Saturday, July 19, 2008

Historic Debate.

Fwded email.

Basically, the original sender of the below email says it all.

Even though I am not a ardent fan of Anwar, but I still believe this present BN government ought to be replaced democratically in the next general election, not through the cross-overs of BN fools or the bringing down of govt leaders through statutory declarations. And looks like BN is so afraid of Anwar that it over-reacts everytime Anwar farts.

When Syed Hamid Albar smelt Anwar's fart of demonstration, he also blamed others like Guan Eng, Kit Siang for the fart as well. And he deployed police all over KL and turned it into a war-zone like city. When asked for the info on DAP involvement in meetings planning for the demo, he said this is classified police intelligence. Guan Eng has challenged him to prove it but he maintained his stand with no proof to show! Imagine we have such a minister of internal security!! Please click and read (

People were late for work. Time is money! Cars stuck in jam, burning more fuel! That's money too!

That is why all of us need to be patient but make sure we do the right thing the next general election i.e. vote in an alternative govt and make a 2-party system a reality in Malaysia. If the ruling govt cannot function well, then we vote in the other one the next time round. This is what I term as political maturity.

The Anwar-Shabery debate just went on to show how naive and ridiculous BN govt we have, coming from the spokesman of the govt, minister of information. or rather misinformation! Want to know what I on...

These are my rebuttal points and it's up to you whether they make sense or need statutory declarations!!:

1) The BN govt had always blamed the opposition of being rhetoric, which to a certain extent, I agree. But, what about BN themselves. All Penangites, please remember, just days before the last general election, Pak Lah, Soh Chai Dr (Keng Yaik) and other big BN fools made a special appearance in Penang, just to give rhetoric speeches to hit out at Anwar personally, realising they are losing the political grip on Penang. But the flip-flop PM asked much before that, who is Anwar!! Ok, fine, one can still agree with that as it is a political campaign. But the debate yesterday suppose to be on an economical issue of fuel price increase and inflation. But, instead of explaining what the govt is planning to do to overcome the current crisis, the so-called minister stoop so low to attack Anwar as a person and politician by being rhetoric, bringing up the past issues in 1974, 1997, and recent past protests and demonstrations. During introduction, the middle and wrap-up of the debate, Shabery, repeated his rhetorics, not only once but 3 times!! Hello no-brainer...we the people want to know about our future...not about your bloody fear of Anwar...don't fear him...fear us the People!! Since the debate is one-hour long, I have selected some short clips just to prove my point. Otherwise, I will be blamed for slander!! Click and watch

1) (
2) (
3) (

2) The govt fool went on to say that the petrol subsidy is further removed so that it will not benefit the rich and foreigners. But, doesn't it burden the poor too. With an expected inflation rate increase from 3% to 6% (Bank Negara own projection) or to 8% (MIER projection), the poor will suffer much more, right??!! What happened to the earlier govt proposal of differentiating the price of different grades of petrol, so that the rich pay for more if they want and the poor pay less?? As usual, the govt flip-flopped and abandoned the idea!! Now let me share with a truth nothing but the truth (no need sumpah!!). In Singapore, the prices of fuel is SGD2.213 for 92-Octane, SGD 2.246 for 95-Octane and SGD2.32 for 98-Octane and SGD2.033 for diesel. First, the prices are differentiated. Second, they are RELATIVELY cheaper than us. I know when I say this, bloody BN fools will whack me and tell me to convert into RM. To all the bloody BN fools, is a manager's salary of RM5,000 equals SGD5,000. So, when compare relatively based on one-to-one, the price of fuel in Singapore is cheaper. To be specific for comparison, Malaysian petrol costs RM2.70 and diesel costs RM2.58.

3) Our minister of information, shared the information to compare Norway and Finland, where subsidy is not given, with Malaysia!! This bloody comparison has no basis at all! Let me correct this misinformation! Norway has the world 6th highest national income per capita of USD53,000 while Finland is USD35,300. I, for one, don't mind oil price hike if the income is that high. But Malaysia's per capita income is just USD13,300 and the govt wants to remove big chunk of the subsidy, if not all! But what the heck are the ruling BN fools do to improve the economy to that level that justifies removal of subsidies?! Common lah, stupid fool, compare apple with apple, not apple with empty-coconut-head like you!! Shabery Cheek didn't have to cheek to quote any figures to back his argument! Let me refer you to facts and figures, click (

4) Then the cheekless minister compared with Venezuela and Iran, where he insisted that the prices of fuel is very cheap but inflation is still very high. My God! What a stupid, baseless and preposterous comparison from a misinformed or simply ignorant minister of information!! There is this US arms embargo and an unofficial trade embargo against Venezuela and trade embargo against Iran. Surely with embargoes, the price level will be high.

Let me assure you, the BN govt being fools themselves will think Shabery did a good job and won the debate and can stay on as minister of information because fools seldom differ!! Let the fools claim this cheap victory for now but just make sure we make them taste the costly defeat in the next general election!

If you agree with me, please forward as widely as possible to all Malaysians. If not, just delete it! It's a free country and I respect your stand.


May the Force of Change be with us!!

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