Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hebrew or yiddish greetings... :) ...

this is pretty hillarious... :) ...

Here's a list of traditional Hebrew or Yiddish greetings which I will give to any BN politician who comes to see me:

May all your teeth fall out, except one. And that one should ache you.

May you never be alone in bed: you should always have bedbugs, lice and fleas.

May your daughter's beauty be admired by everyone in the circus.

May you back into a pitchfork and grab a hot stove for support.

May you grow so rich that your widow's second husband never has to worry about making a living.

May you have devoted children to chase the flies off your nose.

May you be like a chandelier - you should hang by day and burn by night.

Your nose should grow so much hair it strains your soup.

May the sun and the spring breeze warm you and caress you like an apple as you hang from a tree.

May you win a lottery, and spend it all on doctors.

I hope you swallow an umbrella and it opens up inside you.

May you sell candles for a living and then may the sun never set.

May your blood turn to alcohol so all the fleas on your body get drunk and dance the mazurka in your belly button!

You should grow like an onion, with your head in the ground pointing towards hell.

But my favorite one has gotta be:

Den ganzen Kopp sollen se haben voller Läüs und so e korz Ärmchen dass Se sich net kratze könne

"May your head be full of lice but your arms too short for you to scratch."


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