Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the thoughts of sealing of a church in ipoh?!?...

initially there was no report/s or watsoever why they wanna seal the church...

the district police chief assistant commissioner said nutin much about this 'operation'...


there's a report today (as per 2nd msg below) saying the registrar of societies had de-registered the church association...

wait... hang on...

why this reason was no mentioned earlier?!?...

the district police chief assistant commissioner didn't know wat kinda stuffs is he doing initially?!?...

why the registrar of societies de-registered the church?!?... no reason behind it... so, wat was the reason behind it?!?...

apparently they have withdrawn the action to seal the premise, but dun think they mentioned whether can the church can operate as usual, so, can they?!?...

p/s ; EVERYTHING is sooooooo possible in this bolehland with the current government!...

Police called in to help end dispute
22 Sep 2006

IPOH: A group of worshippers yesterday holed themselves up inside a building in First Garden here, defying a court order that the premises be sealed.

Police were called in to defuse the situation and, after hours of negotiations, gave members of the Tabernacle of David until Monday to resolve the dispute.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Jalaludin Ibrahim did not want to say much except that the group, which started in 1997, had been given time to resolve the matter.

The group had been using the premises as a church since 2000.

The drama unfolded at 10am yesterday when a court bailiff, accompanied by several policemen, arrived to execute the court order obtained by a company which plans to develop the property.

But some 50 worshippers refused to leave the building.

Outside, another group staged a demonstration to denounce the move to seal the premises.

After negotiations, which lasted for four hours, failed, the bailiff sealed the building with the 50 worshippers inside.

Police were called in after the situation turned tense. At 7pm, the seal was broken, prompting those outside to enter.

Lawyers representing the association have advised it to lodge a police report on the move to seal the building.


Church still open despite order
26 Sep 2006

IPOH: The grace period offered by the police ended yesterday but members of a church in First Garden have shown no signs of complying with a High Court order to seal the premises.

Counsel for the church, M. Manoharan, said he had advised the members to continue using the premises, insisting that no one could stop a church from carrying out its religious activities.

It was a "lame excuse" to evict church-goers from the building merely because the Registrar of Societies had de-registered the church association, he said, adding that matters concerning ownership of the premises were still being heard in a civil suit.

"Places of worship are trust properties, they cannot be simply bought or sold."

Asked on efforts to obtain a court order to stay the execution of last Wednesday’s seal order, Manoharan said that he was still waiting to get the full set of court documents from the opposing side’s lawyer, N. P. Ramachandran, in relation to the seal order.

He had also asked Ramachandran to delay executing the order.

Meanwhile, Pastor John Sentosam claimed that a notice signed by Ramachandran was handed to him yesterday, informing him that the company was withdrawing its action to seal the premises.


Church sends memo to Pak Lah

PUTRAJAYA: More than 200 followers of the Thaveethin Koodaram Church in Taman Pertama, Ipoh, submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister here seeking his assistance to save their church, which is also known as the Church of the Tabernacle of David, from closure.

The church’s senior pastor and founder Menon Menasa, who was accompanied by Keadilan’s vice-president N. Gobalakrishnan, handed over the 77-page memorandum to the Prime Minister’s senior private secretary Ahmad Yaacob.

The memorandum, among others, stated that Pastor Menon had been principally responsible for the establishment of the church.


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