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pak lah's 3 years report card...

interesting article to read on...

Pak Lah´s 3-yr report card
Time & Date: October 22, 2006 @ 15: 21.16

On 15th November 2003 (, I said the new Prime Minister had passed with flying colours his first 14 days in office.

This is what I said:

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has passed with flying colours in his first 14 days as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia in his pledges but it is still too premature to give marks on his actions and the delivery of his promises.

Abdullah started off with a great maiden official speech in Parliament, committing himself to a “clean, incorruptible, modest and beyond suspicion” administration fully respecting parliamentary democracy and the separation of powers between the executive, legislature and the judiciary.

The beginning of Abdullah’s premiership is not very different from the ABC slogan at the launch of the 2M administration in 1981 (although Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad later said 2M meant “Mahathir Mohamad”and not “Mahathir and Musa”), pledging to be “clean, efficient and trustworthy” – “amanah, bersih, cekap” – open, accountable and tolerant of dissent.

While Malaysians want Abdullah to succeed in delivering his promises of a clean, incorruptible, efficient, accountable, transparent and democratic administration, they do not want to have another repeat of Malaysian history – a new Prime Minister starting with high and great promises which could not be honoured, but what is worse, bringing the country backwards in many of these important areas of national life at the end of his tenure.

Abdullah struck a deep chord among the people when he called on Barisan Nasional leaders to “tell the truth” and said he does not want “apple polishers”, for the simple reason that this was the national malaise for too long with the people and country suffering the iniquities of these ills.

Abdullah must be commended when he was quick to broaden his call to the people, and not just Barisan Nasional leaders, to tell him the truth. But one thing he has yet to do is to create the conditions for the people to tell him the truth.

When the opposition parties and NGOs are finding it more and more difficult to get their voices heard in the mainstream media, whether printed or electronic, how could the ordinary people tell the Prime Minister and the government unpleasant “truths” as distinct from servile praises?

With Abdullah passing his first 14 days as Prime Minister with flying colours in pledges with suspended marking on his actions, one of his greatest challenges in the next 14 days is to create a new atmosphere of freedom in the Malaysian press where the people and the opposition could tell him the truth. It is my hope that by the end of November, Malaysians can feel and sense an air of freedom in the Malaysian press, as in the first year of the 2M government in 1981 before a later clampdown, particularly after 1986.

Abdullah is completing his third year as Prime Minister at the end of this month.

Would you like to give your report card on Abdullah´s three-year premiership, may be focussing on five main points?

below are some of the comments i came across in this particular topic fm lks's blog...

well, i guess one should not count the chicken before it hatch … that’s the lesson for everyone who persume a politician will make a change for a better … most politicians are good with slogans … my report would be :

1) score F9 (fail) in reducing “corruption” – after some small ikan bilis, there are almost none (zero) corruption charges againsts some very obvious figure … even mahathir complaint about a figure of which he had submmitted the proof of curruption to govn for further actions … and many more examples …

2) score F9 (fail) in enhancing “transparency” – have we ever notice any improvement in open tenders since he took over ? none (zero) is the answer … believe it or not, most of the RMK9 has been awarded … wonder why umno penang made a big hoo-haa on replacing small-kid koh tsu koon ? it’s all about getting contracts … and many more examples …

3) score F9 (fail) in building nation’s “economy” – the most precise answer is to go down to grassroots, small businessman, hawkers, local sme to get theirs feedback … majority will tell you the economy is getting worse (susah cari makan) ... instead of focusing in gaining more FDI (foreign direct investment) to spur the economy, our pm has been taking naps every now and then (is he that tired ?) ... mind you, even indonesia has surpass us in getting foreign investment … and many more examples …

4) score F9 (fail) in enhancing citizen’s “buying power” – the increase in fuel price is the single most disastrous decision ever made … is he that stupid (naive is too soft for him) to think that such a measure will not trigger chain-reaction to price increase (of other consumer products) and subsequently inflation ? ... doesn’t he has a worthwhile economic advisors ? is the governor of bank negara that naive ? is the finance ministry’s top advisors that naive ? ... and many more examples …

5) score F9 (fail) in improving the bottoming quality of “education” – he should have reports of the quality of education/graduates from national vs vernacular schools, public uni vs private uni/colleges, un-employable grads vs employable grads etc … is he blind ? or he simply choose to ignore the facts and ignite the “ignore” syndrome yet again …

i’ve a strong feeling that he’ll wake up all of a SUDDEN and declare measures to tackle all of above problems one fine day … and that day will be the day GENERAL ELECTION is around the corner …

what a pathetic leader we have …

Economy – F9 - fumbles alot esp on budgets and forex issues
Security – F9 -the crime rate went up
Corruption – F9 index became worse; APs,SCOMI;Oil for Food
Management – F9 - super jumbo cabinet
Social – F9 - race relations worse now; cannot tolerate ASLI report
Religions – F9 - cannot tolerate discussions on Article 11
Leadership – F9 - KJ – apa erti “leadership” never heard of the word?
Education – F9 - Universities’ ranking dropped
Performance – F9 - NATO – No Action Talk Only

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