Friday, August 22, 2008

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, What Is Your Intention?.

I don't really want to use rubbish from the Main Stream Media (MSM), but since Malaysiakini and many others did not send their reporters to cover this event, I will have to use article from a rubbish bin.

I find it very funny when I glanced through The Star main page this morning when am on the way to work, out of curiousity I flipped throguh couple of pages on it because of the main page, there's this huge photo of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi waiting for Komuter with the rest of the public and some articles on it.

Just wondering what is his intention of doing that since he have his transport minister to do so?.

- To show even he takes the public transport?.
- To show the caring side of him?.
- To explore his new found hobby?.
- To show he is a responsible prime minster?.
- To conduct a round of spot check like how he did to the immigartion department some time back?.
- To know the needs of the people?.
- To experience the sardine packed transportation?.
- To confirm the claims of public transportation in Malaysia is horrible?.

Honestly, I think it is a good move by him, IF he does that often. No time?. Then, manage the time properly.

Don't do that once every few years, do it once every 2 months or so and get to the ground and know, talk, speak and discuss with the people. Those people who take the public transport everyday in their life are the bosses and you have been elected to be their leader, be a responsible and caring one.

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P/s ; Not only the transportation that needs to be looked at, there are many other sectors too.

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