Friday, May 18, 2007

forum... "respect women’s dignity, towards a 1st world parliament”...

pretty effective forum i must say!...

approx 300 people turned up and they kinda expect less than 100+ people by the way they set up the seating!... approx 70% of them are males!... it proves another thing in this 'leaking issues'.. the 2 leaking clowns definitely disgrace the male population too!....

the speakers did an excellent job explaining various issues which is hindering malaysia to achieve the 1st world parliament 'status'... fm sexual abuse to gender discrimination to childish mentalities of the bn mps to why the parliament being called a circus to etc...

another thing brought up was the fear in people in general.. they are fear of changes, fear of supremacy, fear of govt, etc... i personally concluded that we need to turn the whole thing around, let the govt be fearful of the rakyat and treat the rakyats as their assets, not as their liabilities!...

people in general MUST stand up and be firm on this kinda issues... pls come out fm the fear and make a change and move towards the real bangsa malaysia status!...

p/s ; for this 2 leaking clowns and a whole lot of others, they fear no one EXCEPT the hand that feed them which is the big boss.. and it is US that gives the vote to the big boss for him to sit up there... now, who is the BIGGER clown?!?... no matter wat kinda stupid nonsense the election commission will be coming out... i suggest all the sane malaysians to work hand-in-hand and PLEASE vote wisely during the next ge...

for the 'official results' of the forum... do go here.. (

“Respect Women’s Dignity, Towards A 1st World Parliament”

The Parliament has failed in its duty to the nation and people, in particular Malaysian women. It has shirked its responsibility to redeem itself and punish the two sexist BN MPs who have brought shame and dishonour to Parliament by the use of derogatory, crude, vulgar, sexist and gender-offensive attack on Sdri Fong Po Kuan and all Malaysian women on Wednesday, 9th May.

Since Parliament is not prepared to do what it should do to redeem its honour and those of Malaysian women and the nation, it is now up to the ordinary Malaysian public to do what Members of Parliament and Ministers have failed to do – by making their condemnation of the sexist conduct of the two BN MPs loud and clear to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the country!

In conjunction with the above incident, DAP is organising the following forum entitled “Respect Women’s Dignity, Towards A 1st World Parliament!”

17 May 2007 (Thursday)


YMCA Hall,
Kuala Lumpur.

Jalan Padang Belia, Off Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

(Opposite of the KL SENTRAL Station)


Ambiga Screenevasan - Bar Council President

Maria Chin Bte Abdullah - Executive Director of Women Development Collective (WDC)

Zainah Anwar - Executive Director of Sisters in Islam

Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail – President of Parti KeADILan Rakyat * (To be conformed)

Lim Guan Eng - Secretary-General of DAP

YB Lim Kit Siang - Parliamentary Opposition Leader

YB Teresa Kok Suh Sim - MP for Seputeh

YB Fong Po Kuan - MP for Batu Gajah

Moderator: Tony Pua.

All are welcome, admission is free!

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