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government demolished christian church building in gua musang, kelantan?!?...

this may be an old news... but, some of you may not know this...

you can find all the pix here...

wat's 1st class infrastructure and wat kinda modernisation are bn talking about when this kinda shit is happening under their current outrageous ruling?!?... i would personally want to help and see pas to take over terengganu again and maintain kelantan with bigger majority!...

p/s ; altho kelantan is the 'islamic state' in malaysia when ruled by pas... other than it's stone throw away fm golok, i love kelantan and the place is filled with peace and people there are really easy going.. like i said, even pigs roam around the streets/villages without much of a problem... try this is shah alam and you'll never know you wll be detain under the isa acts!...

p/s ; quite a good number of hindu temples are being demolished lately... wat is this rotten to the core umno-led govt trying to do?!?...

p/s ; we SERIOUSLY need to stop all this oppression and suppression!... the very 1st step YOU can help is by registering yrself in the next general election and vote WISELY...

The Kg. Jias story


1st. Feb Our 1st. OA Bible School session for 2007 was from 1st Feb.-8th.Feb (0201-photo). Prior to the commencement of the OA Bible School, an old man (63 years of age) approached me and he was a stranger to me. Bro. Yee introduced him as the headman of Kg. Jias. He came with another villager to see for himself the way we run God's ministry. He related to me that He was very satisfied with our work among the interior OA villages for the last 7 years and had found that they truly have benefited from our help. 3 years ago, he stopped one of the OA Christian brethren and was misled by him that if he wanted to be a Christian he (and all his villagers) had to go into the interior. Last month, he met Bro. Yee and was invited to attend the OA Bible School.

4th. Feb After 3 days with us, he (0204-photo) and his villager were baptized in Cheroh along with 7 others . His desire to worship our Lord was fulfilled and he was filled with joy.

12th. Feb. On his return to his village in Gua Musang, he witnessed to his villagers and that day 31 of his people were baptized into the Body of Jesus (0212-photo).

21st. Feb During our visit there, another 39 souls were added to the Body of Jesus (0221-photo). The same evening we held the 1st. worship service there in the open air preaching from the tree stump (0221-photo).

24th. Feb The headman then made a written requested to us to build a church in Kg. Jias (0224-letter).



5th Mar We held our 1st. weekly worship service (every Monday) in Kg. Jias in the open air.

6th. Mar Because it is easily reachable and the surrounding villages have a population of over a thousand OA souls. we decided to build a permanent church there. The headman sacrificed his orchard (150ft by 200ft) of matured fruit trees (many more than 50 years old) for the church land. OA members of JKKK and JHEOA meeting with the villagers verbally requested that the building to be of cement flooring and wooden walls which were acceptable by the headman and villagers.

7th. Mar The villagers began work by felling fruit trees, clearing the bushes and leveling the ground.

15th Mar Christian brethren who volunteered to begin the construction of the church, started to proceed to Gua Musang.

19th. Mar Steel and concrete work on footing and ground beams (0322-photo). However, a person who came in the JHEOA vehicle came to command us to stop work immediately for he had not given the permission to build the church building otherwise he will tear down the building. Since the `so-called authority' contradicted themselves, the whole village decided that the building was to be of brick and concrete, for it will be most difficult to pull down.

22nd Mar Concreting of columns (0322-photo)

From then on, many religious groups came uninvited to view the construction. Some of them were annoying and started clicking away with their cameras without manners. Some of them just popped up right in front of us to take our photos closed-up.

22nd. Mar Another 7 souls were baptized into the Body of Jesus (0322-photo)

23rd Mar The villagers continued with the construction regardless of the threats (0323-photo)



8th Apr Worship service to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in the open (0408-photo) for all their houses were small and ready to collapse (0411-photo).

11th Apr 3 members from the Land Office (Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Gua Musang) gave the notice accusing the headman of building on his orchard without approval. Fine will be up to RM 10,000 and/or 1 year jail. We continued working fearlessly towards the decent place of worship for our OA brethren. (0411-notice).

12th Apr We thank God for the immediate reply by Rev Wong Kim Kong of NECF (0412-letter).

19th Apr 4 members from Majlis Daerah Gua Musang demanded that we stopped work immediately or face a fine of RM 250 per day of non-compliance (0419-notice).

24th Apr 3 police officers stopped me while on my way out to Gua Musang at about 11 am. They demanded for my IC. which I obliged after seeing the officer's I.D. They insisted without reason that they I should follow them back to the Police Station which I declined for I was heading back to KL to celebrate my wife's birthday at 7 pm. The chief officer was polite but the other 2 took me as a criminal. They kept following me and waited (about 10 min) when we picked up Bro. Yee's family for KL. Only then did they left me alone. They went to Kg. Jias to take down the IC of the volunteers there.

25th Apr Early the next morning I made my way back to Kg. Jias. 2 Brethren from Canning Garden Baptist church visited and encouraged us. Work continued to progress (0425-1 & 0425-2).

We hope to complete this building by the middle of the month of May 2007

Many groups still came in till the headman told them that

this place is not a tourist attraction.



14th May The reported that Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz, the Mentri Besar of Kelantan and spiritual leader of PAS admonished those who imposed Islam of others against their will for he too knows that the OA were force to abandon other religion with great intimation. (0514-newspaper).

Please continue to pray for the king, PM and those in authority that they will uphold the constitution of freedom of religion and justice in this country.

24th May Officers from the Gua Musang Municipal handed the notice to the headman stating that the church building will be demolish within 7 days. (0524-notice demolish)

This land was handed down from generations to the present descendents. Part of the headman's orchard was used for this church building. Today, it looks as though there is no longer any land that belongs to the Orang Asli. Where are the Oang Asli Reserves?

Please pray for justice for these hardcore poor in this country.

25th May We thank God for the immediate help from NECF with the following reply (0525-NECF). We know that all those elected to their positions especially the leaders of this country are God-fearing and will not allow all these unfair treatments and especially to the hardcore poor.

28th. May We thank God for our beloved lawyer who came forth to assist the poor and oppressed OA with this letter as the reply (2528-Lawyer01 & 2528-Lawyer02)

30th. May Pictures of church building Pic 01 Pic 02 Pic 03



4th Jun Church building was bulldozed and demolished.

Pictures after the demolition Pic 01 Pic 02 Pic 03 Pic 04 Pic 05

6th. Jun A police report was made at the Gua Musang Police Station by the headman Pg. Pedik bin Busu of Kg. Jias and he was accompanied by the lawyer Mr. Lum C. S. (0606 Police report) (0606 Receipt of report). We have submitted all the relevant document for the lawyers to present the case.

We pleaded with all the OA brethren to leave the case to the court and not to speculate. They were told to forgive all those who wanted the church building destroyed. They all prayed that God will forgive all those who took part in the demolition of His church building for they did not know who our Lord Jesus is. They also prayed that God will bless them with the true knowledge of Him, the Creator of this universe and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Our OA brethren, though sad and in grieve, had forgiven this incidence. To God be the glory.)

We hope that all should pray for our beloved Agung, the Prime Minister and his cabinet, Sultans and all state authorities to uphold the federal constitution so that Malaysia will always be a peaceful nation.

7th. Jun A temporary tent was set up for them to perform the worship of God because of the constant evening rain (Tent-Jias)

12th. Jun The news reported in the Malaysiakini webpage (0612 Page 01 & 0612 Page 02)

-A letter was prepared by the land office (Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan) of Gua Musang dated 12/6/07 to the Penghulu of Kg. Jias announcing that Bazlin Enterprise was appointed as the contractor for the building of a `Balai Serbaguna' in the village. The contractor was instructed to start work on 31/5/07.

13th Jun The follow-up news in the Malaysiakini webpage (0613 Page 03)

14th Jun A bulldozer came in wanting to remove the remnants of the demolished church. The villagers protested for they knew that nothing must be removed from the site for a police report was made o 6th. Jun, and the filing of the court action was in progress.

Then the letter prepared by the land office dated 12/6/07 was handed over to the headman and villagers and warned them that the state government had approved this project. The headman and villagers protested that they only wanted a church and not a `Balai Serbaguna'. The site was then cleared of all the remnants under protest. (Site-01, Site-02, Site-03).

15th Jun Based on the report in the Malaysiakini webpage (13/6/07), the lawyer's letter thanking the Gua Musang's DO for the rebuilding of the church was sent, requesting confirmation for the compensation in rebuilding of the church at the demolished site within 7 days. (0615 Lawyer03 & 0615 Lawyer04).

24th Jun Please get your facts right for Ps. Moses Soo was not detained by the Police at all.

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