Tuesday, October 16, 2007

remembering nurin jazlin jazimin!..

i find the below article pretty meaningful...

let's just hope the animal will be brought to justice soon... heck, stuff him/her with cucumber and brinjal at the 'proper' place as soon as he/she is caught, dun think trials and/or court hearings needs to be done!...

murder after murder, rape after rape, theft after theft, abuse after abuse, etc... wat is wrong with our society lately?!?...

anyway, i like how the politicians make their promise/s and how the authorities pass the buck around!...

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malaysia is no longer safe enough to walk around without any worries!...

i remember wat one fellow ryzer/mmner told me... she migrated to singapore and she mentioned something like she is not use to the saftey in singapore, she felt so safe everywhere and with everything.... vast different when you cross the border, if a johorean who have never been robbed, he/she is not a johorean!...

p/s ; think the authorities extended the current igp's term based on the 'good record'.. let's just hope pdrm, which supposed to protect the citizens instead of blaming the citizens, get down to the work fast enough before anymore victims being cannibalised by these kinda animals again!...

Remembering Nurin Jazlin Jazimin

I am only eight years old
Just five years from my teens
Which I will now never see
And it’s more than just that
For I won’t see too the sun
Nor the moon nor the rain
Nor feel the soft pitter patter
Of warm raindrops gathering
In my tresses, running gently
Down to my once warm body

I am only eight years old
Denied my youth, cut down
With no dignity, with no one
I love besides me, to hold me
As I trembled from violence
Inexplicable cruelty, no pity
No chance to say goodbye
To emak and ayah and pals
Why, no one can tell me now
Too late, I'm part of the dark

I am only eight years old
Will you remember me as
You do Altantuyaa Shariibuu
Not a glamorous beauty
No high profile case in me
Just a neighborhood kid
I have never been abroad
To France or European cities
Just local Wangsa Maju
An innocent child, no more

I am only eight years old
So why do they say it’s all
God’s Will, dear wonderful
God who loves us all, why
Blame Him, for it was Evil
Who stalked me as a prey
Be like the Chinese and bury
Me in red clothing, armed
With scissors in my hands
To set me off as Rhamnousia


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