaders of the component parties, such an action could split the coalition and risk paying the ultimate price: defeat at the general elections.

A more practical reason for this not happening is that his ministers are more followers than leaders. There are no jantans in the cabinet, only jantan wannabes. They were appointed not for their leadership qualities or executive talent but for their ability to grovel to and humor the leader of the day.

Recently in an unprecedented move, the entire non-Muslim ministers except one (he was abroad at the time) wrote the Prime Minister to express their displeasure over the increasing Islamization of his administration. They quickly backed down when UMNO hound dogs snarled back. That again reflected the spinelessness of these ministers.

Nonetheless their subtle message – they do not have confidence in Abdullah – was delivered. The only problem was that everyone missed that too subtle a message.

As an aside, although I share their concerns I condemned those ministers’ action. Far from challenging Abdullah, they merely exacerbated the Muslim/non-Muslim divide. They would have been far more effective had they acted individually, and backed their words with actions, as with resigning and taking their party out of the coalition. That would have startled Abdullah enough to wake him up. His hound dogs in UMNO Youth would be too rattled to spring into action. It might even embolden a few UMNO ministers to do their part and trigger a soft in-house coup.

Do not however, expect a Malaysian Gordon Brown, ready and able to take over. Brown had proven himself formidable as Chancellor of the Exchequer, a more than worthy successor, while Abdullah’s deputy, Najib Razak, carries considerable political and personal baggage. More than likely, the change process would also consume him.

When President Nixon was threatened with impeachment over the Watergate crisis, senior leaders of his party was able to persuade him to resign and thus spare the nation a constitutional crisis. Unfortunately UMNO is bereft of senior leaders with stature. Musa Hitam in theory would be a prime candidate, but since getting his Tunship, Musa is so beholden to Abdullah that he (Abdullah) can now do no wrong.

One leader (apart from Mahathir) who could tell Abdullah to his face would be Tengku Razaleigh. However he would not be credible as his efforts would be viewed as self-serving: to further his own ambition of becoming Prime Minister.

Alternatively, UMNO Supreme Council could express its lack of confidence in Abdullah. With Abdullah no longer its leader, he would have to give up his office and UMNO would have to convene a leadership convention. That would open wide the field and help ensure that the party would get a more capable and credible leader.

UMNO Supreme Council is a much larger and more independent body than the cabinet. Except for the ten members appointed by and thus beholden to Abdullah, the others are voted directly by the members. They are immune to his influence except in so far as promises of ministerial and other political appointments. There would be enough members not beholden to him who could initiate a no-confidence vote. Even if it fails, it may just rattle the old man that he may decide to spend more time with his new wife.

If all else fails, voters could always teach Abdullah a lesson. If they were to give him and his party a severe thumping in the next election, that could precipitate an internal grumbling within UMNO enough to trigger an insurrection.

The next election however need not be held till May 2009. By that time the country would have become irretrievably damaged under Abdullah’s leadership, or more correctly, lack of one. Corruption would be so endemic and embedded such that the election itself would be meaningless; it would be effectively rigged. At which stage Malaysia would join the ranks of Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, doomed to perpetual mediocrity.

It is thus urgent that we relieve Abdullah now of his job before it is too late. We owe it to our children and grandchildren.

50 years into independence and where is OUR national unity?!?...

think i posted the below article sometime back here in my blog... tot of reposting it back...

had quite a quiet weekend and did some thinking about us celebrating the golden jubilee...

i see not many cars with flags (ok, fine there are many other ways to show yr patriotism), i hear not many discussions being discussed as to where and how to celebrate (ok, perhaps the umno youth led mat rempits do have plans to do wheelies and God bless them so that they don't land themselves in the hospital and/or cause others to do so during the merdeka break/weekend), etc...

did our lovely aab put another major dent into the already-dull-kinda-merdeka-atmosphere by CONFIRMING that malaysia, which is our beloved country, IS an ISLAMIC STATE in the parliament?!?... may post this subject up as a seperate subject... God pls save us!... the rulers pls save us!...

as much as i want to witness and participate together with the country in ushering in the 50th year of independence... i'd rather stay at home than to proclaim merdeka, which i dun see how merdeka means to us with those stuffs happening lately which i cringe EVERYTIME i hear those stuffs...

p/s ; wat's a golden jubilee to you?!?.. to me it's to celebrate something REMARKABLE, something GREAT and something which defines EVERLASTING!...

my earlier article...

lately we see/hear tons of advertisements via the tv, newspaper, radio, etc.. mentioning that we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary soon... we also see those black and white clips and black and white videos a lot lately...

major plans ahead on how to go around celebrate it... they even gonna transform merdeka stadium into how exactly it looked like during the proclamation of merdeka by tunku in 1957...

had a chat with my parents just few days ago about national unity... my parents certainly went through a lot... japanese occupation, communists insurgency, may 13, merdeka, etc... all this are indeed very important events for the country....

during this time (probably except may 13 event), it certainly shows one very visible thing.. the NATIONAL UNITY... be it malay, chinese, indian, etc... all of them work, eat, sleep, fight, etc.. together.. they can hear almost nothing about big hoo-hahs on racial/religion issues like wat we are facing now... everyone were kinda free to do watever they want and be happy about it.. no supression or watsoever like wat we are facing now...

totally different now... every race seems wanna to beat each other, loves comparing to one another, etc... for example, i came across a book that mentioned something along this line...

"kalau tak malas, bukan melayu"...
"kalau tak tipu, bukan cina"...
"kalau tak minum, bukan india"...

wat made this author comment this kinda comments?!?...

according to my parents.. we certainly cannot compare the national unity we had then to the national unity we have now...

it's madness now!... despite the good time we are having, the roller coaster economy we are having, the 1st class infrastructure we are having, we produce our own car, we have world class f1 track, yummy food all around, etc... to me personally, all this are just the surface projecting a 'beautiful and peaceful malaysia', wat is going on beneath this surface is the TOTAL opposite!...

they put the meaning of democracy to shame, racial issues, so-called freedom on religion, breaking up families due to religion issues, fighting over dead body becasue of religion issues, nep, corruption, discrimination, marginalisation, we have ministers who put malaysia to shame and no proper action is taken against them, etc.. etc.. etc...

for those who wanna deny that all this is happening and/or dun bother to go and vote because you think yr 1 miserable vote won't do a thing.. i wish you a happy and peaceful life living the malaysian way...

for those who wanna help save the country before the country go beyond help... pls do the necessities.. be pro-active... perhaps, getting people to vote WISELY in the coming general election may be a very small but it will be a very significant step towards changing the country for the better...

p/s ; my ramblings and my concern for our future and the future of the generations to come...

aab's confirmation on m'sia being an islamic state just tens of hours away fm the 50th anniversary..

such a major contridiction between his own statements!...

my questions are...

1 - wat made him say this?!?...

2 - is he trying to protect najib whereby najib gave the same confirmtion couple of weeks/months back?!?...

3 - is he trying to pull in the malay votes back during the next general election?!?... not forgetting with this so-called confirmation fm him, that means he can say bye-bye to the non-malay votes... perhaps, the non-malay votes means nothing to him?!?...

4 - wat will the kowtow group of bn, namely.. mca, mic and gerakan say about this?!?...

more reading and links on this fm jeff ooi's blog..

p/s ; if only tunku is still alive...

PM: Yes, we ARE an Islamic state

Monday, 27 August 2007, 07:36pm

by Yoges Palaniappan

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has today for the first time said that Malaysia was an Islamic state and not a secular state.

Abdullah, in a parliamentary written reply, said that Malaysia was an Islamic state ruled by Islamic principles, and at the same time, was also a country that believed in Federal Constitution.

"Malaysia is an Islamic state, ruled based on Islam Hadhari which I have introduced," he stressed.

This is a clear departure from his stand made earlier this month that Malaysia was neither 'a secular nor a theocratic state' without saying the country was an Islamic state.

Abdullah said this in response to Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang who asked if the cabinet would reaffirm the Merdeka social contract and Malaysia Agreement that Malaysia was a secular state with Islam as the official religion.

"Islamic principles that I mean can be seen from Islam Hadhari that I have introduced. Under Islam Hadhari, the government stresses development based on knowledge and physical building, as well as the building of human capital," said the prime minister.

"Islam Hadhari is a guideline for the government to be fair and equitable to all communities in the country," he said, adding that however Islam Hadhari does not imply that Malaysia was a theocratic state.

Abdullah, who explained that the uniqueness of Islam Hadhari formula has been proven in its success, said: "I would like to refute allegations that my way of ruling the country is against the social contract signed before the Independence."

The prime minister also stressed that the government allowed voices of all communities to be heard. However, he said the government would not hesitate to take action against those who abuse the freedom.

"We have to take into account the country’s stability and ethnic diversity. Any statement that could threaten the stability will be punished."

Contradictory remarks

Abdullah also said that the debate on whether or not Malaysia was an Islamic state has been dragged for a long period by opposition parties for their own political interest.

"As the country’s 50th Independence celebration is just around the corner, we can see the opposition party questioning the status of our country and Merdeka social contract."

This latest remark by the premier is clearly contradictory to his previous stand that Malaysia was neither a secular nor a theocratic state.

His response then had come just after his deputy Najib Abdul Razak had upset minorities here by describing the country as Islamic.

Abdullah had said then that the country can be best described as a multiracial nation that practices parliamentary democracy with freedom of religion for all.

“We are not a secular state. We are also not a theocratic state like Iran and Pakistan ... but we are a government that is based on parliamentary democracy,” he was quoted as saying in Penang on Aug 5.

At that time, he did not specifically said that Malaysia was an Islamic state.


pkfz... a rm 4.6 BILLION bail-out?!?... aab's biggest rescue so far?!?...

fwded email...

to those who are following up on this case... additional reading/study material for you...

i like how the current govt inteprete the facts... they call it a soft-loan... :) ...

p/s ; any 'extra funds' would be just nice for the up and coming general election eh?!?.. :) ...

Huge overruns prompt financial rescue plan yet to be made public

By Leslie Lopez, South-east Asia Correspondent
The Straits Times

A FINANCIAL crisis at Malaysia's main port authority could turn out to be the biggest scandal yet for the nearly four-year administration of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. The Port Klang Authority, the country's most established port agency, is saddled with close to RM5 billion (S$2.2 billion) in borrowings following a foray into developing a 400ha free-trade zone.

The huge debt stems from bonds issued by a private company that was awarded the rights by the Port Klang Authority to develop the free-trade zone. The private company, Kuala Dimensi, has long links to several senior officials of Datuk Seri Abdullah's ruling Umno party and was originally awarded the development project at a cost of RM1.08 billion.

But that figure has ballooned to RM4.6 billion because of hefty cost overruns, according to bankers and industry executives as well as government documents seen by The Straits Times. To avoid any fallout to the country's banking system, Datuk Seri Abdullah's government has decided to bail out the project.

The financial rescue plan has not been disclosed publicly yet. But senior government officials say the Cabinet agreed last month to salvage the project.

Among other things, the government has decided to extend a financial lifeline of RM4.6 billion to help the Port Klang Authority meet its financial obligations on borrowings from the country's financial institutions. This rescue will include a RM510 million payment this year to Malaysian banks, and the remainder in separate instalments between next year and 2010, government officials and bankers close to the situation said.

Such financial bailouts were common during the 22-year tenure of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, Datuk Seri Abdullah's predecessor. The government was forced to rescue the country's state-owned Bank Bumiputra twice; bailed out the country's scandal-ridden Perwaja Steel project that lost more than RM10 billion; and took over ailing national carrier Malaysia Airlines from businessman Tajudin Ramli.

A senior Finance Ministry official says Datuk Seri Abdullah has been briefed about the problems with the free-trade zone project. But the official declined further comment. The situation comes at an awkward time for the Premier, who took office in November 2003 and is widely expected to call a snap election within the next six months. The project was mooted during Tun Dr Mahathir's administration, but government officials acknowledged that the Port Klang Authority's huge debts were incurred during the Abdullah administration.

Moreover, the huge overruns could have been the result of serious regulatory and procedural lapses by the Port Klang Authority and Transport Ministry officials, as documents reviewed by The Straits Times show. The free-trade zone project began as a joint venture between the Port Klang Authority and the promoters of the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone (Jafza) in 1999 to attract foreign investment and promote the Malaysian port. The land from the project belonged to Kuala Dimensi, whose current chairman is Umno treasurer Datuk Azim Zabidi. The company acquired the land in the 1990s for RM96 million, or roughly RM3 per sq ft.

When the Port Klang Authority proposed to buy the land from Kuala Dimensi, documents reviewed by The Straits Times show that the government body was advised to forcibly purchase the land under the country's Land Acquisition Act, which meant that the property would have been valued at around RM10 per sq ft. But the Port Klang Authority ignored the advice from the government's chief legal adviser and proceeded to buy the land from Kuala Dimensi in 2002 on a commercial basis, for RM1 billion, or roughly RM25 per sq ft, government documents show .

The authority also decided to award the now cash-flushed Kuala Dimensi sole rights to develop the free-trade zone. To fund the development, Kuala Dimensi raised funds through the issue of bonds that received the backing of Malaysia's Transport Ministry. According to government officials, the Cabinet was told early last month that there were serious shortcomings in the running of the project.

The Cabinet meeting, which was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, was told that the huge jump in the cost of the project to RM4.6 billion from RM1.08 billion did not have the proper approval of relevant government agencies. Typically, any jump of more than RM100 million in the cost of a project has to be approved by the Ministry of Finance, which is headed by Datuk Seri Abdullah, government officials say.

The Cabinet members who met were also told that the backing given by the Transport Ministry for the issue of bonds was also against normal government practice. Guarantees on loans or bonds can be issued only by the Ministry of Finance, government officials say. Several bankers say the losses from the Port Klang free-trade zone could escalate in the coming months as infrastructure such as roads leading to the area have yet to be completed.

There is also concern that the entire project could become a white elephant following Jafza's pulling out as principal partner last month. Senior government officials tracking developments of the project say that Jafza executives had raised their concerns as early as March last year. A top Jafza executive, senior vice-president for international operations Chuck Heath, had written to Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy saying that, without 'radical surgery', the project was doomed to failure.

mathematics in malaysia?!?...

fwded email...

this may be a little old... i still find it kinda funny... :) ...

any additional ones?!?...

Malaysian Mathematician:

I find it most alarming that Malaysian schools teach our children the wrong things. I mean: can the children really apply what they are taught in school later in life? For example, can you imagine a mathematics question in a recent examination as follows?

"If an egg costs fifty Sen, and if you buy one-eighth of the egg, how much would you have to pay?"
Who in heaven's name will want to buy one-eighth of an egg? The shopkeeper will probably think you are crazy and he will be equally stupid to break the egg and measure one-eighth for you.
Yet, this is how they structure the questions in Malaysian schools.
Why not pose questions that would be more useful later in life when you go out into the world to earn your living?

To help Malaysia 's Ministry of Education to better face the realities of life, we are suggesting some questions they could use in our classrooms

If you drive from Kuala Lumpur to Penang along the PLUS Highway and there are four speed traps along the way, and if each speed trap would cost you RM300.00 in fines, how much in fines would you accumulate by the time you reach Penang ?

ANSWER (Choose one)
1. I would not suffer any fines as the oncoming cars would flash their headlights and I would slow down before coming to the speed trap.
2. I would only need to pay a total of RM80.00 as I would pay a RM20.00 bribe at each speed trap.
3. I would not be stopped as I am an UMNO Wakil Rakyat so I am exempted from speed traps.

If your Bumiputera company is awarded a RM150 million government contract, and you make a 20% profit, how much profit would be at the end of the contract period?

ANSWER (Choose one)
1. I will not be making a 20% profit as I would have to pay the Minister 10% and UMNO 5%.
2. I would make 30% profit, which is the progress payment I receive, after which I will abandon the project and let the government call for re-tender.
3. My company will not make any profit at all as I will siphon out all the profits and show a loss to avoid paying corporate tax.

If the ruling party obtained 54% of the popular votes the last election and won 151 or 80% of the seats, and if it saw an increase of 10% in votes this election, how many more seats would it gain?

ANSWER (Choose one)
1. The ruling party will not show a 10% increase in votes, as it will stuff the ballot box with another 20% to give it a 30% vote increase.
2. The ruling party will win which are the newly created seats in the delineation exercise recently done.
3. The ruling party has already decided it will win 90% of the seats and the votes have nothing to do with it.

If the national petroleum company, Petronas, pays a 5% royalty to Terengganu State and if the amount paid is RM800,000,000 per year, how much should Petronas have in the bank accumulated over the last 25 years?

ANSWER (Choose one)
1. Nobody is supposed to know as Petronas need not show its accounts to anyone except the Prime Minister and this information comes under the Official Secrets Act.
2. Petronas earns only 50% of its petroleum revenue from Terengganu so Petronas' total income accumulated in the banks over 25 years should be RM800 billion.
3. Petronas has nothing accumulated in the bank as all the money has spent bailing out companies and finance mega projects.

kawanku.. namewee.. another controversial music clip fm him?!?...

understand this music clip is one of the very 1st he created back then... if am not mistaken i read somehwere, apparently some of the malay newspapers reported that he created another 'new' song up lately and guess what... this is the 'new' one...

are these people called firestarters or batu api?!?...

again, he spoke facts.. i shall remain silent on wat he said about singapore and the malays... but, i do agree some part about wat he hit on the chinese!...


honestly, this guy have very good rapping skills.. this guy can go big.. really BIG!...

probably malaysia will be 'extra' famous on the music scene because of him and those people may get him to represent the country for competitions or something along that line...

p/s ; will lurrrrrrrve to see those people asking him for that 'pls-help-make-malaysia-proud' kinda thing... 2 tight smack on the face for them then!...

nat tan and steven gan interview with riz khan/aljazeera.. approx 17 minutes interview video clip..

more and more people are beginning to speak-up!...

power to the bloggers who speaks and proclaims truth!...

kudos to these people!...


p/s ; berani kerana benar indeed!...

daulat tuanku.. thank God for our malay rulers!...

the government choice for cj of malaya got rejected by the conference of rulers!...

why?!?... something to really to think about over the weekend!...

can almost see the rulers of the country are stepping in into the government affairs!... enough is enough eh?!?...


p/s ; daulat tuanku!...

rip abdul razak ahmad!...

another gem passed away!...

JOHOR BARU: One of Johor’s best-known opposition politicians, Abdul Razak Ahmad, died at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital yesterday after he was admitted for pain in the back and chest.

The 68-year-old lawyer, who has contested in virtually every general election since the 1970s, except the 1978 polls, was admitted at 4am yesterday. He became unconscious about 11am and died at 1.10pm.

Fatimah Mohd Tahir, 61, an aunt by marriage, who was at his house in Jalan Rubi, said Razak complained of severe backache at 2am, but was reluctant to go to the hospital.

Razak, who has a cult-like following in Johor, was the leading figure behind the now defunct Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia (PSRM), which later became Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM).

According to Liew Shun Kheong, a Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Senai branch chief, Razak had attended a party meeting on Saturday.

"The meeting started at 3pm and by 8pm, Razak said he was very tired. He was elected by members to head the PKR, following the merger of Parti Keadilan Nasional and PRM, in June.

"Razak was reluctant to helm the party, but he was a favourite among party members," Liew said.

Despite his tenacity, Razak never tasted success in the polls. The closest he came to winning a seat was in 1986 when he lost to a Barisan Nasional candidate in the Tanjung Puteri state constituency by a mere 22 votes.

He later sued the Election Commission for irregularities and the High Court ordered a re-election. But he was again defeated by 30-odd votes.

The radical streak in him was evident even in his younger years when Singapore banished him in 1966 for allegedly inciting student riots at the then University of Singapore, where he was reading law.

In 1975, he was detained for two months under the Internal Security Act for being a subversive. This came after he led what was described as an uprising of the people against the state government in 1974.

He camped with 200 squatters outside the government building here. When the 83 squatters were arrested for rioting, he defended them in court.

Then, for two years, he was placed under restriction orders. He had to stay indoors from 8am to 6am.

In November 1986, he again caused a stir when he laid on the railway track in Johor Baru in an attempt to stop a Singapore-bound train in protest against the visit of then Israeli president Chaim Herzog to Singapore.

Razak, who was a vocal critic of Singapore although he insisted that he was not anti-Singapore, was again in the public eye in 1997 when he exposed remarks by Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew about Johor in an affidavit against former Workers Party member Tang Liang Hong.

In the court document, Lee had described Johor as "notorious for shootings, muggings and carjacking".

The remarks sparked strong reactions on this side of the Causeway.

Yasterday, PKR party adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who was here to attend a dialogue organised by the party, visited Razak’s family.

Razak was buried at the Jalan Mahmoodiah Muslim cemetery.


minimum wage: 30,000 workers stage protest... short but effective video clip fm malaysiakini?!?...

aab may just spring a surprise at the next budget hearing and/or just before the next general election in order for him to gain back the lost votes... i honestly hope people dun buy into that kinda bait/cheap trick...


i run my own biz and to give less than rm 900.00 basic salary is just not enough for the society nowadays!...

p/s ; let's rally behind for mtuc in this matter!...

constituition of malaysia...

a good site for reference purposes...


contest seats responsibly... another type of insecurity shown by umno/bn?!?..

am speechless with his... or rather their mentality and his childish thoughts...

as reported... "He said that although it was their democratic right to contest any seat, fielding candidates in Barisan Nasional strongholds would be irresponsible and an abuse of the democratic process."

as reported... "He said the opposition parties should field candidates with the aim of serving the people and not denying Barisan an easy win."


p/s ; sigh!...

government demolished christian church building in gua musang, kelantan?!?...

this may be an old news... but, some of you may not know this...

you can find all the pix here...

wat's 1st class infrastructure and wat kinda modernisation are bn talking about when this kinda shit is happening under their current outrageous ruling?!?... i would personally want to help and see pas to take over terengganu again and maintain kelantan with bigger majority!...

p/s ; altho kelantan is the 'islamic state' in malaysia when ruled by pas... other than it's stone throw away fm golok, i love kelantan and the place is filled with peace and people there are really easy going.. like i said, even pigs roam around the streets/villages without much of a problem... try this is shah alam and you'll never know you wll be detain under the isa acts!...

p/s ; quite a good number of hindu temples are being demolished lately... wat is this rotten to the core umno-led govt trying to do?!?...

p/s ; we SERIOUSLY need to stop all this oppression and suppression!... the very 1st step YOU can help is by registering yrself in the next general election and vote WISELY...

The Kg. Jias story


1st. Feb Our 1st. OA Bible School session for 2007 was from 1st Feb.-8th.Feb (0201-photo). Prior to the commencement of the OA Bible School, an old man (63 years of age) approached me and he was a stranger to me. Bro. Yee introduced him as the headman of Kg. Jias. He came with another villager to see for himself the way we run God's ministry. He related to me that He was very satisfied with our work among the interior OA villages for the last 7 years and had found that they truly have benefited from our help. 3 years ago, he stopped one of the OA Christian brethren and was misled by him that if he wanted to be a Christian he (and all his villagers) had to go into the interior. Last month, he met Bro. Yee and was invited to attend the OA Bible School.

4th. Feb After 3 days with us, he (0204-photo) and his villager were baptized in Cheroh along with 7 others . His desire to worship our Lord was fulfilled and he was filled with joy.

12th. Feb. On his return to his village in Gua Musang, he witnessed to his villagers and that day 31 of his people were baptized into the Body of Jesus (0212-photo).

21st. Feb During our visit there, another 39 souls were added to the Body of Jesus (0221-photo). The same evening we held the 1st. worship service there in the open air preaching from the tree stump (0221-photo).

24th. Feb The headman then made a written requested to us to build a church in Kg. Jias (0224-letter).



5th Mar We held our 1st. weekly worship service (every Monday) in Kg. Jias in the open air.

6th. Mar Because it is easily reachable and the surrounding villages have a population of over a thousand OA souls. we decided to build a permanent church there. The headman sacrificed his orchard (150ft by 200ft) of matured fruit trees (many more than 50 years old) for the church land. OA members of JKKK and JHEOA meeting with the villagers verbally requested that the building to be of cement flooring and wooden walls which were acceptable by the headman and villagers.

7th. Mar The villagers began work by felling fruit trees, clearing the bushes and leveling the ground.

15th Mar Christian brethren who volunteered to begin the construction of the church, started to proceed to Gua Musang.

19th. Mar Steel and concrete work on footing and ground beams (0322-photo). However, a person who came in the JHEOA vehicle came to command us to stop work immediately for he had not given the permission to build the church building otherwise he will tear down the building. Since the `so-called authority' contradicted themselves, the whole village decided that the building was to be of brick and concrete, for it will be most difficult to pull down.

22nd Mar Concreting of columns (0322-photo)

From then on, many religious groups came uninvited to view the construction. Some of them were annoying and started clicking away with their cameras without manners. Some of them just popped up right in front of us to take our photos closed-up.

22nd. Mar Another 7 souls were baptized into the Body of Jesus (0322-photo)

23rd Mar The villagers continued with the construction regardless of the threats (0323-photo)



8th Apr Worship service to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in the open (0408-photo) for all their houses were small and ready to collapse (0411-photo).

11th Apr 3 members from the Land Office (Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Gua Musang) gave the notice accusing the headman of building on his orchard without approval. Fine will be up to RM 10,000 and/or 1 year jail. We continued working fearlessly towards the decent place of worship for our OA brethren. (0411-notice).

12th Apr We thank God for the immediate reply by Rev Wong Kim Kong of NECF (0412-letter).

19th Apr 4 members from Majlis Daerah Gua Musang demanded that we stopped work immediately or face a fine of RM 250 per day of non-compliance (0419-notice).

24th Apr 3 police officers stopped me while on my way out to Gua Musang at about 11 am. They demanded for my IC. which I obliged after seeing the officer's I.D. They insisted without reason that they I should follow them back to the Police Station which I declined for I was heading back to KL to celebrate my wife's birthday at 7 pm. The chief officer was polite but the other 2 took me as a criminal. They kept following me and waited (about 10 min) when we picked up Bro. Yee's family for KL. Only then did they left me alone. They went to Kg. Jias to take down the IC of the volunteers there.

25th Apr Early the next morning I made my way back to Kg. Jias. 2 Brethren from Canning Garden Baptist church visited and encouraged us. Work continued to progress (0425-1 & 0425-2).

We hope to complete this building by the middle of the month of May 2007

Many groups still came in till the headman told them that

this place is not a tourist attraction.



14th May The reported that Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz, the Mentri Besar of Kelantan and spiritual leader of PAS admonished those who imposed Islam of others against their will for he too knows that the OA were force to abandon other religion with great intimation. (0514-newspaper).

Please continue to pray for the king, PM and those in authority that they will uphold the constitution of freedom of religion and justice in this country.

24th May Officers from the Gua Musang Municipal handed the notice to the headman stating that the church building will be demolish within 7 days. (0524-notice demolish)

This land was handed down from generations to the present descendents. Part of the headman's orchard was used for this church building. Today, it looks as though there is no longer any land that belongs to the Orang Asli. Where are the Oang Asli Reserves?

Please pray for justice for these hardcore poor in this country.

25th May We thank God for the immediate help from NECF with the following reply (0525-NECF). We know that all those elected to their positions especially the leaders of this country are God-fearing and will not allow all these unfair treatments and especially to the hardcore poor.

28th. May We thank God for our beloved lawyer who came forth to assist the poor and oppressed OA with this letter as the reply (2528-Lawyer01 & 2528-Lawyer02)

30th. May Pictures of church building Pic 01 Pic 02 Pic 03



4th Jun Church building was bulldozed and demolished.

Pictures after the demolition Pic 01 Pic 02 Pic 03 Pic 04 Pic 05

6th. Jun A police report was made at the Gua Musang Police Station by the headman Pg. Pedik bin Busu of Kg. Jias and he was accompanied by the lawyer Mr. Lum C. S. (0606 Police report) (0606 Receipt of report). We have submitted all the relevant document for the lawyers to present the case.

We pleaded with all the OA brethren to leave the case to the court and not to speculate. They were told to forgive all those who wanted the church building destroyed. They all prayed that God will forgive all those who took part in the demolition of His church building for they did not know who our Lord Jesus is. They also prayed that God will bless them with the true knowledge of Him, the Creator of this universe and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Our OA brethren, though sad and in grieve, had forgiven this incidence. To God be the glory.)

We hope that all should pray for our beloved Agung, the Prime Minister and his cabinet, Sultans and all state authorities to uphold the federal constitution so that Malaysia will always be a peaceful nation.

7th. Jun A temporary tent was set up for them to perform the worship of God because of the constant evening rain (Tent-Jias)

12th. Jun The news reported in the Malaysiakini webpage (0612 Page 01 & 0612 Page 02)

-A letter was prepared by the land office (Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan) of Gua Musang dated 12/6/07 to the Penghulu of Kg. Jias announcing that Bazlin Enterprise was appointed as the contractor for the building of a `Balai Serbaguna' in the village. The contractor was instructed to start work on 31/5/07.

13th Jun The follow-up news in the Malaysiakini webpage (0613 Page 03)

14th Jun A bulldozer came in wanting to remove the remnants of the demolished church. The villagers protested for they knew that nothing must be removed from the site for a police report was made o 6th. Jun, and the filing of the court action was in progress.

Then the letter prepared by the land office dated 12/6/07 was handed over to the headman and villagers and warned them that the state government had approved this project. The headman and villagers protested that they only wanted a church and not a `Balai Serbaguna'. The site was then cleared of all the remnants under protest. (Site-01, Site-02, Site-03).

15th Jun Based on the report in the Malaysiakini webpage (13/6/07), the lawyer's letter thanking the Gua Musang's DO for the rebuilding of the church was sent, requesting confirmation for the compensation in rebuilding of the church at the demolished site within 7 days. (0615 Lawyer03 & 0615 Lawyer04).

24th Jun Please get your facts right for Ps. Moses Soo was not detained by the Police at all.

are christians lepers?!?... another article fm rpk...

christians are lepers and God is a false God?!?... whether you are a believer or not, to INSULT other religion than yrs like this is blatantly senseless and stupid, stupid, stupid!...

kj anything to do with this kelab penyokong maya umno (pkmu).. if so, did kj farked himself big time again?!?...

wat aab gonna say about this now?!?... nothing?!?... i think so too!...

think their website is filled with lies... ( and wat are the 'authorities' gonna do about this?!?... nothing?!?... i think so too!... the website are strong supporters of aab mah.... :) ...

p/s ; do you REALLY wanna vote this kinda brick shitters to office again?!?...

p/s ; gawd!.. wat is malaysia coming to?!?...

This is what Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno, the pro-Abdullah Ahmad Badawi website, wrote about me:

Oleh kerana hobinya memang suka menulis memandangkan dari dahulu lagi dia kurang bergaul di sekolah menyebabkan dia suka bersendiri. Mungkin sebab itu, dia menghabiskan masa dengan menulis, barangkali.

I pernah tengok artikel-artikel yang sebelum ni ada menyatakan yang Raja Petra di Islamkan melalui cara Pas. Depan orang dia bercakap pasal Islam tapi di belakang dia amalkan cara Kristian dia yang sudah sebati di dalam urat darah dia.

Apa yang I nak bagitau Raja Petra ni dahulunya adalah penganut agama Kristian Jesus….Dah tentu lah kafir nya dah sebati dalam diri dia dan keluarga dia.

Ada jugak yang I dengar pernah nampak dia singgah ke gereja bersama dengan isterinya. Buat apa lagi? Dah tentu lah itu cara dia mengingati tuhan nya yang palsu tu.

Orang macam ni memang tak boleh di percayai. Manusia yang bertopengkan Islam sedangkan pada dasarnya jiwanya masih Kristian dan cuba untuk menjatuhkan bangsa melayu.

Islam hanya di gunakan olehnya untuk menutup keburukan yang ada dalam dirinya yang sudah jelas masih lagi dirasuk budaya hidup dan fahaman agama Kristian.

Keturunan yang mengalirkan darah Kristian dalam tubuh anak-anak, cucu-cucu serta semua generasi Petra yang akan datang akan terus menjadi songsang.

Islam adalah agama yang suci, dan tidak harus di cemari oleh seorang yang hanya sekadar menggelarkan diri sebagai Islam seperti Raja Petra ini.

(HakMilik © oleh . Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO HakMilik Terpelihara. Dipaparkan pada: 2007-07-30)

The above are but some excerpts from a long article that accuses me and my entire family of being immoral. Earlier articles even accuse my late mother of being a whore who walked the streets of Chow Kit Road.

The first paragraph actually makes me feel rather nostalgic. It reminds me of my schooldays in the 1960s. I must say that the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno boys are quite spot on. I certainly was a loner in school who did not mix much with the others and spent all my time reading a book a day instead of playing football, rugby, cricket, etc. I used to earn quite a bit of money as well ambil upah from the other boys in my class to help write their essays. My English teacher would summon me for interrogation as to whether I had written all those essays myself or had copied them wholesale from a book. When asked why he would suspect me of such a thing, he replied that my essays are too good for a boy my age and it appears like it was written by someone much older.

Now, as for paragraph two onwards, it does not perturb me one bit that they accuse me of being a ‘closet’ Christian who profess a religion of tuhan palsu (false God), as the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno boys say. Frankly speaking, I do not consider being called a Christian as an insult at all. But why couldn’t the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno boys have instead called me a swindler, someone who runs away to Thailand to secretly marry the Sultan’s daughter, gay, sex pervert who shags animals, male prostitute, gambler, or even mother-fxxxer if they wish. Why must they really go to town and ‘insult’ me by calling me a Christian? Honestly, I really don’t mind being insulted at all. I mean, they even insult my entire family including my dearly departed mother who was an epitome of a gentle-lady married to Malay royalty. Nevertheless, I just smile and do not lose any sleep over the matter. But to insult me by calling me a Christian gives the impression that these Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno boys consider that being a Christian is the most insulting thing on the face of this earth -- worse than a swindler, someone who runs away to Thailand to secretly marry the Sultan’s daughter, gay, sex pervert who shags animals, male prostitute, gambler, or mother-fxxxer.

I urge the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno boys to play fair. Call me a swindler, someone who runs away to Thailand to secretly marry the Sultan’s daughter, gay, sex pervert who shags animals, male prostitute, gambler, mother-fxxxer, or anything at all you so wish. I can take it. But please, I repeat please do not call me a Christian. You are not insulting me by calling me a Christian. In fact, I do not mind one bit being called a Christian. Many of my family members are Christians and they are lovely people. But to ‘insult’ me by calling me a Christian is to insult all Christians because when you ‘insult’ me by calling me a Christian you are insinuating that being a Christian is worse than being a swindler, someone who runs away to Thailand to secretly marry the Sultan’s daughter, gay, sex pervert who shags animals, male prostitute, gambler, mother-fxxxer, etc.

I mean, can you imagine a Chinese Buddhist ‘insulting’ another Chinese by calling him a Muslim? What’s so insulting about being a Muslim? Is being a Muslim worse than being a swindler, someone who runs away to Thailand to secretly marry the Sultan’s daughter, gay, sex pervert who shags animals, male prostitute, gambler, mother-fxxxer, etc? Or, what if an Indian Hindu insults another Indian by calling him a Muslim? What’s so insulting about being a Muslim? Is being a Muslim worse than being a swindler, someone who runs away to Thailand to secretly marry the Sultan’s daughter, gay, sex pervert who shags animals, male prostitute, gambler, mother-fxxxer, etc.?

Do you get my drift now? The Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno boys want to insult me. But they don’t insult me by calling me a swindler, someone who runs away to Thailand to secretly marry the Sultan’s daughter, gay, sex pervert who shags animals, male prostitute, gambler, mother-fxxxer, etc. They insult me by calling me a Christian. That means being a Christian is the most insulting thing they can think of. And if a Chinese Buddhist or Indian Hindu was to insult someone by calling that person a Muslim (meaning that being a Muslim is the most insulting thing on the face of this earth) there would be bloodshed on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. I mean; all they had to do was draw cartoons or caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and see how many people died from the riots that followed.

I appeal to the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno boys to be a bit more sensitive to the feelings of Christians. By all means engage Malaysia Today. But please spare the Christians. After all, this is between Malaysia Today and the entire Umno of more than three million members plus the Royal Malaysian Police (which Umno is using to ‘get’ me). I realise that it is not quite a fair fight and I apologise for that. I mean, there are only 3.5 million or so of you plus the police, mainstream media, and so on against me alone. If there were five million of you against me alone then that would of course be a fairer fight. Nevertheless, in spite of the mismatch and the unfair advantage I have over you, you will not score any points by insulting Christians and insinuating that being a Christian is such a terrible thing. I am sure if you personally speak to Christians you will discover that they are very happy they are Christians and do not consider being a Christian as such a curse as you boys from the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno imagine it to be.

I just hope no Christians will now march to the Dang Wangi Police Stadium at Jalan Stadium and make a police report against the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno website on grounds that the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno has insulted the Christians and has created ill-feeling between Umno and the Christians. Let us not forget, Umno alone cannot form the government. Umno holds less than half the 222 parliamentary seats. Furthermore, the 100 or so seats that Umno holds are not in 97% Malay-majority constituencies like PAS but are in mixed-constituencies where the non-Malays sometimes make up half the voters. Umno, therefore, needs the support of the Christians as well. But if the Christians were to find out that the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno considers that being a Christian is a great curse, then the Christians might abandon Umno and kick Umno out of office.

Frankly speaking, if I really am a Christian, I would be greatly upset that the Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno considers being a Christian as something terrible. But then I am not a Christian. So of course I do not take offence to that ‘insult’ one bit. But this is not about me. This is about being sensitive to the feelings of the Christians. I love my relatives who profess the Christian faith and I for one would not want to hurt the feelings of those I love. That, in a nutshell, is what I am driving at. And I hope, as a gesture of good faith, Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno will publish an apology to all Christians (and even if you don’t mean it pretend you do just to make sure that Umno does not lose the support of the Christians come the next election).


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

can i sue the malaysian government?!?...

came across this article.. check out the simple calculation done by him... make loads of sense indeed!...

think the beauty part is... once a poject is cancelled, compensation will be paid... BUT, dun think they eve declare how they arrive at that particular amount... take the mrr2 case fo example... despite pressure, demands, etc.. to uncle sam fm various parties, till today dun think there is any report or watsoever to be found as to why so much money needed... also, why is there a change in the initial budget... why?!?...

p/s ; the government is using the tax payers money WITHOUT any proper report... is this consider robbing, stealing, swindling or wat?!?...

Can I sue the Malaysian goverment?
by Damien Thanam

Two weeks ago I heard from TV3 news and read in the papers how close we (Malaysia) are to the China and to prove this diplomatic brotherhood, the People’s Republic of China is ready to allow one of its state run bank to loan a generous RM850 million for the construction of the 2nd Penang Bridge..

It was a proud moment for the Chief Minister of Penang & our top leaders as they are very sure that they have secured that amount from the soon-to-be No. 1 country in the world if China’s economic growth is steady in its current up-trend momentum.

But the people of Malaysia will be in-debt with China for a long period with the announced so-called generous interest rate that is being given for this loan. As a Malaysian, I would like to ask my government in particular its fund managers i.e Prime Minister who is also the Finance Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the Second Finance Minister, the Governor of Bank Negara and Inspector General of Audit -

*Why did the government waste RM400 million (actual amount unknown) for nothing to pay the developer of Gerbang Perdana after scrapping a project that was nearing completion?

*Is the government going pay an estimated RM500 million to the contractors of the scrapped incinerator plant in Broga too?

The above two settlements alone could avoid the Penang Bridge loan from China & with an additional RM50 million to be used to upgrade environmentally-friendly public transportation in the Northern region.

Wasn’t the cost of building the 2nd Penang Bridge included in 9th Malaysia plan, if yes, then why is the goverment taking a loan to build it? If not, why wasn’t it?

The government has also awarded (as far as I know) a USD7 billion plus, 300 kilometres oil-and-gas pipeline project to a company with a paid up capital of RM100,000.00 and posted a loss of 150% more than what the company was shown to be paid up for!

What will happen if the pipeline project gets scrapped, will Malaysia have to pay USD3.5 billion to this company for a project that it has not even laid a single brick for?

The fund managers of this country have shown that they are not in anyway qualified or worst, are stealing from the funds!!

I would like to know as a Malaysian, can I sue these fund managers or government of mine for mismanaging the income of this country and not being able to provide a decent explanation for the millions being paid out for stupid management & planning!!

Damien Thanam


aab was summoned for an audience before hrh the sultan of perak!...

zakaria was summoned for an audience before hrh the sultan of selangor...


aab's turn to be summoned for an audience before hrh the sultan of perak...

umno boleh!... kerajaan sekarang lagi boleh!...


p/s ; again, do not mess with rpk if you are not prepared to face the consequences!... he knows his stuffs and he knows best when to 'announce' it...

welcoming party for the most prominent socio-political blogger!... jeff ooi joins dap!...

fwded email...

do lemme know if you plan to come for the history, food, fun and networking!... will try to sneak some time out and witness the history!...

for a 'neutral' and most prominent socio-political blogger, i honestly think he made a VERY bold move to be DIRECTLY involve in politics!.. great courage and determination shown by him!... a warm welcome to you jeff!...

think you got out fm yr comfort zone and dare to take the challenge to make a different!... good on you!... let's show kj who are the real monkeys in the next ge!... :) ...

more articles on this...

p/s ; you may be disappointed if you fail.... but you are doomed if you don't try...

Hi all,

Please find attached the 'official' invitation card to (if you haven't found out yet) one of the biggest landmark political and blogging event of the year.

At the event, Jeff Ooi, Malaysia's most prominent socio-political blogger is expected to make his statement on his decision to join the DAP to fight for a better Malaysia.

DATE: July 31, 2007
TIME: 10:30am
PLACE: Food Foundry, BG-8 Happy Mansion Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya

Also attached is the Map to the venue, Food Foundry in Seksyen 17. An RSVP will be much appreciated to estimate the amount of food which needs to be made available. Or alternatively, you can access it here:

Come join us for a morning of history, food, fun and networking.

We hope to see you there! ;)

Best regards,


Friday, September 07, 2007

"bertanya mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul"...

welcome jeff!...

jeff ooi got a new political blog... (

p/s ; i seriously hope he will contest in the next general election for a parliment seat and win the seat by crushing margin/majority and go head to head against those 'sinners, liars, swindlers, abusers, robbers, thief, etc'.. and to have the 'full authority' to right the wrongs in the parliament!...

It’s a long and meandering road. Here’s why.

Press Statement by Jeff Ooi
Petaling Jaya
July 31, 2007

Beratnya mata memandang. Berat lagi bahu memikul.

TODAY, on the eve of the month we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Merdeka, I am making a political stand by joining the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

Looking back at our last 50 years as an independent country, if Malaysia had been a great nation, we should make it greater in the next fifty.

As a Malaysian, as a parent for a school-going child, and as an advocate of New Media who blogs, monitors, and analyses the trends in digital governance and global competitiveness, I have grave concerns for Malaysia.

It is my wish, in the years to come, to participate in the legislative process of Parliamentary Democracy in Malaysia, to share my ideas and to collectively contribute towards making Malaysia a greater country. I hope you, too, will join our clarion call for MALAYSIAN FIRST through DAP.

THINK “MALAYSIAN FIRST”. Counting on the audacity of hope, Malaysia will be a greater nation if only all of us can come together — irrespective of race, religions and cultures – and share a common will to forge forward globally. We are Malaysians. In things we do, we should place MALAYSIAN FIRST as the top priority.

FOSTER REAL RACIAL INTEGRATION. However, this is not the case for us. The major portion of our first 50 years of nation building, and more so since 2004, has been discoloured with perpetual race-based politics. The term Bangsa Malaysia is but a rhetoric that is overly verbalized, but seldom practiced. We should break down the devil of race-based politics from this Merdeka.

GIVE US GOOD GOVERNANCE. The 2004 Barisan Nasional Election Manifesto had failed to address corruption and tainted governance as there are no Big Fish being caught; it had also failed to redeem the damaged reputation of the Police as there is no IPCMC. We are also faced with judicial verdicts which were questioned by the legal fraternity, at best, for being religiously divisive, and at worse, for going against the Federal Constitution.

WAKE UP TO KNOWLEDGE-BASED ECONOMY. Emphatically, in the last four years, the nation has regressed into the pre-Internet Dark Age where repressive tactics and draconian laws, such as the ISA and the OSA, had been arbitrarily used to intimidate proponents of dissenting –- but not necessarily unworthy – views expressed online and via the traditional media. It’s a state of fear, and it curtails people’s rights to foster collective intelligence which is recognized worldwide as the bedrock for a Knowledge-based Economy.

OVERHAUL EDUCATION SYSTEM. The education system, together with the ill practice of talent segregation mooted by imposed discrimination rather than meritocracy, could not help us produce competent human capital that can meet global benchmark relative to the advanced countries. We need a total overhaul of the system, reform the salary structure of the teaching and academic staff, and introduce syllabi that cater for the competitive needs of a globalised economy. We need to nurture professionally-skilled human capital that connects to the outside world, not jaguh kampung.

UPHOLDING DEMOCRACY. Malaysia as a Parliamentary Democracy, Constitutional Monarchy and constitutionally-enshrined Secular State has but eroded over the years. The separation of power that enables the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary — the three pillars of government and governance — to operate independently is being compromised. The Executive can now nominate candidates to sit on the Bench. This is the recipe for chaos that we should avoid at all costs.

EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF NATIONAL WEALTH. More importantly, national wealth including those generated through Petronas has not been equitably distributed to benefit the rakyat — comprising the bumiputras and bona fide citizens — while cronies and parties close to Umno skimmed it for their own benefits. Before the oil wells dry up, it’s time we take steps to ensure the rakyat, the actual stake-holders of this country, become the beneficiaries of our national wealth. We have been hopelessly drowned in an infrastructural-development economic model that overly relies on unskilled foreign labour force. This should stop.

ENRICH THE JOE PUBLIC. The worst financially-hit among the citizenry are the unskilled labour, average wage-earners and low ranking public servants serving in urban centres besieged by escalating cost of living. They are the direct victims of long-term rent-seekers who chipped away their earnings through highway tolls. We owe them an improved quality of life while we allow the AP Kings to take helicopter rides from golf-course to golf-course.

That’s primarily the reasons I have decided to offer my services to DAP, to help them and fellow Opposition Parties to right the wrongs of Barisan Nasional. It’s a tough struggle for all of us as we face the might of Barisan’s 3M – Money, Machinery and mainstream Media.

That’s what jolted me whenever I recall the Malay saying, “Beratnya mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul”.

Don’t give up my fellow Malaysians. Let’s bring in new talents and new ideas to run this country.

You may be disappointed if you fail. But you are doomed if you don’t try.

That’s how we should observe this 50th MERDEKA. Hidup Malaysia!

If you share the same feelings for Malaysia, as always, please WALK WITH US!


let's MARK his word!...

let's mark his word!...

p/s ; understand millions on ringgit will be spent just for the 'CHECKING and SURVEYING' procedure... one can wonder how much the ACTUAL cost will be at the end of the day.. yup, the tax payers money will be used...

SAMY VELLU GIVES 150-YEAR WARRANTY FOR PARLIAMENT BUILDING : ‘Parliament House good for more than a century’

KUALA LUMPUR: After its refurbishment, Parliament House can stand for another 100 to 150 years.

This was the assurance given by Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, who said the building’s structure was sound since the Public Works Department had supervised its construction.

"The design is complex and modern. It is the first parliament building in the world that will look new at all times," he said after attending the third Social Entrepreneurs Network’s (SeNet) Job Fair 2007.

SeNet is a non-governmental organisation established for Indian professionals to spearhead community service. It organises job fairs twice a year. SeNet has so far successfully found work for some 500 job seekers.

Samy Vellu said he preferred the building to remain intact and for parliament to be situated in the city. "If not, we would have moved to a new building in Putrajaya".

He said in light of the problems plaguing the Parliament House, PWD was setting up a special maintenance unit and a report would be submitted to the cabinet within a week.

"I have also directed the PWD director-general to send people from the mechanical, electrical and architectural departments to identify problems. There will be four or five experienced engineers there to supervise maintenance work."

Declining to divulge the cost of refurbishment, he said the repairs included replacing the PVC pipes and waterproofing the roof. Details would be submitted to the cabinet and Finance Ministry.

On the wiring, Samy Vellu admitted that it was last done in 1964.

"During the last renovation, rewiring was confined to the main chambers and the public gallery. But now we will look into the wiring in other parts of the building," he said, adding that to tear down the existing building and construct a new one would cost between RM1.5 billion to RM2 billion.

The minister said the last refurbishment, to the tune of RM90 million, involved improving the interior of the building, including enlarging the chambers and re-carpeting the floors.


check out the major contradiction between najib and nazri on blogs!...

this was reported on the 24th july 2007...

this is reported on the 25th july 2007...

p/s ; i would ask nazri the define the word flaming!...

p/s ; the general election is just so near!...

cops 'beat' welder beyond recognition...

when just about my impression gonna change for the better on pdrm, this kinda cases happened!..

they beat up this innocent victim and forced him to admit to something which he never did...

are they trying to solve this kinda cases fast via this kinda desperate moves?!?...

pdrm bull-eh!...

p/s ; nope, dun think aab know about this case and he even extended the pdrm taiko's services in 'protecting' the country... apparently he is in australia with the whole family... yup, dun think the daily newspapers reported on where he gone too... is it because he is on holiday at a very critical period of time here in malaysia?!?... if he were to go on an official working trip, the press may perhaps 'praise and worship' his 'hardworkingness' tho... :) ...

Cops 'beat' welder beyond recognition
Yoges Palaniappan & Bede Hong
Jul 19, 07 5:01pm

Even his three-year-old daughter could not recognise him since the swelling had completely disfigured his face.

This is the horrifying ordeal which 39-year-old welder Tong Ket Ming endured after being allegedly beaten blue and black by the police while under remand.

Tong, who hails from Rawang, was arrested on July 9 in connection with an armed robbery case.

In a police report filed yesterday on his alleged assault, Tong said after he was arrested, he was first taken to the Rawang police station and later to another unidentified location.

"During my eight days under detention, I was punched, kicked, elbowed and even whipped with a rubber hose.

"The other detainees had to carry me when I needed to use the toilet," Tong, who was in tears, recalled at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

On Monday, the final day of his remand, he was taken to a room where seven policemen allegedly beat him for about 30 minutes.

Wanted him to confess

Tong claimed that the police had wanted to extract a confession from him.

Even on the day of his arrest, the police had allegedly asked him to admit to committing the robbery which took place in Jinjang, Selangor on June 28.

"When I refused, the policemen punched my face and stomach. I was also kicked. My face was swollen, and my nose and mouth bled," he said.

Tong claimed that he was also taken to the Selayang police station and later to the Sentul police station and was assaulted in both these places.

In Sentul, he alleged that the investigating officer (IO) had typed out a statement and forced him to sign it. When he refused, he was beaten.

"I refused to sign because I did not know what was written in the statement. The IO did not even read it out to me," said Tong, who repeatedly stressed that he had nothing to do with the robbery and that he was working on the day it happened.

He added that the IO later told him that the statement was a confession. The IO also threatened to bring two witnesses who could purportedly prove Tong's involvement in the robbery if he refused to sign.

Beaten for complaining

Tong said he was also repeatedly quizzed on the whereabouts of the gun used in the robbery.

The following day (July 10), when Tong was brought to the Magistrate's Court, he said he summed up the courage to relate his ordeal despite warnings of repercussions from the police.

"The magistrate simply told me to lodge a police report against those who abused me. The police were then instructed to send me for a medical check up.

"When I was brought back to the police station, I was assaulted again by the IO and other officers for complaining to the magistrate. They ignored my pleas to see a doctor.

"I cannot believe the police could behave like this. At one point, I told them 'if you are going to beat me like this, you might as well kill me'," he said.

Tong also alleged that a woman was pressured to pick him out as a suspect in the robbery during an identification parade held two days later.

"She was standing four metres away from me, and she told the IO that the man she saw on the day of the robbery was not the men in the parade.

"The IO, brought the woman near me and told her to identify me after a assuring her that she will not face any danger if she identified me as the robber," he claimed.

On that note, Tong's brother-in-law Bao Kiew Wu, who was also present at the press conference, questioned the credibility of the ID parade.

"Even Tong's daughter, who sees him everyday, could not recognise him when they met in court because of his swollen face. How could a woman who saw him at a glance remember his face so clearly?" he asked.

Tong, who was released on Tuesday after his remand expired, is now considering taking legal action against the police.

"I want justice. I want to redeem my dignity. I want the authorities to take action against my abusers. They should not be police officers," he stressed.

Meanwhile, DAP Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, who organised the press conference, expressed shock over the incident.

Kuala Lumpur police chief DCP Zul Hasnan Najib Baharuddin and Sentul police chief ACP Kumaran Karuppannan could not be reached for comment.