Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Beginning Of the End For Gerakan?.

The pressure to get Barisan Nasional (read : UMNO) to really reform and do away with the racial policy is getting higher.

At times I pity Gerakan, I don't know what is Gerakan struggling for and I don't know what is Gerakan fighting for, they seems lost when comes to confronting the big brother, UMNO.

With the call for Gerakan to pull-out from the corrupted and racist Barisan Nasional (read : UMNO) coalition and the resignation of Toh Kin Woon , the unsolved issues between Gerakan and UMNO becomes more apparent.

Who is next?. Tan Kee Kwong?.

More in Malaysiakini, (http://malaysiakini.com/news/88036).

P/s ; Or perhaps di mana and gula, di situ ada semut saying comes to play?.

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MYblog said...

It is not Gerakan as a whole, it is only this numbskull leech and bloodsucker Koh, self proclaimed President of Gerakan. Lets see for how long