Thursday, November 08, 2007

disabled brain, distorted mind and malfunction mouth... he did it again!...

came across a comment fm a reader somewhere, which i find it's true to a certain extent... he is perhaps his mother's punishment!...

he did it again and again and again... he was the racial hero in this... ( he mentioned pukimak in parliament of all places and now offended the disable ones by saying their 'moving restriction' is God's punishment... wtf is wrong with this ?!?... as karpal mentioned they are animals, to me that's a very polite word to be used on them!...

he represented the people who voted him and am pretty sure there are disable people who voted him too... we honestly dun need all these scums to bring the standard of the august hall any lower... it's low enough now...

the opposition need not to blow this issue out of proportion, as alleged by this disabled brain, distorted mind and have a malfunction mouth mp fm jerai... as various disable parties have taken their stand and demand him to retract his statement and apologise to all wheelchair users... (

before you cast yr votes in the up and coming general election, do ask yrself do you REALLY wanna vote these kinda scums into office again..

p/s ; this is another kinda 'little' issues which is bothering and hindering the country to great success and brighter future globally... shame on you bn/umno!...

p/s ; so wat we had a malaysian up the space when we have these kinda scums in parliament?!?...

‘Karpal a disabled’ remark causes ruckus

Yoges Palaniappan
Oct 25, 07 3:52pm Malaysiakini

A Barisan Nasional backbencher came under attack from opposition MPs today for likening Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor) to a disabled person.

On Monday, during the Supply Bill 2008 debate, Karpal said many MPs are not well behaved in Parliament and that would be a problem if they are not penalized for their unruly behaviour.

Citing examples, he referred to Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) who uttered the word bocor to Fong and Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai), who used a foul word in a sitting not so long ago.

An angry Badruddin then rose and said that Karpal has also uttered words like animal, cow and stupid in the Dewan Rakyat.

“I used the foul word because I was defending my race and country. You were attacking my race and that’s why God has taught you a good lesson by putting you in a wheelchair,” said Badruddin.

“How many times have you been suspended? How many times were you told to leave the Dewan? I haven’t been suspended even for once and I was never told to leave,” he said.

“You are a veteran politician who has got no discipline. Even now, when you’re dependent on a wheelchair, you’re talking so much.”

‘Temporarily disabled’

Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah), who rose to defend Karpal told Badruddin that it was improper to insult and offend a disabled and that he should withdraw his statement.

Meanwhile, Karpal said that he is only “temporarily disabled’ and urged Badruddin to be calm in a tense situation.

Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib brought the situation under control by ordering all parties to sit down.

Today, the MPs demanded Badruddin to withdraw his statement and tender an apology to Karpal again.

“Badruddin should withdraw his statement about me. Can you (Tuan yang dipertua) make him withdraw his statement?” asked Karpal.

Responding, Deputy Speaker Yusof Yacob who was in the chair told Karpal that it is irrelevant to raise an issue that has passed.

However, he said that Badruddin’s statement was very improper, as it does not only involve one person but many disabled people.

‘Unfair to just issue warnings’

Dissatisfied with Yusof’s explanation, Fong told the deputy speaker that it is very unfair to let errant MPs off the hook by just issuing warnings.

“He (Badruddin) repeats the same mistake because he is never penalised for his actions. Warnings are not enough. He needs to show remorse and regret over what he had said,” said Fong, adding that Badruddin must be made to withdraw his statement to preserve the dignity of the Dewan Rakyat.

But she was told to sit down by Yusof who ordered the debate to continue.

Later in the day, when it was Badruddin’s turn to speak, he explained himself by saying that he did not mean to insult any disabled people by saying that Karpal is dependent on his wheelchair.

“I did not say that he’s disabled, I said that he’s dependent on his wheelchair. The term ‘disabled’ was used by Fong to make a small issue big,” he said, adding that he had never insulted the disabled.

“Every year, during Hari Raya, I give money to the disabled in my constituency. I’ve never insulted them,” he said.

Cheap political mileage

He also explained that he uttered the statement because he was pressured by Karpal who said he often used foul language in Parliament.

“I usually only say words like that when I am attacked by the opposition. And on that day, I was just reacting to Karpal’s accusations.”

Badruddin also urged DAP not to look for “cheap political mileage” in politicising the issue as the matter should not be blown out of proportion.

At that juncture, Chong Eng (DAP-Bukit Mertajam) and Fong stood up and demanded an apology from Badruddin.

Speaking to reporters in the Parliament lobby later, Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang described Badruddin’s statement as “insensitive, ignorant, despicable and abhorrent.”

He said that Badruddin has brought Parliament to new depths of public shame and he should retract his statement.

“It not only abusing the disabled, but also Malaysians in the general. Badruddin has trespassed beyond basic human decency by such a remark,” Lim said.

He also gave a deadline until Monday for Badruddin to apologise and retract the statement, failing which he would submit a motion to refer Badruddin to the Committee of Privilege.


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