Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Route To Putrajaya Via Permatang Pauh.

Perhaps the whole world will now be anticipating 26th August 2008 to arrive.

Was in Permatang Pauh for the nomination day and it was explosive and emotions was running very high, perhaps it was between the emotion to keep the so-called shine in Barisan Nasional (read : UMNO) and the emotion of wanting a change.

Gone are the days when the Barisan Nasional (read : UMNO) outnumbered the entire crowd by much more than half, that is history. What goes around comes around. This time we saw extraordinary crowd for Pakatan Rakyat who came from all over the country, they want a change desperately. Change from corrupt practices, change from racial policy, etc..

Been to by-election before and this by-election is not just another by-election this country had before, this is the mother of all by-elections and this by-election is pass/ticket to Putrajaya!.

More in Malaysiakini, (http://malaysiakini.com/news/87917).

P/s ; Lawan tetap lawan!.


chong said...

funny thing is BN/UMNO seems like they don't mind at all when people associate them with corruption. it's seems like it is a known fact.

therefore, if you vote for BN, you support corruption.

Penglipurlara said...

The journey begins...come one come all lets BURY these thives of the rakyat...for all i care they can take Ketuanan Melayu and sholve it up where it dont shine and ask Shaiful to go and get it out..