Monday, August 04, 2008

To Cross-Breed Proton?.

This is a great idea!.

Am not trying to pour any clod water to this idea, but to me this sounded 'weird'.

If you can't even rectify some plauging minors problems in Proton like ;

- Power windows which don't really work.
- Alarm system which don't really work.
- Famous gear box problems in Proton Perdana.
- Etc.

Don't even think of doing a research on hybrid cars, at least for now.

Understand they even have special lanes/bays reserved to repair some faulty parts in the brand new Proton Saga in those Proton service/repairs centers.

Proton have been in the 'limping' mode since day one, don't continue and try to run if you can even walk properly first.

More in Malaysiakini, (

P/s ; To cross-breed Proton at this moment without first rectifying the minor problems is like cross breeding between a Bulldog and a Shitzhu, you would perhaps get Bull-shit.

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