Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Indiscriminate Parking.

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One of the many things which can rile me up easily is indiscriminate parking, besides the 40% oil increase and the pathetic mindset of some of the elected representatives sitting opposite the opposing side in the parliament. Just don't really get it, or rather understand why people park the vehicle indiscrimately.

Where ever you may be now, be it in any states in Malaysia, take a break fm whatever you may be doing now, if possible, take a 10 minutes drive to the nearest bank and you will be able to see how selfish Malaysian can be at times. Bank is just simplest example I can give.

There are loads of reasons for people to park indiscrimately just for a mere 'few minutes', the 'famous' ones are as follows ;

Lazy to walk.
People rather block the whole road by doing a double parking than to park their vehicles another few tens of meters away and walk to their intended destination.

Parking expensive
This is a reason used very often lately. What ever they can save, they save. I personally think, if you can afford to drive and face the fuel increase, you can afford to pay the minimum parking fees.

What emergency?. If you have a sick loved one in the car who needs medical attention immediately, that's a valid reason. Else, you have absolutely no other valid reason/s to block other vehicles.

Because of your own selfish convenience, you are a pain to many others.

Not enough parking
Am sure this issue have been looked into and believe the relevant authorities is still looking into it. For now, pls do your part by not making the scenario worse.

To those who like to use the reason/s above when being asked, shame on you! Even if it's a 5 minutes bank transaction or a 15 seconds purchase of the newspaper, it is very uneducated for you to do so!

Also, many people say, we do not have enough local enforcement, I say we absolutely have no enforcement!

With the new local councillors taking the helm anytime soon, I would really want to see changes in the local enforcement on the parking woes which the responsible and sensible people is facing.

Besides relying on the authorities to do so, you can help out in solving this issues too, simply by not parking indiscrimately!

I have personally started by going to the 'ground level', there's a stack of paper in my car which printed in a large fonts ;

"Appreciate that you park your car properly next time, you don't wish other people to park indiscrimately and being irresponsible like you and block the way. Thank you!"

Stick it on their windscreen with double sided tape.

You don't need to be a superhero, an elected representative and/or a local councillor to make changes and difference, come join me and make a change to this daily issue which all of us are facing. Do print out the 'reminders' and put it in your car and use it responsibly.



P/s ; Every tiny little ways matters and helps. Pls spread this email and let those selfish people who loves to be a pain to others realise what they are doing.

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