Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ap queen only care about her aps?!?...

wonder how long more this tdm-number-1-supporter can last...

on one hand aab is getting foreign investors in... and on the other hand she is chasing them away...

dun forsee she will be in it any longer after the next cabinet re-shuffle...

Monday, August 28, 2006
Rafidah taken to task

The Star

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz was taken to task by MCA delegates yesterday for allegedly chasing away potential foreign investors.

Delegates referred to reports in which the minister was quoted as saying that those who were not prepared to meet Malaysia’s investment requirements could go elsewhere.

Johor delegate Wong Pik Min said such a stand would further worsen the country’s economic situation.

“The people are already facing much uncertainty and fear following world terrorist attacks which have eroded the economy.

“What Rafidah is doing now is aggravating matters,” she said.

Selangor delegate Lee Li Yew was concerned that the Inland Revenue Board was going after small Chinese businessmen, hence adding to existing headaches like the slowing economy and cash-flow problems.

“All these actions will have a negative impact on the general election,” he cautioned, adding that he had received many complaints from people facing very bad times of late.

On a related note, Perak delegate Dr Mah Hang Soon said many breadwinners, especially single parents, had to hold down two or even three jobs these days in order to make ends meet.

Poverty, poor living conditions and the lack of parental guidance, he added, had also led to an escalation in social problems such as drug abuse and crime.

“Many are living in the 'Fourth World', with a monthly income of less than RM529,” he lamented.

Sabah delegate Tan Kee Man drew some laughter when he bemoaned the fact that MCA was being blamed by Sabahans for traffic woes and other transport-related problems because the transport minister post was held by an MCA leader.

Grouses, he said, ranged from rising Malaysia Airlines fares for flights within the state and delays in AirAsia flights to traffic jams and traffic summons that were burning a hole in their pockets.

Education was a popular topic during the debate, with Kedah delegate Gan Ho Chye saying that the Chinese were hesitant to have large families because education was expensive.

“It is not expensive to give birth to or feed our children but very expensive to educate them,” he said.

Federal Territory delegate Dr Toh Kian Kok urged the party to set up a committee to study the appointment of vice-chancellors in public universities.

He said Chinese people had been appointed vice-chancellors of foreign universities but none of the vice-chancellors in local public universities were Chinese.

The plight of urban folk, in particular those living in areas prone to snatch thefts, was brought up by Perak delegate Lim Huey Shan.

He said police should give more attention to snatch thefts because the situation did not seem to have improved despite being highlighted by the media.

On another matter, Senator Tan Puay Chuan from Johor suggested that MCA amended its constitution to allow party elections to be postponed if they clashed with the date of a general election.

“This is to ensure that we have enough time to prepare for party elections.

“In addition, party elections will definitely create some problems within the party, and if our members do not recover from such problems in time to face the general election, it will affect our chances,” he said.

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