Monday, February 26, 2007

national 2007 chinese new year open house in malacca... anyone went for it?!?...

did they have an open house just because of having it and/or because of vmy?!?...

am pretty speechless...

p/s ; mca and gerakan rundogs!... where are you when the chinese needs you?!?... dun expect you to do miracles afterall you belongs to them... but, not even squeak is totally unacceptable!... shame on you!...

p/s ; not being a racist and/or sour grape.. but, fm a layman point of view.. the weighing scale is definitely having some one sided problems and no one in the family dare rectifying it...

Show respect for Chinese cultural traditions & customs by including Chinese characteristics in the performances of the National 2007 Chinese New Year Open House which has nothing culturally Chinese and not how Chinese New Year celebrated in Malaysia


Email of Official Complaint to Minister of Culture, Arts And Heritage Datuk Rais Yatim

by Lim Guan Eng


(Melaka, Thursday): DAP express deep regrets and disappointment that the National 2007 Chinese New Year Open House does not include any Chinese cultural characteristics in the celebrations to be officiated by Yang di Pertuan Agung in Hang Tuah Mall in Melaka on 24.2.2007 organised by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and the Melaka State government. DAP urges Minister Of Culture, Arts And Heritage Datuk Dr Rais Yatim to correct this grave omission and show respect for Chinese cultural tradition and customs by including cultural characteristics as there is nothing culturally Chinese in the proposed performances of the National 2007 Chinese New Year Open House.

Such omission is a serious error that has hurt the sensitivities and slighted the feelings of the Chinese community as an act of insincerity in properly welcoming Chinese New Year. Such a celebration is weird as this is definitely not how Chinese New Year celebrated in Malaysia.

There are neither Chinese characters nor Chinese cultural performances such as lion dance listed as part of the official programme prepared by your Ministry. There are not even Chinese speeches nor Chinese New Year greetings in Chinese.

The only performance is Tarian Joget Malaysia , march-pasts, singing of a song "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita" and a fireworks display. Are Chinese cultural performances not appropriate enough to be watched by our King? The Chinese community can see no reason why lion dances can not be performed before the King as part of the official programme when this is Chinese New Year.

During advertisements for Visit Malaysia Year 2007, the multi-racial and multi-cultural aspect of Malaysia is used to attract foreign tourists into our country. Why is this year's National Chinese New Year Open House celebrated in a manner contrary to what is advertised to attract foreign tourists without any Chinese cultural elements?

Neither Chinese nor any foreigner would accept that this is a Chinese New Year celebration event if there are no Chinese cultural performances. If Chinese cultural performances are deemed as unfit to be part of the official programme, then the government should stop such pretence of respecting the diverse cultures and races by correcting our tourism advertisements.

The Ministry has a responsibility to explain to the Chinese community whether it is a policy to remove and denude this National Chinese New Year Open House of all Chinse cultural elements. Or reveal which Ministry official planned the programme and was any Chinese cultural organization consulted? Any failure to explain the rationale for this denial of Chinese cultural elements will only raise suspicions that your Ministry is only interested in one culture instead of our society's multi-cultural traditions.

This is the best opportunity for you to prove your sincerity in respecting the diverse cultures and races to promote a harmonious society. By including Chinese cultural traditions in the National Chinese New Year Open House, you can not only correct the grave mistake that has hurt the sensitivities of the Chinese community but also reaffirm your commitment towards creating a Malaysian Race with commendable cultural values through activities organized and participated by all races.

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