Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Video Clips Of Anwar Ibrahim's Trial.

Watching this 7 clips can be really 'refreshing'.

Comes September 2008, this tragedy would be 'celebrate its 10th anniversary'. Looking at the desperate attempt at this very moment, they are trying very hard to force a part 2 on Anwar Ibrahim.

The stuffs which is happening lately may indicates another round of political assasination on Anwar Ibrahim.

September 2008 is nearing, let's just what else they can come up with other than pathetic re-cycled script.

Part 1 of 7.

Part 2 of 7.

Part 3 of 7.

Part 4 of 7.

Part 5 of 7.

Part 6 of 7.

Part 7 of 7.

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