Tuesday, February 13, 2007

crash.. boom... bang... where are the fireworks/firecrackers?!?...

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just thought about this issue over the weekend and came across they story yesterday and today read an article fm patrick teoh's blog on the same exact issue.. he said it brilliantly!... :) ...

Something always confuses me at this time of the year when Chinese New Year is around the corner. What is it? This thing about the fireworks ban is what. Each year during the Chinese New Year season there are always major stories in the mainstream media about the police arresting people caught selling banned fireworks. Firecrackers in particular. A few days ago the circus started with a full color story in The Star about police success in napping some fireworks merchants. Today in The Star (http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/2/12/nation/16854415&sec=nation) the Customs Department director-general announced that they will now fine, on-the-spot, people caught lighting up firecrackers for the coming Chinese New Year celebration. RM100 compound fine. No talk. He even said that if the offender is a child then the parents will be fined.

Wah! Very tough talk man. But seriously. Fireworks are banned and we as law abiding citizens should and must abide by the law. All of us.

Okay, what I am going to say next may make me sound like I am racist and trying to disrupt the racial harmony of Bolehland. I am not. I am merely trying to understand how things work here. I have a right to know. I am concerned.

I live in a predominantly Malay area. I daresay that more than 75% of the population of the area is Malay. Each year during the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri season I hear crackers and fireworks going off in the area making a din to rival American firepower in the Middle East. I live with it because it is a time of celebration for my Malay breathren. Although fireworks are banned. Hiyah. Close one ear lor. We are all Malaysians ma. So I presume that these same people are illegally selling fireworks during those time of celebration. Yes?

Then how come there doesn't seem to be the same efforts made to catch illegal fireworks traders during that particular time of year? Well, not with as big a deal as they always want to make it during Chinese New Year. If this action is to used as an example that people should not break the law then it should be used for all festive seasons when there might be fireworks involved during celebrations. We are all Malaysians. We are law abiding rakyat. We will all support the policing of the law. So don't single out one community as being fireworks crazy criminals can ah?

Maybe, the police think that Chinese Malaysians are more prone to want to make 'noise' during the celebrations than other people. Maybe the newspapers just think that these 'arrests' make good stories during Chinese New Year instead of at other festive occasions. I also don't know anymore la.


in a somehow related article which you can find it here did mentioned some sense..

Boy Gets Painful Firecracker Lesson (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/9/27/nation/15551546&sec=nation)

Today's papers reported of boy's first adventure with carbide. The first of many to come Raya disasters. I dont understand it, how come so many Malays get parts of their bodies burned every Raya? Meriam Buluh, Meriam Tanah, Bom Semut, Bom Ular, Bom Kawan, Bom Bakar Rumah dan letupan-letupan yang sebodoh dengannya. Why why why? Dont they learn from the past? All the poor bastards that got burned, killed or maimed that came out in the papers should teach these other guys a lesson - Dont play with explosives if IQ is lower than thumbtack.

See the boy's picture (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/9/27/nation/15551546&sec=nation)? Damn, that really cracked me up. I say serve the fucker right. It's because of fuckers like these that the Chinese (if you didnt know, have always used fireworks to usher in their Lunar New Year) can't celebrate with a bang. How many Chink's have had accidents? Maybe 1 Chink gets fucked out of every 100 Malays who gets fucked. And the Government bans the Chinese from lighting up. Whadafak?

The Non-Malays kena the most in this country. I ask you, how not to be racist? In Malaysia, the Government makes the people racist. It starts from anger. Anger of the unfairness. I'm not talking policies here, God forbid, Malaysians have been banned from talking about the policies. I'm talking about the simple things. Friday prayers they can park until middle of the road on a 3 land highway, nevermind. BUT if any other race did it (even for once a year), ewah ewah ewah, tak main lagi the police will summon and then say "You dont follow the law, we summon lah." Ma the Chow the Hais laaaaah.

Yesterday in Melawati, cars were parked everywhere till they even blocked entire roads. Did the cops do anything? NNNNNOOOOOO. Why? Coooz people need to buy food. The Wombat says: FUCK YOOOOUUUUU!!!

All I am asking for is some understanding. Dont block the fucking roads. Friday prayers, its a norm. But for the other races, we too have our own special prayer days. The least you can do is NOT summon and give the same leniency. Thats all, the same leniency. Let us park and clog up the roads. Let us carry our lanterns and set a few places on fire. Let us play with fireworks. Let us carry our huge assed Kawadi's. Let us burn those little flying things so our wishes come true, so what if it clogs up the engines of planes? So what? Once or twice a year only mah. We dont do it every week right?

Let us all live in peace and harmony. Understanding each race and the significance of parking in the middle of roads for prayers. Thats all I ask for.


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