Tuesday, December 18, 2007

najib : malay anger under control...

since when bersih and hindraf is about anything racial?!?... wtf?!?...

dear dpm, do not do anything silly by creating any sparks of racial hatred among the people!... do not TRY to do it too!...

p/s; we will never forget wat you mentioned before... "we will bath the keris in chinese blood"...

Najib: Malay anger under control
Yoges Palaniappan Dec 10, 07 6:47pm
The anger of the Malays following the Nov 25 demonstration organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) is under control, said Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today.

He said the Malays were satisfied with the measures employed by the government in tackling the issue.

“We don’t have to dance to the tune played by Hindraf...who are they? They don’t represent the Indian community in Malaysia

“If they act beyond the law, we will take stern action and the reality is, we have taken action,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

In a related development, Najib said PPP president M Kayveas will be asked to explain his statement to the press concerning the Hindraf rally.

In a report published by the Star today, Kayveas, who is also deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said the Indian community had protested against MIC and not the government.

“This is Kayveas’ view which was published in the daily, I will ask him to explain,” said the deputy premier.

In the report, Kayveas, who has been crossing swords with MIC leaders of late, was also quoted as saying, “Has the government done enough for the community? Some will say yes, some will say no. But MIC is answerable to both these groups.”

Opposition slammed

In another development, Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar criticised opposition leaders for running down Malaysia’s image internationally for political mileage.

“Upholding the image and dignity of the nation is a collective responsibility,” he said in reply to a question from Senator Dr Norraesah Mohamad in the Dewan Negara today.

The minister said one example is the action by PKR adviser Anwar Ibrahim who feeds the Indonesian media with untrue stories about Malaysia.

Norraesah had asked if there is a hidden hand behind the unfavourable reports by the Indonesia media.

Syed Hamid said to overcome this problem, the ministry is taking a proactive approach by explaining to the people of Indonesia that whatever actions taken by the government is based on law and not discrimination.

“The ministry will try and correct whatever misunderstandings because the bilateral ties between the two nations is precious,” he said.


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