Saturday, January 27, 2007

i need help... anyone got approx rm 9 million, i need to pinjam...

alamak!... i just remembered i am not the son-in-law of the pm...

let's face the facts peeps... even borrowing fm rm 100k fm the bank you will need collaterals if you dun have money in the bank...

as reported... "Everything is loaned, not my own money. Luckily, there are people who want to give loan (to me). I took a loan from them (ECM Libra) who sold their shares to me."...

the question here is... how did he get the millions ringgit loan fm ecm libra if he dun have millions ringgit collaterals and/or millions ringgits in the bank?!?.. prolly it's the father-in-law and son-in-law relationship thingie?!?... if that's really the case, then can i call that abusing of power?!?...

rm 9 million is not a small money where an approx 30 years old person can just borrow and/or lend easily...

I'm prepared to quit if I'm a liability to Umno Youth - Khairy

(Bernama) -- In keeping with Umno culture that the party reigns supreme than the leader, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin says he is prepared to quit his post if he is a liability to the movement.

Nevertheless, as a mark of respect to party members, he said, any decision on his position can only be decided by the movement's delegates as they were the ones who elected him.

"Only they can decide. Nobody can force a person to leave except those who elected the leader.

"Leaders carry out delegates' mandate. If the leader does not have the credibility or is a liability to an organisation, he cannot cling on to his post. He must realise this.

"So, I want to seek the views of Umno Youth members at the grassroots whether I've become a liability with all the speculations about me," he told reporters after opening the Cheras Umno Youth delegates conference Saturday.

"I want to see what is the sentiment at the grassroots on national and international issues, Umno Youth and myself so I can get a clear view," he said.

Asked to comment on talk that there are officers working on the fourth floor of the Prime Minister's Department who have the powers to influence government decisions, Khairy said the claim was an insult to the prime minister.

"To say they are advisers or officers who determine the country's future, this is a very big insult to the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi)," he said.

Khairy said the allegation was baseless as all government decisions were made by the prime minister with the nod of the cabinet.

"Based on the prime minister's explanation (on allegations), surely the fourth floor is more powerful than the fifth floor because the cabinet meeting room is on the fourth floor and the cabinet meeting room is more powerful than the prime minister's office because all the ministers are in the cabinet.

"If this is what is meant, then probably its right," he said.

Asked to comment on claims he has become a millionaire overnight as he could afford to buy ECM Libra Berhad shares, Khairy said: "I borrowed the money."

"Everything is loaned, not my own money. Luckily, there are people who want to give loan (to me). I took a loan from them (ECM Libra) who sold their shares to me."

Opening the Pengkalan Chepa Umno Youth delegates conference yesterday, Khairy said he would reply to all the allegations against him when he opens more than 30 Umno Youth delegates conferences nationwide.

He had said the allegations were too personal and being a man of integrity, the slanders must be explained immediately, particularly to party members.

Khairy, who is also the prime minister's son-in-law, denied yesterday that he had married the popular Malay actress Maya Karin.

WARTAWAN : Khairy selaku Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia telah mula menjawab beberapa persoalan yang mana Tun ajukan, apa komen Tun?

DR MAHATHIR : Jawab apa dia bukan jawab. Di mana dia dapat duit RM9 juta dia kata pinjam dekat kawan siapa dia kawan yang bagi pinjam sampai RM9 juta..saya pun nak pinjam jugak.

Barangkali ada juga dikalangan Pemuda-pemuda UMNO nak pinjam RM9 juta nak beli saham ECM-Libra boleh ke orang lain pergi pinjam. Pasal apa kawan tu bagi (pinjam) kalau nak pinjam di bank, boleh ke kita pergi ke bank nak pinjam RM9 juta nak beli saham ECM-Libra.

Suruh ahli-ahli UMNO ke bank pinjam RM9 juta kalau boleh dapat.

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