Tuesday, October 16, 2007

rockybru the prominent blogger is a phantom voter!...

election commission busted, again!... rashid, wat say you this time round?!?...

to those who have register yrself this year, pls re-check yr status...

i registered myself twice... 1st time cannot pass because 'some of unknown reason/s'.. re-register myself for the 2nd time... just 'approved' my registration...

know even a very well known politician got his name 'vanished mysteriously' fm the electoral roll... he need to re-register himself, hopefully enough time for the up and coming general election.... if this kinda stuffs can happen to a politician, it can happen to everyone... do check yr status every now and then... do make yr vote count and yr voice be heard!...

you can check yr status here... (http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/daftarbi.asp)...

p/s ; yes to indelible ink!... no to postal votes!.. clean up the electoral roll!... thank God for bersih!...

I, Phantom? I have never registered myself as a voter in my entire life.
So how did I get my name on the Election Commission's voter roll?
Someone must have done it for me. Who?
I have never been to Rapat Setia, for heaven's sake.
My address on my old ID and on my new MyKad is Puchong, Selangor.
I have never lived in Perak.
My kampong is in Melaka.
So who did I vote for in Gopeng? And in Simpang Pulai?

Is someone walking around with my ID, my MyKad?
Am I really who I think I am?
Was I a Phantom Voter in the last general election?

Excuse me, Mr Election Commissioner, YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO HERE!

I've always been skeptical when people talk about phantom voters being used to win elections. I have always been sympathetic with the EC when people accuse it of flaws in the electoral process. With millions on the electoral roll, surely honest mistakes can be expected here and there.

There's nothing honest about the EC's mistake here.


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