Friday, August 01, 2008

An Oily Decision?.

As reported, ""If possible, I want to reduce the fuel price right now. Be patient, the government will announce it later," Abdullah was quoted as saying by the Bernama news agency."

Reported from Malaysiakini, (

Why the delay Mr Prime Minister?.

The oil prices should come down immediately and not waiting for it to go up again and use that as a reason for not bringing price down, you and your team are certainly capable of doing that.

The economy in Malaysia have slowed by considerably since you hike up the price as high as, averagely 50%, between petrol and fuel.

Everything seems to have slowed down and affected due to the 'abnormal' increase, from the property market to transportation to local tourism to sundries prices to even a plate of Maggie goreng by the roadside!.

The inflation rates hit the roof at approx 8%, which I believe it's much higher, after the fuel price was increased, do not let it go through the roof.

Also, have a heart for the poor which you are supposed to help and eradicate their porverty and not making them suffer any further and any longer.

If Anwar Ibrahim can make the 'hari-ini-kita-bentuk-kerajaan-pusat-esok-harga-minyak-turn' promise, you can do the same too!. It's just probably the question of whther you want it or not.

P/s ; Your time is coming up very soon to retire and enjoy life, but for now, pls be a responsible leader who truly cares for the people. Practice what you preach.

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