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my open letter to nazri aziz... minister in the prime minister's department...

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i personally urge every single concern rakyat to write the same kinda letter.. let the 'leaders' know what are the thoughts of yours!... small, but effective step... eventho, they may not take any action on it... you know you did yr part!... this is another way to be pro-active for the concern rakyat to take their very first steps into righting the wrongs!...

p/s ; this is wat prompted me to write an open letter to him... (

Date : 13th November 2007

Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz,
Prime Minister's Department,
Bangunan Parliament,
Jalan Parliament,
Kuala Lumpur,

Subject : Parliament Hearing On the 12th November 2007 And Bersih Rally.

Dear Datuk Seri,

With reference to the above subject, I, as a concern rakyat of our
beloved and peaceful country, Malaysia, if allow and with much due
respect, would like to comment on the words you used in the August

Be it for opposition parties/people and/or to any other people who are
gifts fm The Man above, words like 'pondans', 'wimps', 'wires in their
heads are severed', 'bodoh', 'racist', 'perkauman', etc., to my honest
opinions, should not be use in the August hall where people all over
the world are watching us, especially with what is happening in our
country lately. Also, especially coming from someone who is serving
the country and her citizens under the prime minister's department.
Those kind of words like 'pondans', 'wimps', 'wires in their heads are
severed', 'bodoh', 'racist', 'perkauman', etc., was, to my honest opinion,
definitely uncalled for.

Yes, I, as a concern rakyat of our beloved and peaceful country,
Malaysia, know those may be one of the spur of the moment kind of
thing, but those kind of spur of the moment thing has been happening
very frequently lately and has been repeated time after time. Perhaps
Malaysiakini and Youtube have tons of the articles and video recordings
to prove it.

Datuk Seri, for your information, the 100,000 Bersih Rally was not a
political gathering and there was nothing political with that gathering. It
was meant for the concern rakyat from various backgrounds to gather
and march to the Istana Negara to submit a memorandum to the King
and to ask His Majesty for His royal pardon for a massive reformation
on the electoral roll which is tainted with smears of negativities.

With much due respect, I, as a concern rakyat of our beloved and
peaceful country, Malaysia, would also wants to know why are there
no action/s being taken by the election commission in hearing what
the rakyat wants which the rakyat have been longing for?. Is this
democratic or is this democracy?. The rakyat have definitely spoke
as one loud voice.

On the same subject, you may ask us, the rakyat to dissent our anger
via the ballot boxes, speak our mind via the ballot boxes, let our feelings
be known via the ballot boxes, etc., but, if the whole electoral roll is
tained with smear of negativities, how can the rakyat put their trust in
believing their votes will not be tainted with smear of negativities?.

Malaysia is a democratic country as many leaders in this country
would put it, but what is happening currently definitely proves

I, as a concern rakyat of our beloved and peaceful country, Malaysia,
would appreciate if you, as the minister in the prime minister's
department, could personally look into the interest of the rakyat, as
the rakyat are the greatest assets of this lovely and peaceful country,
definitely not any natural resources which will 'dry up' in due course
of time!.

Pls assist and let the voices of the rakyat be heard and together we
shall bring Malaysia back to her feet competing with the best in the
world, where the countries were once behind us in everything went
ahead of us in everything.

Have a good and productive day ahead!.

Thanking you in advance,

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