Wednesday, May 30, 2007

lina joy... another supressing episode of what malaysians are going through......

great!... there WILL BE more and extra supression on this kinda cases now in this so called democratic country who preach about freedom of speech, religion, etc... wooohooo..

honestly, if you ask me fm the 'political point of view'.. both decision will be a big lost to the current govt...

yes, to lina joy means a huge floodgate will be opened to the others who wanna renounce islam and/or the islam as the religion in the mykad issue...

no, to lina joy means bigger supression... on top of that, the ge is so near.. the timing for this case is just not that right for them to make such a huge and 'impactful' decision.. i personally believe, by this 'unfavourable decision', many votes and/or seats which belongs to the ruling party will be lost... if you think the ruling party have no influence or watsoever over the courts in watever 'level', then i think you are really wrong...

if anyone of you out there know lina joy.. pls tell her to settle down in some country which have real religion freedom instead of supression and dun bother about her islam-in-mykad issue anymore... get married there, get a pr/citizenship there, live there, work there, give birth there, to leave the world fm there and be buried there... try not to come back other than visiting yr parents, anyway, there's a risk to come back afterall... proud to have a malaysian like you lady!... you fought a good fight and ran a good race for ALL malaysians!...

No joy for Lina
May 30, 07 11:18am Adjust font size:

newsflash Lina Joy’s long wait for her conversion to Christianity to be recognised by law is over - the Federal Court ruled today that she remains a Muslim and her religious status will not be removed from her identity card.

Delivering the judgment to a packed gallery this morning in Putrajaya, Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim ruled that jurisdiction remains with the Syariah court.

A large section of the 300-strong crowd waiting outside recited the tahlil or read the Quran while waiting for the decision.

When the news reached them, they shouted Allahuakbar - their reaction resounded through the Palace of Justice.

At the time of writing, Justice Richard Malanjun was reading his judgement, with Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff to follow. However, the chief justice has already stated that he concurs with the majority decision.

Born to Malay parents, Joy, 43, whose Muslim name was Azlina Jailani, converted to Christianity in 1998.

[Full report to follow]

PUTRAJAYA: 11.47am: Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff said he agrees with Fairuz's judgment.

11.45am Richard Malanjum allows Lina's appeal.

11.32am - Justice Malanjum appears to be delivering the only dissenting judgment of the Federal Court.

11.13am: Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim who has just finished reading his judgment said he is with the majority when he dismissed Lina Joy's appeal against the majority decision of the Court of Appeal delivered on September 19, 2005

The Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak, Datuk Richard Malanjum is delivering his judgment now.

The other Federal Court judge who heard the appeal is Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff.

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