Thursday, April 14, 2005

thank You Lord!...

o Lord thank You so much so giving me a chance to come into this world,
i pray that You will continue blessing me with Your abundant blessings,
pls cover my body, spirit and soul with Your most holy and precious blood,
thank You Lord!

when am up and happy, i forget You,
when am down and sad, then only i ask for Your help,
am sorry Lord, pls forgive me, my wrong doings and my sins o Lord,
thank You Lord!

every scar on Your body, and every painful whip You received are caused by me,
those nails and scars on Your hands and feet are caused by me,
thnk You for suffering and dying on the cross for me,
thank You Lord!

i beg and pray for Your forgiveness, mercy and compassion,
i beg and pray that you will grant me with all the fruits of the Holy Spirit,
i beg and pray that you will provide me with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
thank You Lord!

cleanse me o Lord, clean me fm those dirt i received fm this world,
am very exhausted, tired, weary, worn out, worried and uncertain,
i will come to You o Lord and pls allow me to rest safely in Your arms,
thank You Lord!

thank You Lord!...

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