Friday, January 16, 2009

The 13th General Election.

Najib Razak's succession cannot come in any other worse times.

He would start his succession as the 6th prime minister of Malaysia, filled and tainted with serious allegations which he is keeping quiet over it. The previous 5 prime minister started fresh and as fresh as it can be.

If he managed to become the prime minister comes March 2009, which is just about 2 months away, decides to call for the 13th general election at the end of 2009, means only one thing, he wants a fresh mandate, perhaps a historical mandate like what Abdullah Ahmad Badawi received based on countless of high hopes promises. But then again, that may be a very big mistake for him to do so because of all the allegations which he have yet to answer and still keeping quiet over it and believe majority of the people is waiting to throw him away at the end of 2009, if he decides to call for a general election then. A very high risk gambling game for him.

If he decides to wait until 2011 to 2012 before he call for the 13th general election, basically means he wants to perform 1st and then allow people to gauge his performance for the next 3-4 years and vote based on that. This way is also a very high risk gamling game for him, simply because it just don't make sense for him to become a prime minister when he have so many unanswered allegations with him, it's just bad for the country as a whole. Another question would be, with all the internal squabble within UMNO, can he sustain that long?. Let's leave this as a different topic.

In another word, early general election is risky for him and late general election is also risky for him. Najib Razak's succession certainly cannot come in any worse times.

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